Follow Your Dreams With The Right Idea

Follow your dreams with the right idea.

The secret of the world most successful people is that they had a dream and they followed it to its fulfilment. Successful people step into boundaries were others never did or have gone beyond were others stopped. All popular businesses of this world started with an Idea which transformed into reality. Some people allow their dreams to fade away because they did not have the passion. When there is passion for what you do, there is room for improvement, motivation, attitude and success.

There is a relationship between successes whether it be in business, work, School, sports and other activities, that connection is passion, plus hard work and Persistence. Passion is the driver in any endeavor. In addition to passion one must learn to have the right skills.

It is true that success means different things to different people but it is common that success does not change a successful person because He is aware that whatever took him to that pinnacle of success, the same thing will take him to remain there.

A careful look at our world today, will reveal a thousand problems which needs solutions. And people pay for things that will make their daily task easy. So your idea should be aimed at making something that was previously difficult to be easy. Look into those problems and come up with a solutions. You can look beyond where others have stopped. Today we see a lot of renovation in so many products from when it was first introduced. This happened simply because someone sat down and did an analysis of the product, saw the hitches and decided to expand from there. You can come up with multiple ideas before weighing and settling on the best. For instance, back in the 60s we were used to writing letters to our love ones which took days and weeks to deliver, but today social network like Facebook, whatsapp, etc. has made communication so easy. In coming up with the right idea, one needs to look for the weaknesses, loopholes, and vacuums. These are areas in which competition is not strong, so you can carve a niche for your business from there. Identifying the weakness, loopholes and vacuums will help make you stand out, be relevant and different in your form of business. Your business idea should also aim at making something cheap. Consumers care about money and value, and if your business idea could offer economy in addition to quality, then you are in for a good business.

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  • Good tips - People tend to go into populated areas of the market where only the very best or most efficient will survive - Surely it is better to find a gap in the market and fill it before anyone else.

  • Yes this is true. A guy named Markus Rothkranz talks a lot about this.