Depression: Locked Soul

Depression: Locked Soul

These four stripped walls, remind me of my empty soul.

I have been fed to the cheetahs; abandoned and disowned.

I cry to myself tonight, I am used to keeping my hurt in.

A devastating past is enough to be anyone's burden.

My soul is locked up, I will keep the key.

Forever and forever, that is how it will be.

I rather be lost in myself, than to confess that I need help.

My pride makes me feel nothing but embarrassment.

How could someone once so strong come crashing?

I am weak, I have fallen to the floor.

I will go on, for that young boy that I adore.

He is my son, my energy, my light.

Without him, I'd be dead without a fight.

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

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  • Stacy your words could have been written by me when I was at my lowest point.. then I realized that letting those who had hurt you keep hearing you even though they are not around still gives them power.
    The person I read stories and question such a short time ago seemed so full of life , someone who in her past fought to get past so much on her young life. Now some of the pain she thought she was past came flooding back. this time feels worse but it isn't. this time there is someone you love more than anything in this world who is by your side. so as you life goes on for the both of you the strength and fortitude the you both will develop will help carry you there any hard times the future might bring.
    If you ever need someone to talk to or vent to just drop me a line


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  • Depression is no joke. I had major and anxiety at my most recent job due to an abusive boss who thought making threats, intimidation, insults, and all sorts of negative reinforcement is a good way to motivate employees when in fact, it does the opposite.

    Believe it or not, having a low quality job or a bad boss/working environment is worse on your mental health than being unemployed. I mean I don't encourage not working but right now I'm receiving unemployment money until I look for a job and have been interviewing at lots of places.

  • This means a lot to me. It really does after last night. Thank you. Again, you have been more helpful to me than most people have in a long time.

  • busy writing a song like this. Shit you not. It's called "Bleeding in another place" very similar premis to your last word.


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