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The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

Dogs vs Cats: pros and cons

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

First of all, let's take a look at the cons and pros. As a dog person I'm not going to view cats as bitches, but here's some of the reasons I like dogs much more than cats.

1. Dogs are useful

When talking about dogs, there's much more dogs can do other than catching criminals and helping the blind. Dogs can detect cancer in the human body, that's something that even powerful devices can't always handle... While cats are only capable of learning how to crap in a small box.

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

2. How they view humans

Cats view their selves as the owners of humans, the opposite of how dogs view us!

Feeding a cat is like giving money to a rude homeless person who says "bring more money the next time you pass through here!"

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

3. Dogs are so sufficient

Sufficient in everything.

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

4. Outdoor activities

If you're that kind of person who likes going out to parks and places, you must be a dog owner because dogs like to play outside most of the time while cats are known to stay at home.

Put your jacket on and go out, because no matter where you go, your friend (dog) will always come with you, so you won't be alone.

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

5. Dogs are playful

As some may know, I had a cat before... cats are known to be extremely playful but judging from my experience, they're playful only when they're little... Cats get more boring and boring as they grow up. Those who own both know what I'm talking about. Your dog spends all his day trying to please you while your cat's in your bedroom sleeping and pissing on your bed!

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

6. Being so protective

Dogs are pack animals like their ancestors, wolves, and wolves are known to be loyal and protect their pack members with their life.... When you adopt and feed a dog, it'll see you as a pack member and as a result of that will protect you, some scientists even say that dogs look at their owner the same way puppies look at their mother.

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

7. Child friendly

Dogs enjoy playing with kids, as well as kids do! A puppy will be your family's best friend, and you'll feel that it's a part of your family. Cats entertain kids too but you don't want a cat scratching your child's face because he/she touched it's tail!

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

8. Petting

Dogs just enjoy every part you pet, specially the head and the belly and that's a good point for me, dogs almost feel indifferent about where you pet. But cats are a bit ummm.... it's enough to tell you that you're risking your life by touching the tail or the back legs!

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

9. Adoption

Among all the pets in the shelters, dogs are the most poor animals. Wandering dogs are becoming more and more everyday and dog shelters keep filling day by day, so animal shelter administrators have no way but to put some dogs to sleep (to kill them) in order to bring new ones in, by adopting a dog you're saving a life plus giving another dog a chance to live and be adopted.

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

Watching those poor dogs in cages breaks my heart and makes me nearly cry as it does to you. I wanna give anyone who's reading this MyTake an important message and it's:

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

10. Loyalty

I'm not gonna say much on this one! Everyone knows how loyal and faithful dogs are. You only need to see how excited dogs get when their owners come back after 3 months from a long trip, or just not forget Hachikō the faithful dog for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, for whom he continued to wait for over nine years following his death. Hachikō is known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公) meaning "faithful Hachikō".

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs

You can see Hachikō's memorial statues all over Japan honoring his loyalty, the original statue is located in front of Shibuya station where he waited 9 years for his master to come back, without knowing that his master is dead, probably the saddest story I've ever heard.

The Battle of Pets: 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs
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Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Cats are QUITE useful for folks who live in the country. Rodent control always on duty!

    2. I don’t know how cats and dogs view us because I have never talked to either species.

    3. Leave them at home alone for the weekend and cats can amuse themselves for the duration. Dogs go crazy and eat your sofa.

    4. You are absolutely right on this point.

    5. Whether cats are playful depends on how you interact with them. I had a cat (Cucamonga) who would jump into the air to catch imitation mice that I tossed towards him. Another cat (Catface) would play hide-and-seek! If you haven’t watched a cat chasing a laser light beam, you have missed a real treat!

    6. Again, you are right. Dogs are more protective than are cats.

    7. I have had cats who loved to cuddle with small children.

    8. I have known dogs who were quite sensitive about which parts were petted.

    9. This point did not address any of the differences between dogs and cats. I agree that we should all take care of our animals!

    10. I had a cat (Catface) who obviously recognized the sound of our cars as they approached home. He would run to the front door to wait for the arrival of whoever was returning. When I walked through the front door, he wanted to be picked up and head-butted!

    Dogs are awesome animals and cats are definitely different but they are awesome in their own way.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mishthefish
    I disagree with the cats con list. They dont smell like pee! If your cat smells like pee> you probably never clean the litter box. Cats are social if you raise them to be! Before my cat passed away she used to greet me whenever i got home> im talking running up to me, loud meowing and rubbing herself on me until i greeted back. The reference to hoarders and weirdos should be on the dogs con list aswell. Cats dont scratch everything up! its the owners duty to teach the cat manners. If a cat is disrespectful and destructive then its the bad owners fault.
    Is this still revelant?
    • i used to play so much with my cat, she left the house and didn't comeback, after a couple of days i found her eating in front of a restaurant, cats always try to find the best... now do you think i was a bad owner?

