10 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know

1. Cheese predates recorded history

Yes that is right. The invention of Cheese predates Recorded history, So we will never know what kind of mad genius we have to thank for this culinary staple. So nameless prehistoric man we thank you.

2. O.J Simpson was nearly cast as the Terminator

The reason he wasn't chosen, Studio executives didn't think that people would be able to take him seriously as a remorseless killer which in retrospect is both horrifying and hilarious.

3. Green Eggs and Ham was Written on a Bet

Dr. Seuss Wrote Green Eggs and Ham on a bet with his publisher who said that he couldn't write a book using less than 50 words. So the book that if you are anything like me was a huge part of your childhood was written on a bet. Still a damn good children's book though.

4. The last woolly Mammoth died around the time the pyramids were being built

Until around 2000 B.C.E Woolly Mammoths Survived on an island north of Siberia Called Wrangel island, it was a dwarf species and actually flourished till it is assumed that humans killed them.

5. One in Ten European Babies are conceived in an Ikea Bed

That's a lot of babies and a lot of Ikea.

6. The Chances of Dying on your way to get a lottery ticket are higher than actually winning.

Its like the lottery is a tax on people who don't understand statistics.

7. Elvis got a C in his 8th grade music class

The Music Teacher or the Average student, guess which one is known in music as 'the king' huh

8. The Doctor who said there was a link between vaccines and autism created fraudulent data for his study and had his medical license revoked.

A quack with his medical license revoked and a shitty actress VS the ENTIRE MEDICAL COMMUNITY. Guess which ones the morons are listening to.

9. The Last Public Execution in France happened in 1939 and was by Guillotine

Oh and Future Famous Actor and Grade A Badass Christopher Lee was in Attendance.

10. Since 1945 all British Tanks come with Built in Tea making Equipment

Normally that'd make me call someone pansies but the Considering The Challenger Two is one of the toughest if not THE toughest Tank Ever built, they get a pass.

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  • Interesting take :)
    One more:
    Beer (and wine) saved the World

    Human beings like us have been around for about 100,000 years. For the first 90,000 we achieved absolutely nothing at all. All accomplishments have been made in the last ten thousand years. So what exactly happened that that put an end to primitivism and kick-started the age of creativity and invention? The answer is beer.

    Beer happened, and it changed the world forever. It sounds almost too bizarre to be true, but many anthropologists and archaeologists now believe that it was a taste for beer, not bread, that started people farming barley in around 9000BC.

    Known as the agricultural revolution, it ended hunter-gathering and led to the world's first ever civilisation - Mesopotamia. The drive to grow more barley in order to make more beer, led to a cascade of inventions. The plough, the wheel, irrigation, mathematics and even writing, all of these world-changing innovations were dreamed up to help with the production and distribution of beer.

    As Egypt took over from Mesopotamia, in the Land of the Pharaohs beer was the national currency, a dietary staple and even an important medicine. Put simply, without beer, we wouldn't have the pyramids. Even in more recent times, beer's hidden hand has been behind some of history's most remarkable breakthroughs, from the discovery of germ theory and modern medicine, to the invention of refrigeration, the birth of the factory and the end of child labour. Beer didn't just change the world, it saved it!


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  • Great take, some cool stuff I never knew!

  • Lol. Awesome. Loved reading this. That OJ one tho...

  • The 6th one lol

  • The thing about woolly mammoths legit made me sad :/ adorable furry elephants, what's not to love? brb *crying*

  • Interesting take, thnx

  • This was great!

  • This is interesting. Wow great mytake.


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  • Good take! I like random facts (those crazy brits and their tea!). Keep it up.

    • The only challenger two that every got severely damaged was from from a friendly fire incident from another challenger two,
      It can take A FUCKLOAD of punishment, they get a pass

    • Oh yeah. Their are plenty of stories about the brits during world war II, most involving their tendency to understate the situation (you know the whole stiff upper lip thing). Personally I think its kind of classy to be able to sit down and have a cup of tea while destroying their enemies.

  • Actually, the last guillotine execution in France was in 1977.

  • Very interesting.

    That OJ one is pretty funny 🙈

  • Great mytake... I loved it... keep them coming they are interesting.