10 crazy facts you wouldn't believe...

10. There's more Germs on your keyboard than your toilet or restroom

10 crazy facts you wouldn't believe...

Yeah, it's true.. More germs have been found on your desktop or laptop keyboard than on a toilet bowl, crazy huh?

It's been found that desks,work surfaces and even keyboards been known to harbour some of the most vilest microbes, like Ecoli, fecal matter and all sorts of pathogens...

9. Lack of Sleep can kill you

Sleep deprivation, is known to kill after 11 days. It's possible to stay up longer than that, If only you had mini second micro-sleeps (Which is a term for the brain shutting down by itself, for breif milli seconds)

Micro-sleeps are unavoidable, But another intriguing mystery is a man who claimed to have never slept in 35 years, this is yet to be confirmed...

8. Nutmeg Can kill you and is toxic

Large quanties or grams of the spice is known to be a hallunogenic and it's possible with too much consumption to die from.

7. You can Die of Drinking too much water

Labelled Water intoxication, it's possible to die of drinking too much water. But you would have to drink gallons of water.

The body would have nowhere to dispose of the water, and the chemicals and proteins in the brain would cause a stroke due to water intoxication.

6. It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter

Diamond “hailstones” form on Saturn and Jupiter when lightning storms turn methane clouds in the amtosphere into soot (carbon) which as it falls hardens into chunks of graphite and then diamond rains from the sky.

5. In Japan, There's hundreds of Kit Kat flavours

Including green tea flavour, soya bean, soy sauce, and more....

4. There's a airport in St.maarten that has planes flies so close to a public beach

On the carribbean island of St. Maarten, planes fly in at such a ridiculous low altitude that you could literally touch the plane as it lands at the international airport near a public beach.

3. Area 51 Exists and has been confirmed by NASA

But it's not what you think, that top secret miltary base is actually a base for new technology and miltary research and NOT alien research facility as most people would think.

NASA has denied the Roswell 1947 inicident. But because of the Freedom of Information Act released this data and confirmed area 51 existence in 2013.

2. Planet-X Exists and is a real exoplanet outside our solar system

The planet NIBIRU revolves around Nemesis, a dark subdwarf star more massive than Jupiter. Nemesis nears our Sun, at the KUIPER BELT, 48 Astronomical Units from Earth, every 10,800 Earth years. Nibiru circles Nemesis but did not orbit our sun.

Nibiru, has it's own sun , nemesis. So It's officially not part of our solar system, although the orbit is extremely close to our solar system and our sun.

1. In Japan, people eat KFC for Christmas dinner

Yes, and it's a quite popular tradition for japanese folk to purchase or pre-order KFC fried chicken dinners weeks in advance prior to Christmas.

I tell ya, the jap folk sure are strange....


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  • lol i wouldn't like to be too close to those planes tbh! but good take

  • Wow the plane one was cool.


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  • So I guess I should wash my hands BEFORE I take a crap...