    • I wasn't referring to you , I was talking about cats and cat owners in general. If you don't teach your cat manners he / she will be disrespectful. Actually it's this way with all animals and children. You can never really blame the child/ the animal > in most circumstances the owner or parents are to blame.

    • And also dogs stink a lot more than what cats do > they've got this dog smell to them that stinks up the whole house. I have two dogs so I know.

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  • Quintessence
    Lovecraft said it best:

    "Dog-lovers judge the intelligence of a pet by its degree of conformity to their own wishes. Cat-lovers escape this delusion, repudiate the idea that cringing subservience and sidling companionship to man are supreme merits, and stand free to worship aristocratic independence, self-respect, and individual personality joined to extreme grace and beauty as typified by the cool, lithe, cynical, and unconquered lord of the housetops." (Cats and Dogs, H. P. Lovecraft)
  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    I'm definitely a dog person, and I agree with all of your points. I had one thing to add to #9, though - at most shelters, most dogs are adopted out. My local shelter adopts out 90% of the dogs it takes in, but only 15% of the cats! They end up putting down scores of cats, but only a few dogs each year. The dogs they do put down usually have personality disorders (they're crazy) or terminal illnesses (cancer).

    To back up a bit, canis familaris is not just the first animal humans domesticated - they're the ONLY mammal that has coevolved with humans. That is, both species have evolved to make beneficial use of the other. It's a symbiotic relationship. Cats are domesticated to a degree, but they do not share the close evolutionary bond with humans that dogs do.

    I have not verified that this is an actual thing, but I read in a book once that some Native American tribe has a legend that at the beginning of time, a huge crack opened up in the world that separated humans from all other animals. Humans were on one side, and animals on the other. At the last minute, as the rift was getting wider and wider, dog jumped over the chasm to be with man. Cat stayed on the other side.
    • "a huge crack opened up in the world that separated humans from all other animals. Humans were on one side, and animals on the other. At the last minute, as the rift was getting wider and wider, dog jumped over the chasm to be with man. Cat stayed on the other side. "

      Wow that's very very interesting, i remember a cartoon when i was a kid that was similar to this legend... i can't remember the cartoon's name but i watched it on Cartoonetwork.

  • Maxine_Payne
    Dogs are the best!!! Here's a pic of mine. I love her to bits ❤️❤️❤️
  • Goodwifie
    OMG I love my dog.
    Scooter my Jack Russell is my best friend, he is my running buddy.
    He is always so happy to see me even if I've only been gone for ten minutes.
    He has brought so much joy to my family.
    this is misinformation.

    cats rescue people all the time !
    they might not have the physical strength but how is it fair to say that male firefighters are more heroic than female firefighters just because they can carry people on their shoulders? in the same way that female firefighters rescue people, cats do too.

    cats are more capable of loving deeply.

      people who like dogs are so inconsistant.. don't want a clingy annoying lover but want a clingy annoying pet

    • This is a false equivalence. Dogs and cats are different species, and you're comparing different genders of the same species. While it's true cats can "love" deeply (although that's questionable in my mind), they can't pull someone out of a burning building, assist them when they have a seizure or detect when they're about to have a panic attack and calm them down. They're far more useful than cats in that regard.


      @HungLikeAHorsefly like i said, they don't have the brute strength to pull mass 7 times their size but PULLING a person is in no way the only way to save them

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  • Unit1

    Sorry but I can't really agree with something as biased as this and since I'm open minded. This is not Cats VS dogs. This is dogs > cats.

    I mean no offense or anything. I just don't agree since it's biased.

  • pooper89
    I disagree with every single one of the items on the cons list for cats. Also, cats shed too, not just dogs. Hoarders and weirdos have dogs too. Unsocial? Depends on the cat, just as it would depend on the dog.
  • ATuairiscean
    I definitely more dog person - A dog is just a daft mate - A cat is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle to paraphrase Winston Churchill - I much prefer simple social politics of two daft mates than mind games
  • DonkeyRick69
    Dogs and cats should be kept away from small kids. Cats are known to smother babies in their cribs and dogs are known for viciously killing or mutilating kids. Animals see children as weaker smaller animals.
    • While I agree with you completely, cats do not smother babies.

    • @HungLikeAHorsefly not on purpose. You know how cats will often sleep beside you for warmth.

    • zagor

      Dog attacks on family members are rare, except among those idiots who think a pit bull is an ideal pet.

