10 Reasons Why I Hate Microsoft

I'm really frustrated with Microsoft lately. I really regret that I was using their products for years. And I still do but I hope not for long. These are the reasons why I cannot stand Microsoft.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Crappy video-game systems.

10 Reasons Why I Hate Microsoft

I used to have the original XBOX around 2003. The crappiest video-games I have played so far were coming from this console. Not to mention the controller was heavy and difficult.

2) Internet Explorer

Microsoft created the worst browser ever. I always had problems with Internet Explorer, even in the latest versions.

3) Lack of applications

Choose Android. It has twice the number of Microsoft's applications.

4) Linux are better

I have worked on Linux for a while, and they seemed to be much better, and less complicated. The only bad thing is, they are more expensive, but they are for a reason.

5) Microsoft as a company are megalomaniacs

Their main goal is to conquer the world, destroy other companies and have absolute power. That explains why they've been involved with fields that they weren't familiar with, when they began (gaming is such an example).

6) Microsoft products get destroyed easily

My last Microsoft phone, lasted not even a year. After nine months since I bought it, it started shutting down on itself.

7) Pokemon Go is unavailable

The biggest reason that makes me want to throw my Microsoft Phone against the wall and smash it. When I bought it I didn't know that Pokemon Go, won't be available in Microsoft devices. But now...

8. Swastika hidden behind the logo

Their logo isn't a coincidence. The reason it was chosen is this. As I said above in #5, Microsoft's actual goal is to conquer the world and destroy everyone else. Their logo is clearly subliminal.

9) The owner looks like a turtle.

How can we take a company seriously, when the owner himself doesn't care about his looks?

10) The owner sold his soul to the Devil.

In order to get extremely rich, and conquer the world. Obviously part of the deal was to throw away his looks. Fair Trade. But can you trust a man who made a deal with the Devil?

#7 was especially the reason that made me say, I had enough with Microsoft.

Solution? Avoid their products.


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  • The Xbox brand was a freakin' joke and a train wreck throughout the Xbox and Xbox 360 years, and though I would never own an Xbox One, that system is admittedly much better.

    But in general, yeah. I loathe M$.


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  • Yeah, you are right about most of these things, especially number 2, lol, there should also be a Safari character in the caricature/picture :D




  • God damn, I was expecting a my take like this one.

    I wouldn't say xbox sucks, xbox 360 and one are pretty good (yeah, sony is better everyone knows, but I wouldn't say xbox is that bad I even considered buying one because it's cheaper but still enjoyable)
    Never had linux so I can't say something about that but oh god, the biggest shit microsoft ever created were windows phones...

    Don't get me wrong, my nokia looks amazing after 2 of dropping it down almost weekly, but that operating system... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NEVER BUY A WINDOWS PHONE. The last update instagram got was like 2014 and you still can't send direct messages to other people and it's still a beta version. Facebook doesn't even show you news only posts that happened 12 hours ago, it works better on the browser, WHICH BARELY WORKS BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING INTERNET EXPLORER AND IT CRUSHES SO MANY TIMES, it's almost impossible to watch a video on youtube

    • I would add that the original Xbox was greater than the PS2 and while the 360 paled in comparison to the PS3, it was much more affordable at the time. And it was the platform for Halo 3 which virtually defined online gaming of the 2000s.

    • @JRICHARDS1996 I agree. Too bad these days microsoft tries to bring every great exclusive that xbox have had to pc

    • It's called marketing , an giving the fans what they want to an extension! Enjoy your new XBOX ONE SLIM ! an XBOX ONE is now HACKED !

  • As an Engineer I must say that Linux is far better a choice for professional work as compared to MS which is user friendly no doubt.

  • Swastika is a religious symbol.

  • Why is this a my take on girls asked guys?

  • Reasons why I hate Lion's Head: Fable - Age of Heroes.

  • Yeah I hate it too for the same reasons, good take


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  • 1. Original X-Box? Maybe. But X-360 & X-ONE are awesome.
    2. At least it supports IDM flawlessly
    3. True. But Windows for PC beats everything.
    4. Fanboy. It's better only if you're a developer. I repeat, Windows for PC beats everything.
    5. So what? Every company is like that. Eg: Apple
    6. Don't know.
    7. True.
    8. Actually, the swastika is an ancient religious symbol
    9. He saves lives and you're talking about looks?
    (Click on image and click again to zoom)
    Plus, check out the product of his genes
    10. WTF?

