5 Ideas That Have Landed On My Bucket List

Five ideas I want to do on my Bucket List.

This is inspired by @Ginnyweasley97 's previous myTake about her 7 items on her bucket list. These ideas I've had for a while but just really putting them to a bucket list.

1. Go to Disney World

This is on everyone's bucket list just about. Everybody at some point in their life wants to go to Disney and wear the mouse ears. I personally have always wanted to go to Orlando so since that's the closest Disney that's where I would choose. I want to see the Princesses, Ride Space Mountain, and yell Andy's coming at the Toy Story toys. Most of all I want to find out what is in that big globe at EPCOT. Is the Test Track ride still there where you ride in the crash test car? If it is I would so like to do that.

2. Have an epic Nerf gun war

It would be awesome to have a bunch of friends and a ton of nerf guns, swords, and water baloons to have a epic war. Go out in the woods or in the neighborhood as if we were fighting the enemy. Take prisoners like capture the flag. I could see myself holding rhe semiautomatic nerf gun with laser sights haha. Drop water balloon bombs from overhead in trees or tree house forts. Have epic foam sword fights in the meantime, maybe even invent a Nerf bayonet to put on the end of a nerf gun. Maybe add some water guns for extra fun.

3. See a Broadway musical

So many choices! Well one I have always wanted to see is Grease. I have heard Wicked is good too. Does anyone have any recommendations on what some good ones are?

4. Go to Australia

Australia looks so cool! I mean it's basically surrounded by beaches and outback. It would be nice to walk up and see a kangaroo or koala bear in it's natural habitat. Go to the Gold Coast or Sydney where the nice beaches are. Visit the cities like Melbourne and Brisbane. I would love to climb upon the Sydney Harbor bridge and see the view.

5. Visit the world's largest Candy store

The largest candy store in the world is said to be just right outside of Minneapolis,Minnesota. They have the worlds largest selection of soda too. Even unheard of brands and flavors. They have all kinds of candy from all over the world, pie bakery, largest selection of jam and jelly anywhere in the United States or the world! Oh if I only had the money and the opportunity I would go in there and literally be like a kid in a candy store! I would probably go broke in 2 hours.

So compile yourself a bucket list before you die! Just think of stuff you would like to do and go with it. Adventure is out there! Don't just sit around or waste your life away. I totally have way more ideas for a bucket list, but this is all I could come up with for right now. Do you have any ideas for your bucket list? If you do please share. If not, check out my ideas or read @Ginnyweasley97 's Take about her bucket list ideas. Don't be afraid to do the things you have always wanted to do!

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  • I want to go to Disney World too ❤️

  • Good ideas. For the Broadway shows, I loved the phantom of the opera

    • I'll keep that in mind. They come to Charlotte once in a while, but I don't think it would be the same or as good as actually going to New York City to see it. As far as the candy store goes I think they have an online ordering service, but it still doesn't beat going to the real thing. Like I said Adventure is out there. If you adventure you can find other things you may be interested in!

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    • Absolutely. They have sold out shows across the world and my mom had to pull a bunch of strings to get front row tickets.

    • I haven't been that lucky haha. Probably the best performance I've seen was Dracula at a well known theater in Virginia. Next to that was a murder mystery in the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. That is always fun to to do one of those murder mystery theater preformances. It's all audience participation that solves the case.

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