Take Me To A Rock Concert.

I really really wanna go to a rock/metal band concert. They seem so fun. I mean

the energy they seem to give off!

The synchronization they have when they head bang or throw their fists in the air.

The way the crowd sings along in place of the lead singer singing (that contained

lots of the word “sing”).

The way they mosh seems violent but FUN.

They literally run in a circle in place of moshing.

Like this seems to be the best thing for me.

The large crowd, the energy going through them....

Take Me To  A Rock Concert.

I LOVE loud music and then a place full of people who ALSO love loud music????

Along with me being super hyper-active at a place where I can let this all out???

I mean I can see why an individual wouldn’t want to go to a concert but I do.

I might even get to meet the members! My mom has been to many concerts,

she’s even met Godsmack about 4 times and she’s had dinner with them! She also

met the Rev 6 months before he died (drummer from A7X).

Sadly, I cannot listen to certain bands playing such as Nirvana, due to dead

members+a broken up band.

Another downside is since I am only 16 (17 in June!) I run the risk of never being

able to see certain bands live due to them ending up breaking up/dying before I

get a chance to.


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  • I've seen Killswitch Engage live! They are so good live! (I miss Howard Jones tho). I have seen Asking Alexandria live (last year). And I also saw Slipknot (the best live show ever!) and I came home bruised up, and sprained wrist lol.

    I agree, no concert is better than a metal concert! They are full of energy with all that screaming/singing, headbanging, and moshpits! (Moshpits are cool and scary at the same time lol). and also metalheads have a real passion for the music unlike most of the other genres. Altho those metal 'elitists' are so fuckin annoying lol


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  • Headed to Metallica/Avenged Sevenfold/Volbeat myself in a few months.

  • Dude! I'll take you.
    I went to Riot Fest 2015, and System of a Down was there, and I was in the pit the whole time (about 5 people back from the stage). It was so fucking great.

    Also been to the front row of Testament, Anthrax, and Slayer, and the second row at Megadeth.

    You're only two years behind me, so it's not too late.
    Well, except for Black Sabbath. I didn't get to see them either though.

    • But yeah, now my priority for artists I wanna see is:

      1. Metallica
      2. System of a Down again
      3. Iron Maiden
      4. various other artists

  • I haven't been to live concert for years but I think yeah you should get to couple of concerts or festivals just to create a few memories (or gaps depending on what you get up to LoL) - It is a young adult's rite of passage.

  • Upvote for System of a Down.

  • I've seen Franz Ferdinand twice and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds last Thursday. Franz Ferdinand were brilliant both times, the crowd was very moderate, the Noel Gallagher was already too aggressive and coming too close, if that makes sense, for me. I can't relate to that desire but well, if it's fun for you. Also, I am open to any kind of music as long as the songs are good.

  • I would have loved to see system of a down. I was little when they were popular but i still loved them lol

  • I was going to invite you til I saw you're 16...

    • fuck my age. .-.

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    • "Someday you'll wish you were 16 again..."

      Oh sweet fucking hell no. Lol.

      I don't know *anyone* who'd seriously want to be a teenager again -- except people who spent their entire 20's making an endless series of horrible (and usually drunken) life decisions.

    • @redeyemindtricks LOL hey don't diss my 20's like that.

      Actually I would not want to go through the teen years again. But sometimes I think it would be fun if somehow you could go back for a day just to see what it was like through adult eyes.

  • I'm going to see Hatebreed and Devildriver in June. Can't wait!


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