  • You're wrong on so many points:
    1. Without Microsoft, Sony would dominate console gaming. Nintendo can't compete with either of them, so you should thank Microsoft for not allowing console gaming to become a monopoly!
    2. Microsoft has more important softwares to deal with than a web browser... Why should they care about something that people are automatically going to change the second they set up their new computer?
    3. That's not microsofts fault. Few developers support Microsoft's mobile os, so you can't blame me for lack of third party support.
    4. Linux contains far fewer compatible products than Windows. Theirs a reason Windows is the most sold OS in history. It's proven to work most of the time and it provides the most support.
    5. So a company shouldn't try to expand into new markets? How do you think progress is made? If it weren't for Microsoft, technology would be far behind where it is today. You can thank Microsoft for functional, cheap, and easy to use computers.
    6. Microsoft only builds its consoles. No other type of hardware that I know of comes from Microsoft. So it's not microsofts fault if something is faulty. Sounds like your phone had a short in it or one of your downloaded apps was causing it.. Not microsofts fault.
    7-10. Pokemon Go is an awful game and it's not microsofts fault that the game developer did not make it compatible with Microsoft's mobile OS. The rest are a terrible basis for argument.
    1-10. These show how little you know about the free marketplace and technological world.

    • You work for Microsoft don't you? lol

    • @WhereAmI nope, I work for an insurance company... Just annoyed how people blame Microsoft for everything when it is rarely their fault.

  • This take is ridiculous

  • X-Box has only a few good games, and controller is definitely not very well designed, but the thing I hate the most when it comes to Microsoft is Internet Explorer.
    Good points and an excellent Take.

  • I don't "hate" them but I'm NOT their biggest fan or any similar kind of overzealous follower either. I know I NEED Windows for most of the stuff I currently use, in particularly for homework such as Microsoft Office Applications as those are still universal and common.

    Also I'm definitely NOT a user of IE browser for a ver long time since FireFox and Chrome came around. I'd had way too many bad experiences with Microsoft's IE browser.

    And I had Never bought or owned any of their game consoles as I just do not feel compelled or intersted enough as many of those games for them are already on Windows.

  • Good take! That's why I use Ubuntu Linux for serious stuff. All free! I also stick with Android for phone and tablet.

  • 1. Don't be a console peasant, use a PC with linux then.
    2. LMAO!!! I use Internet Explorer (because firefox is becoming slow and unstable and google chrome doesn't even work) and it's been heavily improved ever since :> :D It seriously receives too much hate.
    3. Can't say but I am not satisfied, that they turned programs into applications.
    4. See 1 - You are entitled to your opinion.
    5. I don't see anything wrong with it. More customers, that fit their needs.
    6. Nothing lasts forever.
    7. I think it may become available in the future but I'm no phone geek. Besides I don't like Pokemon GO.
    8. Hail to the glorious PC Master Race
    But seriously you are being a conspiracy theorist right now. Their logo today is different.
    9. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. You don't have to date him. And who cares how the owner of [insert any company here] looks like as long their products match the customers needs?
    10. Jelly much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ? No, in fact, Bill Gates is a philanthropist, he donated great amounts of money for science to research stuff (I believe it was the research of cancer).

    Yes, I am a Microsoft fanboy and I like some of their products because they match my needs and is by far the most advanced OS for that. Deal with it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    (This is ridiculous)

  • Microsoft really sucks donkey balls.

    If you ever buy an Microsoft phone you don't even have the basic apps that we have on Android...
    Even whatsappcame so late on these Mobiles on are not fully functional like WhatsApp on Android.

    Android is way better then anything

    Also PS3 OR PS4 is way better than a stupid Xbox...

    Hell actually PC is even more Better then these Playstations... if you have money

    • You don't realize the good sides of xhox consoles, hit YouTube please

    • I agree to everything you said even tho I think xbox is okay, still inferior to ps and pc but okay

  • I'm no Microsoft fanboy by any means, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I think most of the items on this list are pretty weak. I'll definitely give you Internet Explorer as being horrible but for different reasons - it set the "standards web" back by years. And Windows phone doesn't have many apps, including Pokemon Go, that Apple and Android do. Still complaining about the original XBox? Ok, I guess you're kinda stuck in the past. Linux distribution more expensive than a full retail copy of Windows? Dubious. Linux is great and reliable but everyone knows it's not ready for mainstream consumer use; the year of "desktop Linux" is proclaimed over and over again but never happens. Geeks and developers and business love it and that's good enough. Old Windows logo. Again, join us in 2016, man. Bill Gates looks? Really. Let's see what you look like when you're his age. And I've heard Steve Balmer now owns more shares of MSFT (didn't fact check it admittedly) than Bill Gates so I'm not sure I'd even call Gates the "owner" anymore. He's certainly not involved with Microsoft in any real capacity these days, focusing on his philanthropic goals (which are admirable). You talk about your "Microsoft phone" being crap but fail to say which manufacturer or model you are referring to. Im dubious you actually owned one if I'm being honest. Are you sure this wasn't a take from 2000 and it was just updated with a Pokemon Go reference so that it could be republished? 😉

    • I agree with you except for the part with windows phone. The OS is ok (except for explorer crashing almost every damn time, which is a common problem among users) but their app market is just shit, maybe it's not microsoft's fault that deveopers are not that interested in windows but definitely a windows phone is not worth buying.

