Pets: Do You Want A Companion or a Toy?

Owning or not owning pets seems to be, oddly enough, a controversial topic. Some people believe that it's cruel to have pets, and others believe that you're heartless if you don't want any. I'm the type of person who believes that some people are right for pets, and others aren't. I feel as if owning a pet can make your life 100x better or 100x worse depending on the personality of not only yourself, but your pet as well. I'm hoping that this list of things to do/know before getting a pet will help out the prospective pet owner. I'll be using a lot of examples as I've owned a lot of pets, and I'll put the examples in ~ ~ so you can skip them if you don't care about reading my own experiences.

First things first...

Every single pet that you get will require some sort of effort. Let me repeat that for the people in the back: EVERY SINGLE PET THAT YOU GET WILL REQUIRE SOME SORT OF EFFORT. From a Saint Bernard to a hermit crab, any creature that you obtain will need to be properly cared for and cleaned up after. Even the most resilient little crab will suffer to death if you don't make sure to keep it's habitat clean and natural-habitat-friendly, keep it fed and watered, and be sure not to neglect it. You can NOT buy any animal without expecting to dedicate some fraction of your time, energy, and money to it's care.

Yes, you have to clean your fish tank regularly. Yes, you have to feed your dog daily. Yes, you have to keep your long-haired cat brushed in order to avoid matted or tangled fur. Yes, you have to clean your hamster cage and kitty litter boxes each week, and possibly even every couple of days. When you get an animal, you are officially in charge of that creature. You are all that creature has. Without you, that creature will surely die or live a life of misery. You have to be responsible for caring for that animal as if it is your own family member and cannot care for itself. A pet is more than an object. It is family.

Do your research and choose the pet that is right for you

If the idea that you'll essentially be in charge of the entire life of another creature hasn't scared you away, you can start researching. Look up the typical personalities and needs of the animal you have in mind. You need to find a proper diet for them and look at pet food reviews (because some brands have been known to actually be bad for the pet that they claim to be made for).You should also check out how much space and attention the animal needs, and if they're typically a pack animal or a lone ranger. Often times people find that the pet they dreamed of is no where near good for them.

~Example: I was obsessed with the idea of getting a prairie dog. My uncle had already offered to buy one for me, and I was saving money for supplies like food, bedding, toys, and a cage of some sort. I did some research and found out that there was no possible way that I could provide care for that type of animal. They need a lot of space to roam (and I have a very small bedroom), they need constant attention (and I have to go to school), they prefer companions (which would mean I'd have to get a second prairie dog, and they aren't cheap!), they prefer warm climates (and I prefer the cold, so my AC is always set to 65 degrees), and they can be very energetic and need a lot of work to remain happy. I abandoned the idea of getting a prairie dog because I knew that none of them would be happy with what I could provide.~

You need to remember that your decisions will affect the creature just as much, if not more, than it affects you. Don't keep an animal in misery simply because you didn't thoroughly research the creature's needs and preferences.

Choose the pet that is right for you: Part 2

Too many people buy a pet that they just can't handle. They normally buy that pet because it's cute or because their kids wanted it. That's not how you decide what pet you want. I remember hearing about a family that just abandoned their Saint Bernard simply because it got too big for their home. They had bought it as a pup as a gift for their children, but eventually their kids got bored of it. It turned into a burden on the parents, and when it began to grow and grow and grow, they abandoned the poor little thing. If that's how you're going to go, then buy a plushy. The looks of the creature you're buying needs to be the third priority. The first should be animal is good for you, the second is the personality of the individual you've found, and third should be how cute the individual animal is.

Be aware of the animal's personality

All creatures are different. One species of animal can be classified as holding a certain personality trait, and then you could find an animal that doesn't fit it at all.

~Example: Most people believe that beta fish can never be kept with other fish. That's true for the majority of fish (and it can be very dangerous to assume it isn't true, so be very careful when testing.) I had a sucker fish in his own tank, but my young cousin threw a rock into the tank to make it "prettier". It cracked the bottom of his tank, and the water drained out quickly. I had to think fast, so I plopped him into my beta tank. My beta, Franklin, was always a shy little man. He wouldn't flare at anything unless he saw his own reflection, and he usually just chilled in his little flower pot.