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  • HereToProveMyPoint
    I think 9 of your points are fair. But adoption? Everything you said applies to BOTH, so it doesn't count as an argument to get a dog instead of a cat
    • Yea, i wish i could edit the mytake again

  • Red88xxx
    Pretty good MyTake and the first I ever commented on one of yours (: but I have a few Cats that are different. Like when I pet my Cats on their head they love it and my Male Cat I have is very friendly and very playful but this is a good MyTake.
    • Thank you, yes cats like petting on the head

  • Astoriana
    You know that cats take on a personality based on how you raise them, right? Kittens raised with puppies will behave like dogs. The inverse is true of dogs also. If you want a playful cat, you raise them to be playful by continuing to play with them even after they grow up.

    A friend of mine taught his rescued Maine coon to fist bump. It was the most adorable thing. He was also very playful.

    I think you've had a bad experience with a single cat and don't have enough information to say for certain what they're really like.
    • "You know that cats take on a personality based on how you raise them, right? Kittens raised with puppies will behave like dogs."

      Well i didn't know that, but i used to play so much with my cat, she left the house and didn't comeback, after a couple of days i found her eating in a restaurant, cats always try to find the best. but that's just my experience with cats... maybe it was the wrong cat.

  • assley
    I have both. My cat is like a dog, maybe that's why I like him. He's my first cat ever. My cat is my napping MVP and my dog is good for talking to or doing stuff outside. My dog has more personality and doesn't ever bite me for loving him. My cat has limits to love. Lol
  • Cerealfreak
    Yes dogs are a man's best friend but, your info about cats isn't entirely accurate.

    Firstly, you're only going to smell that horrid cat pee smell, if you're not keeping their litter tray clean. Secondly, full grown cats will also happily play just as much as a kitten will. My oldest cat is now 4 years old and she still wants to play fetch as much as she did when she was a kitten. Yes you read that right, she plays fetch. My two others also play happily. It all depends on how they're raised.
  • RicanEyes
    All the cat lovers will be mad at you now. I use to be a fan of cats and dogs when smaller. But truth be told not a huge fan of animals only my birds... haha :-P
    • lol, i like ducks, i had a duckling and i believe they're the most funny and clever birds

    • RicanEyes

      Nice :-) :-)

  • alice55
    Cats are playful, protective, loyal, love petting everywhere, love child, are sufficient, useful, etc...
    I don't know which cat who had but they're the wrong one... My cat is a lot more playful, intelligent, clean, loving, etc than any dog.
    My dog is annoying, stink only stuff good is he eat what I don't want to eat...(though my cat can do it too).

    Cats are a lot better and what you write is just a tons of stereotype. Plus cats kills insect and protect the house, dogs are afraid or just too busy eating for doing anything.
    • Not stereotypes, these are the things i hear cat persons complaining about all the time.

    • alice55

      Then they don't know how to take care of their cats, I had never had a cats like this and I had plenty of cats.


      dogs kill humans !
      man's best friend my foot !

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  • bubblybex
    i agree with 4 and 5, but i disagree with 7- i had two cats when i was young and one of them used to be feral and i used to dress them up and stuff but they never tried to hurt me, i think most animals understand the difference between children and adults, not just dogs,

    also , i think that buying a dog so that itl look up to you like a god, while a cat won't says more about the owner than the animal
  • Barrabus_the_Free
    I like both, but much prefer dogs. And if my lifestyle allowed pets, I would have a dog.

    Dogs are superior to cats, and vastly superior to women. Dogs are good companions, low maintenance, and happy just to have you in their life.
  • ADFSDF1996
    I like both but I personally have a preference for cats. Cats are easier to take care of and eat all the bugs that sneak into the house.
    • of course! cats are much more cleaner, they even clean their selves and easier to take care of like you say

  • EmmaT
    Why do people feel then need to chose between cats and dogs? They are both awesome. My parents have a lovely dog and I adore her so much but later in my life I would like to get a cat. Love them both
    • I'm just explaining why i PREFER dogs more than cats...
      and choosing is necessary in my opinion, because Dogs and Cats have many different behaviors.

    • EmmaT

      Both are awsome

    • EmmaT

      *for me. And I just commented my opinion

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  • noesbueno
    I've had both pet types and can honestly say that in my experience, both my cat Precious and my dog Amy were loyal, playful, protective, child friendly, useful and most of the points you made. The only thing was my cat did not like to get petted in certain areas or be confined to certain areas. Both of my pets were a bit picky with their foods but would wholeheartedly eat what they liked without hesitation and both were very affectionate. I was gone for two weeks on a trip, when I got home, my cat ran up, put one paw in each shoe and loudly meowed at me, then she would not let me leave her sight for at least a month when i was home. My dog would get so excited that her tail almost took her into the air like a helicopter.
    • "my cat ran up, put one paw in each shoe and loudly meowed at me"
      that's sweet and nice

      but my cat was the opposite, i played with her so much and loved spending time with her, then she left the house and didn't comeback, after a couple of days i found her in front of a restaurant eating... that made me think that cats always look for the best... maybe i had the wrong cat.

