10 Little Ways To Improve Your Life☀️

10 little ways to improve your life☀️Hello GAG people😌 I have compiled a short list of ideas one can apply to better improve and enhance their life. I hope you enjoy reading!

1. Waking up early

The early bird takes the worm! Waking up early sets the mood for the rest of the day. When you wake up at 2pm, don't you just feel unproductive and wasteful of a beautiful morning? Being up and ready early for the day can really impact the way you feel throught the day.

2. Making your bed

Its a small task, but it really helps jumpstart your morning. Your bed is the first thing you leave once you start your day, and making it look nice and neat with clean sheets just seems right.

3. Eating breakfast

So many people skip breakfast wheather it be a busy schedule or they just arn't hungry in the morning. Skipping this vital meal is never good!

4. Taking a walk alone or with a fluffy friend

If you have a dog, make his day and get him to smell the grass outside. It keeps him happy, and you are getting a nice supplement of vitamin D as well.

5. Moderation

Its easy to say moderarion is key, but a lot of people don't actually follow through with it (me lol). Moderation in eating, internet time, naps, etc. is so important! Spend the day wisely and you will see a huge change in your attitude.

6. Getting organized

A calendar, planner, to-do list, or a white board. Planning ahead and getting organized can do wonders in how productive you feel about your life. No one wants to feel frustrated about having to do a million and one things in two days. Plan your days, weeks and months ahead and get coordinated!

7. Having a clean living/working place

Are you more willing to work harder and more effectively in an environment thats dirty, messy and unclean, or in a room where its clutter-free and organized? Of course its the second choice. Having a messy place is just asking for a messy mindset.

8. Drinking a lot of water

Drinking water only brings positive outcomes to your life! Clearer skin, gets rid of toxins in the body, keeps you energized and gets you going. Nothing is more beneficial than a tall glass of cool water.

9. Smiling/laughing

Even if you feel down and low, putting on a smile can trick your brain into thinking you are actually happy and therefore you will feel a little better about yourself. Not only does it help you cheer up, but people seeing other people smile can lift up their mood as well😄.

10. Listening to music

When you just want to wind down and relax, nothing is better than putting on some songs to jazz to. It is also a good exercise buddy and can push you harder at the gym. Music of any kind is always a plus. I'm listening to music as we speak writing this myTake!



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  • I wasn't going to read this, but I did. I'm glad I did.

  • Wow... number 8 is just so wrong...

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    • Ok ok you got me. You're right compleettteellyyyy right👍🏼 Bye kid

    • Best course of action hon.

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  • I think this is great! I love the picture of the dog and cat. makes me want to get a fluffy friend!

    • Lol thanks for reading:)

    • You so should. I recommend a shelter pet whom you have a connection with. They are grateful and make the best friends.