I watched the two very closely, and I noticed that Franklin would follow the sucker fish around the tank for several days. He would just slowly swim along behind the sucker fish, and at one point her nosed right up to him and booped him on the back. After a week or so had passed, Franklin just stopped caring. The sucker fish stayed in his own zone near the bottom of the tank, which let Franklin enjoy his own half. They were room mates!~

You can find a skittish cat who hates kids, or an energetic cat who loves kids but requires a ton of energy to keep up with. You could find a hamster that likes to be held and pet, or one that hates being touched. You can also find animals with picky tastes and you need to be aware of what it will and won't eat.

~Example: I had a hamster named Roses who hated dried bananas, but my other hamster, Guns, loved them. She also hated the brown food pellets in her dish and wouldn't eat anything if she saw them in her food, but Guns would nibble them.~ Don't buy a pet if you're going to punish it for being itself. If you want a cat that will cuddle with you, specifically ask for that. If you want a dog that is good with kids, ask for that, because getting one that isn't good with kids and then beating it for biting someone is not okay.

Make sure that you can afford it

Although a beta fish can be bought for less than $10 at walmart, you'll probably have to drop about $30 on a decent tank (because it's a total myth that betas are happy in itty bitty little tanks.), then another $20 on a heater for the right temperature to keep it alive. Then there's food, decorations, and a filter if you aren't willing to clean the tank every 3 days. Pets can be a major drain on your pay check, so you should only get a pet if you know that you can afford it. I have a very low amount of money that I can spend, so I bought the supplies for my cat (toys, food dish, litter scooper) from dollar tree. I buy her food, litter, etc at walmart or any pet store where I can find it for affordable prices.

Be prepared to be occasionally annoyed

Pets can be the sweetest little angels that will love you unconditionally. That, or they're total asses. I don't think there is an in between.

~Example: My cat, Rosy, likes to climb onto my back and lay on my ass whenever I lay down. It annoys the hell out of me because I feel bad making her get off so that i can go do what I need to (especially if I have to pee.) I just deal with it or I roll slightly to my side so she gets the hint to hop off.~

You have to have the patience to train your pet. Training does NOT mean hitting or neglecting your animal in any way. I have not one tiny shred of respect for ANYONE who will hit their pet so easily. I think of those people as scum, and not fit to own any creatures. Defend it all you want, if I see or hear about you hitting an animal, I will instantly loathe you. Don't get a pet if your only idea of training is "punish it till it listens."

Love your pet

All of my pets are my babies. Rosy is the queen and Guns is the king, and I am their care giver/mother figure. You'll need to be ready to open your heart to the critter you've decided to take into your home. Buying or adopting a pet won't make you love that pet. Try to find an animal that you feel a connection with, then you'll be more likely to show them the love and positivity that they deserve, and they'll normally return the favor.

I hope this helped someone get an idea of what they should do before getting their new pet! Enjoy your companions! :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I live with a cat. I would say I have a cat, except the cat was my wife's cat. At first she liked me and LOVED my wife. Since my wife's passing, she looked at me and said, "Meh. You'll do."

    Actually that's a little harsh on the cat. She loves me and vice versa. I have taken her to meet my students. She's a bit cranky around them in her old age, but when she was younger she got along with them very well. She is a very easy pet. I have to feed her and clean her litter box, but beyond that she is content to be alone for 12 hours a day. She doesn't rip anything up. She doesn't damage anything.

    Having raised and kept MANY critters in my class (millipedes, snakes, tarantulas, geckos, anoles, tree frogs, rats, and hamsters), everything you said was spot on.

    • I'm glad you've got a companion, and i's great that you've had so much experience with animals. I've had a pretty small range of pets myself considering I'm still pretty young. Out of that list I've had many cats, a snake, a tarantula (which is funny because I'm terrified of spiders), a few really adorable little rats, and hamsters.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Haha, the first picture is so cute and so true :) I want my pets to be my babies (that's what I call them) :)


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What Guys Said 11

  • Eh I want both a toy and a companion. That's why I like snakes. A pet giraffe would be nice too.