  • Yuki_JPN
    Good take, dogs are loyal to their owner so i like dogs. in my opinion Shiba dog is the best ( ^∀^)
    • yeah, the loyalty is what so special about dogs, Shiba dogs look nice.. like Hachiko

  • Ceins
    Unsocial? Depends on cat, the one I have at the moment is very social. Likes to spend time with people. I like dogs too, but prefer to own a cat, since I live in quite small apartment in big city.
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    More pepole need to adopt dogs if they want a pet not get puppys it's unfair on the poor animals.
    my grand father and neighbor did that and if i ever decided to get one thats what i will do as well.
  • metalsucks2
    Shedding etc is only a concern if you keep dogs inside like prisoners but if you keep them in a nice big yard where they can be free then you don't need to worry.

  • Likes2drive
    Yeah I'm a dog lover, for those very same reasons. Good mytake.
  • Kuraj
    We get it, you are a dog person, just like every other dog person there ever was.
    • The fuck? I'm just mentioning the reasons why i prefer dogs.

  • Tanairy328
    I love this, some parts were hilarious too like the "shits in box" one lolololol i love dogs
  • Nice222
    Both are cool but I am allergic to dogs so it is Cats for me.
    • The opposite for me, I'm allergic to cats

  • Svennedude2
    I like cats, but I like dogs more. In my experience, I got more affection from dogs. Cats go their own way more.
  • deraz24
    Lol I agree and I like both but cats are still cool with me
  • JustCallMeLeon
    Still prefer cats. Much funnier. Much more playfull. Their attitude rocks. And i dont have crackheads or cancer patients living nearby for dogs to sniff on.

    Cats rule!
  • Curmudgeon
    As wonderful as dogs are, cats have certain advantages:

    1. Not so terribly dependent. When people refer to their dogs as "fur babies", they aren't kidding. Emphasis on Babies. You cannot leave a dog alone for an extended period of time, like when you have to go away for a weekend, or even when you have to go to work.

    2. Rodent control.

    3. They keep themselves clean, in a way that dogs just plain do not. Granted, litter boxes are messy, but you can even train your cat to go outside with a little cat door to same, or even toilet train them, believe it or not.
  • sillykeetie
    Your cat only smells like pee if it's a male that hasn't been fixed yet. My cat is a fixed male and he's been so sweet to me. He's 5 years old and has never laid a claw on me. I can give him baths and he'll cling to me without the use of his claws, like a baby grabbing your finger. He's never a bother, and he loves to cuddle. Sometimes he'll wake me up at 4am just to lick my pajama shirt and drool all over it. He acts like a big baby and he's not a mean jerk like this biased article. Just because dogs are good for work and want to lick your butt 24/7 doesn't mean they're so great. Think about the small dogs! Small dogs are so obnoxious and they aren't as loyal as big dogs, but big dogs are a hassle and they're so hard to take care of. Cats are low maintenance and they give you love if you raise them RIGHT.
  • anewgirl
    That's awesome! Although I love cats too, dogs are my go-to pet for most of the reasons above.
  • didigo182
    I like Both. Dogs are smarter, but cats are independent; both are owner frienda.
  • dwiller943
    Everything you wrote about cats
    is some of the reasons why I love them.
  • Phoenix98
    Feels a bit one sided.
    • Yeah, i had bad experiences with cats

    • Phoenix98

      I can tell, well I can tell you from experience they aren't all that bad.

  • es20490446e
    Dogs are like men, cats are like women.
  • soulbabe
    good take but most points were wrong
    • Thanks, which points?

    • soulbabe

      Cats can only shit in box. Have only one loving petting spot loyalty playful kid friendly protective

  • MindYourEyes
    dogs are the best thing in this world. ❤️❤️❤️
  • That2kKid21
    I prefer tigers and wolves tbh
    • Try to not get recognized as a snack bro

    • Don't worry they're my friends they wouldn't dare touch--

  • zombiebabe
    true! dogs are amazing friends <3
  • PinkandSparkles
    I have both a dog and a cat.
  • ChromAzonyx108
    I just find that dogs are too needy.
  • I like dogs
  • Tohru
    I still prefer cats
  • walkietalkie1990
    Cool.. Dogs are best friend
  • disgustingweebtrash
    I prefer cats
  • Alyssa91
    Dogs are the best