Some of the most exotic pets out there.

1. Capybara - $600
Some of the most exotic pets out there.

  • Scientific name is Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris
  • Largest rodent in the world (It's one big guinea pig)
  • Averave length is 4 feet and average weight is 100 pounds

If you ever wanted a large hamster-thing that loves to swim, This is the pet for you.

Never fully domesticated, And needs lots of care.

2.Sugar gliders - $200

  • Scientific name is Petaurus breviceps
  • Native to Australia
  • Full grown they are only 7 inches long and weigh 3 ounces on average

  • Part of the possum family

Gotta be some of the cutest things in the world, A special membrane that extends from the front legs to the back legs allows them to glide all over the place. Happiest in packs.

3.Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

  • Scientific name is Gromphadorhina portentosa
  • It's a giant cockroach
  • It hisses
  • relatively cheap to own, As far an exotic pets go
  • Makes regular roaches look wussified

4.Emperor Scorpion - $20

  • Scientific name is Pandinus imperator
  • Like the roach, It's pretty cheap to buy
  • Native of the West African rainforest
  • One of the most common types of scorpions kept as pets, Pretty docile
  • Venom is mild, But will still hurt like hell if stung
  • Can put this sucker on a leash and walk it

5.Bearded Dragon - $100

  • Scientific name is Pogona
  • Native Of Australia
  • Life span 5-8 years
  • Can grow 12-24 inches
  • Looks like they have a beard

  • Very mellow and easy to cure for

6. Kinkajou - $2000

  • Scientific name is Potos flavus
  • A.K.A The honey bear
  • Part of the racoon family
  • Native to the rainforests of central and south Africa
  • Lifespan of 23 years in captivity

Kinkajou i choose you!

7. Serval - $2,500

  • Scientific name is Leptailurus serval
  • Adults can weigh up to 26 pounds
  • Native to central and southern Africa
  • Runs faster then any cat, Except a cheetah
  • Lifespan of 19 years

Would make one cool house cat.

8. Squirrel Monkey - $8,000 for a baby

  • Scientific name is Saimiri

  • Native to the tropical forest of central and south America
  • Usually weighs about 2 pounds
  • Playful and highly energetic
  • They pee on everything

Requires a lot of care.

9. Chimpanzee - Can cost up to $ 60,000

  • Scientic name is Pan
  • One of the greater apes
  • Lifespan of 50 years

Everybody should know what a chimpanzee is lol

10. Albino Crocodile

  • Extremely rare in the wild and very vunerable to predators
  • Can only survive in captivity

Very cool looking, Not sure if they are legal to own as pets.

11. Racoon Dog

  • Scientific name is Nyctereutes procyonoides
  • Also know as a Mangut or Tanuki
  • Native to parts of east Asia

12. Axolotl

  • Scientific name is Ambystoma mexicanum
  • Also known as a Mexican salamander, Or Mexican walking fish
  • Not a fish, But an amphibian
  • Remains aquatic their whole lives
  • Critically Endangered

Really do look like a Pokemon!

13. Sloths

  • Scientific name is Folivora
  • Some sleep 15-18 hours a day
  • Extremely docile nature
  • I always thought the grown ones looked pretty weird

Just because you can legally own one as a pet, Doesn't mean you should...........Like a few animals on this list, It's a total judgement call.

14. White Lion

  • Like a regular lion, Just with one recissive gene that can be fatal in the wild. It's bright white color can alert potential prey and predators (Hunters)
  • Can weigh up to 500 pounds

One majestic Bastard!

15. Human pets

  • Not an actual pet, But a human whose submissive fetish is acting like a pet (Petplay)
  • They get hardcore with it too, But i'm not an expert
  • I think the hot female breeds are best, Gotta get one of those <3

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  • I don't think you can buy a white lion

  • Well, I like them all except for the bugs :P

  • Interesting but how many of these animals are docile enough to obtain "chill" status?