    But seriously, people need to learn to be prepared before owning a pet.

  • I rescued my kitten from the local "Meowschwitz" county animal pound, if you will pardon the expression, 15 years ago. He is still active and in good shape for his age.

    What I like about Cats is that they are more self-reliant and can look after themselves when I go away to work each day, or if I go away for a weekend. (Longer than overnight or longer than two days definitely requires a pet sitter, or is that a "Pet Checker".)

    I just clean the litter box regularly when he is indoors, or put him out in the garage with a small flap door link to his backyard domain, and make sure he is well fed and watered. Periodic brushing and application of the anti flea+tick medicine, too.

    He is the most contented cat I have ever known, he has other cat friends in the neighbors backyards who climb over the fence to visit, and he just seems to have a great time in general.

    Anyone know how to post pics?

  • I find if I empty the litterbox once daily that keeps it from having that terrible odor. Pets are part of the family always :)

    • I empty Rosie's box twice a week, and in between I use a scooper to get out any nastiness. That way my mom doesn't complain about how much litter I go through

  • Excellent. Personally, I don't buy pets, I adopt them :) 😇

  • omg... that picture that says "if you want this, but can't handle this, and are going to do this, then buy this instead" reminds me of my old boy.

    he's a lurcher cross named toby and is 15 years old. he's all grey around the eyes and his legs are all stiff :( He has been my best friend for 15 years and i know he doesn't have long left so i spoil him rotten.

    It'll break my heart when he passes away.

    • I personally love how fur looks when it's gone gray, they look so wise and it just makes their eyes seem even brighter <3

  • Great Take, it's all true, I have a rabbit and a parrot, they get along quite well, despite their personality differences (parrot tends to be naughty sometimes - scaring the bunny) :)

  • When I was 4, my father took me out to choose a pet to learn more responsibility. What I got was this cute little ball of fur, a cat already named Precious. 21 years later, she is one of the best choices I ever made. A companion, a loyal pet, she has been their during the tough times and knows when I am down. I know she doesn't have long to live and I expect when I come home from work one of these days, she will pass away.

    • Oh wow, you must be taking very good care of her for her to have reached such a long life span! When the time comes it'll be hard, but you can think back on the good times you had with your little fur baby

  • It's fun how different dogs or cats have such different personalities, depending on breeding. Like my parents got a new kitten, a persian mix. I've been giving her treats and now she comes running to say hi.

  • Where's my breakfast! LOL! I get like that in the mornings

  • when you say toy, do you mean sex toy?

    • Not funny dude

    • Show All
    • Well, if you get "sex toy" from a post about animals, maybe you do need a sex toy. I would also recommend staying very far away from any animal shelter or zoo. And perhaps also seeking out a mental health professional...

  • the junk that goes on in a woman's head away's seem to amaze me

    • I'm sorry your mind isn't large enough to comprehend the thoughts of a female. It's very unfortunate when someone has such a small capacity of understanding, isn't it?

    • it is

What Girls Said 6

  • I have a puggle, cutest dog in the world. He is my little old man. He's young at heart but going grey lol. He use to be all black.

  • My dog could not LIVE without my mom. He hates me tho... and I hate him back <3 My cat tho, she could live without me. She also doesn't like me because she's a grumpy old hag.

  • ಠ_ಠ... this is the hardest question I've ever had

  • nice recommendations

  • Husbands tell their wives they love the cat then kick the cat when the wife is not there.

    • I already warned my boyfriend that if I find out he hurts my kitty or hamster (or even strays or wild animals) in any way, his ass gets to sleep in the shed outside.

    • I would never do that :( Maybe that woman just has a thing for "bad boys".

    • Au contraire. My little critter is awesome when I see him doing his thing in the backyard. Rodents and lizards, beware.

  • My old cat, I didn't have to do shit for. It was just using my house when it was cold then going away doing whatever. All I had to do was open a door once in a while. It wasn't really that into humans til it was old.