  • Ok, those are very good reasons for you to dislike/hate microsoft products and you are right as well. However I don't understand points #9 and # 10.

  • I was with you on everything except for video game systems. The Xbox was the greatest console of the early 2000s generation (Game Cube, PS2) and it gave us online gaming like Halo 2 which truly revolutionized the industry as we know it. That was far superior to anything Nintendo and Sony were doing at the time. Though I do admit that the Xbox 360 was a bit of a letdown especially compared to the PS3, but it was certainly greater than the Wii which was a total flop. And it had Halo 3 which was THE defining game of the 2000s.

  • Megalomanics,
    Apple is WAY worse

  • What is number 6 trying to say? Electronic equipment is delicate no matter who produces it. For the purpose of argument, one is not supposed to "try and destroy" these objects in the first place.

    Number 3 makes you look stupid. You decide on quality of platform by... quantity of apps? Nevermind.. next!

    Number 4 - UNIX and Windows both have their advantages. Since you offer no real explanation on anything, I won't indulge you in any either.

    Internet explorer has been improved a lot compared to earlier IEs. Still, Chrome/Opera/FF are superior, there's no doubt about that.

    Considering a 2003 released console as a reference point over a decade later again makes you look stupid. I suppose you can't help it.

    Verdict: not enough tangible evidence to convict.

  • Well, that's 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

  • how is linux expensive its free.

  • HA HA , I own every Xbox console & hacked most of them, Why? Hack lobby's extra cash to blow on cool shit ! oh an the games are all ISO's there's no disc on my console. so technically its not a console its now a PC , run exploits, rip games, download files, tweak everything you want.
    [ I write code & create Hacks for fun ]
    PSN is no different It's a shit system, an Sony always makes it out to be some high tech futuristic advanced system. PSN hacked 2 days after launch of PS4 everything that you had to pay for was now free on PSN, you could an still can hack your PS4 an go fuck with people!

    Both company's hate hackers , i just see it as a cheap PC after hacking it an doing what i want with it. Not to mention KV's are cheap so banning my Xbox gets you no where, same with PS4 oh no your banned , no big deal extract KV , flash new back to screwing with people.

    PS4 hacked more fun , XBOX ONE Hacked more fun , 360 Hacked more fun ! If you like having a retail version of these consoles your stuck with restrictions.

  • Half reasons are trollish. And that line about Linux being more expensive lol linux is free will be free its basic idea but if you pay for something you get support. So basically you pay for support not product. Linux have its limitations and need more knowledge than just idiotic left click. But yes microsofts idea from vista up are going in wrong direction making it advanced users unfriendly and idiots friendly so basically linux got easier to use. Depends what you want to do on your PC for example you won't be able to do avids programs on linux multimedia in general is linux weaker point. Yes there is wine and other stuff but its not same. I tend to use linux kali a lot great thing.
    Microsofts product dont get destroyed easy i would break razer or some other expensive stuff 100 easier.
    Real problem with microsoft is its not opensorce so if something dont work you can't do much about it. Second problem is after win xp their logic got retarded. Vista was crap when released nothing worked and evne after all patches and SP its still crap. Win 7 was last half decent thing. Then again retarded logic with win 8 forcing retarded logic and system made for touch screen devices on mouse and kayboard. And then there is win 10 ultimate example of how not to make OS. Am not even going to argue about it cos guys that dont see how win 10 is retarded crap won't ever understand why even if you waste year explaining it.
    Solution? Well there is no really solution you there is something called necessary evil like with lash player. Yes linux is good option but sometimes you just won't be able to do what you want on it you will use win or what ever...

    Dont use their phones i use android but android is also crap. You can make it less crappy by changing default rom and stuff but still crap. Iphone i dont even want to talk about cos i would curse everything about apple for 100 pages.

  • He did bail out Apple once, I dunno I would never buy an apple phone. Even less than Apple a Microsoft phone? Never heard of those so wouldn't guinea pig that shit.

    I'm more pissed off with how every OS after 7 is just a fucking tablet OS.

  • 1. I totally disagree with this. Both the xbox and the 360 were excellent game systems with a lot of great games.

    2. On a fresh install IE is and always was an acceptable browser.

    3. True but their tablet line is more for businesses than personal use.

    4. Not really. Linux may be a lot easier for some people but it doesn't support almost any games or programs.

    5. Ahahaha, no. Google.

    6. Stop being rough with your shit? My Dell desktop now running Windows 10 is working great after several years.

    7. See 3

    8. Wtf lmfao

    9. Insulting a brilliant man on his looks. Way to be mature.

    10. The fuck are you talking about?

  • i hate you

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