12 Ways To Make Your Life Happier

How you think determines for a big part how you feel. Just think about a terrible situation what has happened in your life. Do you do this good then you feel soon sad. The same can be said about nice and positive things. When you do this you will feel better.

Here below you find some points to help you feel happier and more positive.

Some won’t be new for you, but maybe you don’t do enough with these things. Try it differently this time. Pick one today and go working about it. You will see even little changes can make you feel better.

1. Focus on the positive.

2. Feel thankful.

This is typical such a thing that everyone read about and then don’t anything with it. For the chance do it this time. Write down what you makes you thankful.

Make your life happier!

3. Show your thankfulness.

When was the last time you have said you are thankful for them to your kids, parents, friends, partner? It can be uncomfortable sometimes but what doesn’t matter when you make yourself and them happy.

4. Read less newspapers or watch the news.

Most of the times the news is about what is going wrong and that makes you little by little negative yourself.

5. Get up earlier.

The first sunshine. The smell of the early morning. The sunset. Just a few reason to get up early.

6. Go play!

Life doesn’t have to be always serious so play. Play with your kids, younger brothers or sisters, cousins and nephews or with friends. It makes your life more fun and reload your inner battery.

7. Relax.

Stress makes your life terrible so relax.

8. Enjoy the small things.

A cup coffee, your pet, the smell of flowers, a simple conversation. Maybe it sounds fussy but little things can keep the happiness level during the day high.

9. Remember the good things.

Re-experience the good moments of your life by looking at pictures or by talking about it.

10. Don’t take your life that serious.

Laugh about yourself, laugh about weird situations, laugh about the mistakes you make. Everything will become easier when you don’t take everything that serious.

11. Take care of yourself.

Unhealthy food feeds your depression and unhappiness, instead of that eat healthy.

12. Keep in mind that everything will go by.

Maybe it sounds negative but in moments that everything won’t go very well it’s a hope giving thought.

Just Smile!

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  • The being thankful advice is especially powerful.

    • yes I agree so thank you Isabel for what you have done for me, even when you think it was nothing

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    • the world would be such a better place when we (all people) do this more often

    • agreed

      satisfaction levels would go through the roof! :D

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  • FromFromble beginnings great things come if they are done with love in mind... thank you. Hugz n smiles...🍀🐶🍀

  • Dude I feel you are going to receive lots of hate for #4, but I'm with you in this one. I don't give a shit about news.

    • Still now no hate about #4

    • Well not many answers yet. I posted a few years ago a question, that I don't like watching the news, or reading the news on the internet, and I was called ignorant by many.

    • I don't know why thay said that