My Aspirations In Life

Many people aspire to be or do something.

I have many aspirations but first off, I'll say what I aspire to be as a human being.

My Aspirations In Life


I am not a very confident person; especially when it comes to looks. I wish to feel as if I looked amazing,

but I don’t wanna be and won’t be cocky about it. I want to hold my chin high without shame about

anything. If it’s about me wearing PJ’s with no make-up when my boyfriend comes over then so be it.

@redeyemindtricks seems to just be the most confident woman I know and she’s amazing. She seems to

be very happy with her life and that’s something I want by the time I’m 1001  I may refer back to her

because I look up to her.

Open heart+Open mind.

I am a non-judgemental person until someone asks me to judge them on something. I dislike everyone

equally from the start, and I always give people a chance to show why I should like or dislike them. I’m

very open minded when it comes to trying/doing new things but in the future I hope to be “that”

woman that people see and immediately smile at and say hi and hug. I have a reputation as an asshole

to my friends IRL but when I’m texting/messaging them my sweetheart side shows.


Since I am only 16 people bust my balls for being stupid due to my age. I am a very intelligent young lady

but that doesn’t stop people from judging because I’m a teenager. I’ve gone through tough shit as some

of you know (Daddy issues and such) and my mom believes I need therapy cause of him. Well dealing

with that has opened my eyes to life quite a bit more than usually expected from a person my age.

When I’m older I hope to be that wise mother-like friend that everyone seeks help and advice from.


They say ignorance is bliss and the intelligent are usually more, well…less happy. I’ve suffered from

depression and suicidal tendencies and all I have to say is in the future…I just wanna be happy.

I just want to be a decent human being over all. I want to be a successful author with a lot of money, a

loving husband/wife, lots of pets and a big impact on the charities I donate too. That’s why I want a lot

of money- to make a change in my life, my families lives and the lives of those around me. Especially the


On the homeless topic-My mom and I used to be homeless a few times quite a few times so I know what

it’s like to have nowhere to go. I went through Baltimore City the other day where the streets are

crawling with gangs, the homeless, drug addicts and many crimes. I saw a homeless man with a sign

“Will work for food. I’d rather beg than steal” and he had a black eye BUT despite this, he was smiling

and waving to everyone in the cars. He was dirty + beaten but he was still smiling this gorgeous, bright

smile on his gaunt little old face.

I wanted to get out of the car and hug this man and give him all the money I had. But sadly I have none

(as I can’t get a job yet) and I ended up crying very hard in the back of the car. When that happened, I

vowed to myself that when I have money, I will help the homeless-all of the homeless people I see. If

they’re on drugs, I’ll pay for their rehabilitation, if they’re domestic abuse victims or ANYTHING

physically/mentally scarring and damaged, I’ll help them. That’s how I want to make an impact.

Sorry if I went off on a tangent, I just needed to write about it.

So tell me, what do you aspire to be or have in your future?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • You've got good aspirations, keep going after them and never give up!
    FWIW, therapy might be a worthwhile investment. Keep an open mind about that, it can only help you in all areas of your life and if your mother is willing to help you get the therapy even better.

    I hear you about the homeless people. I've (fortunately) never been there, but I've seen enough of it and known people who have been there too, and it's a really tough situation.

    My aspirations in life are to help people and to have fun. Helping people through my business endeavors, and create a financial situation where I can help make a difference in the lives of many more people who NEED help, in addition of course to providing a comfortable and fun life for my family and close friends.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow I am. amazed at how you seemed to declare what you really want to be in the future.

    I'm so perplexed right now. O have so many fields of study to choose from. I aspire to be a writer/author too and I also want to be a linguist when I grow up. I also consider going to law school. My interests vary 😭


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  • Good take - I like the line be a human being and be proud of myself - Confidence, it is low at the moment but will come back - Open heart/mind, keep working towards that - Intelligence, you know never put much store by that, you are just who you are and everyone is good at something - Happiness I suppose keep working towards that.

  • Great goals, and a very good Take.

  • I just want to get married, have a stable job and a daughter by the age of 30. And love both of them. That's my dream.

  • I like your view of life, just don't forget to do something creative that you like; it's good for the soul. My aspiration in life is not completely defined yet...

  • Sounds interesting.

  • I had never heard "bust my balls" anywhere aside from mobster movies. Thank you.

  • My aspiration in life is to finally get laid. I am being serious here (this is not trolling), then all the the things you have put in your great question will come to me. Intelligence won't matter if you work hard and get a great job later in life, trust me on that, you can work very hard and do well without needing to be a brain surgeon :).

  • Good take with good thoughts.


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