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Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

CapricornHoney m

Before I start, I just want to say I am a massive animal lover of all kinds of animals. I have both cats and dogs as pets and love them equally.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

Both dogs and cats are great pets, and they both have their pros and cons.

1. Dogs provide an active lifestyle for owners.

Dogs are very energetic (especially when they are younger). This requires the owner to take them for constant walks. Not only are these walks beneficial for the dog but also for owner. 10 minutes of walking each day can boost your mood, help you lose weight, prevent or manage health conditions and help you sleep better at night.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

Basically, dogs can help you live longer.

Cats, on the other hand, don't need to be walked as much. It's certainly much more common to see a dog being walked on a lead by it's owner than a cat.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

Cats prefer to stay in and around their home and wait for time to pass by.

2. Dogs can learn tricks!

Dogs can learn a variety of tricks and can learn them much easier than cats. The capability of a dog in learning tricks never fails to amaze me.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

While training the dog to learn tricks, a good relationship between dog and owner is established.

Cats can't learn tricks as easy as dogs can. Training a cat to sit, rollover or play fetch can be a weird sight to see.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

I personally have never seen a cat do tricks that dogs can do.

3. Dogs can Provide Protection to the Home

A dog can provide protection to a home and the surrounding property.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

Dogs can alert owners when seeing a stranger in the yard or can even attack on command when the owner says to.

Cats can't provide the same protection to a home that dogs can.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

The size of cats along with their inability to bark means they cannot provide the same protection that dogs can.

In summary, dogs are better than cats as pets and are much more practical (and can help save your life!). Having said this, I still love cats and dogs equally and will always have both as pets. They both have pros and cons. I will do a part 2 soon.

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats
Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats
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  • Massageman
    Love those dogs! We got our dog as a rescue from a guy who was a pre-med student. He discovered he didn't have enough time to spend with the dog (as if a med student ever has ANY spare time?) But I digress - - -
    When we got her at about 8-9 months old, she already knew about 10 commands by word and/or hand command! And while her body is starting to fail her at 13 y. o., her mind is still sharp- along with her appetite!
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  • Dolemite510
    Amen, you’ve never seen a cat guide blind people or rescue them from a burning building 😂
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  • Whether dogs are better is simply a matter of matching a pet to the owners needs. And in some instances, there are distinct advantages to cats.

    Have two dogs, you are going away for a long weekend, and you can't take the dogs with you? You must take the dogs somewhere to be boarded, it is expensive, and the dogs can be upset by being in strange surroundings. Have cats? Just make sure the litter pan is clean, give them extra large bowls of food and water, and leave them at home, because they will take care of themselves. Much lower maintenance!
  • jgokgotit
    I would say it depends on the individual cat/dog. It takes a lot more effort to earn a cat's loyalty, but when you do they are just as loving and protective as a dog. When it comes to being active, I have a cat who has so much energy that I have to constantly play with her to get rid of her energy. Overall though I agree with your first point. I also agree that it is easier to teach dogs tricks, but that is because a dog's whole life is about pleasing their human while a cat is independent. However, every cat I've had learned tricks eventually. You just have to find the right way to convince the cat whereas the dog wants to do it. So point two is more willingness than ability. As for protection, both can provide it equally. While a large dog can bite and cause immediate damage, a cat can take out someone's eyes and they will attack more fiercely if they love the owner enough. So, overall, I agree with your points, but would add that if you get a loyal enough cat they can perform just as well on these 3 points.
  • Great myTake Ms CH! ... I love both :) ...


  • MissDawn7961
    I have had dogs and cats for most of my life ! Cats are good for getting rid of mice and dogs are good at helping anyone who has them feel safe and protected against robbers and introducers as well ! these pets are safer then having a gun around you too ! Thanks
    • BoobMan

      Or as the great Bill Burr says, having a pit bull is like having a gun you can pet!

  • wankiam
    see my avatar... it took a while to train her to do that but its much better than ''paw'' and as for dogs providing security at home, they are just as likely to wreck the place while you are out. i remember a guy that had a guard dog at his workshop. he left a car door open one night and the dog ate the leather interior of a very upset customers expensive car... personally i wouldn't say one is better than the other. its more a personal taste thing
  • lightbulb27
    Well said. they take a bit more time and attention for those who are busy.

    What is the "M" on your profile pic?

    Dogs can also be trained to do some amazing things, help people see, sniff out mushrooms... etc. Easier to play with them.
  • FatherJack
    I agree , and there is one pet / working animal , that is also a heart stealer , and often forms close bonds with their canine distant cousins , ferrets / polecats... I love my weasels !! I lost my mother / daughter pair last year and miss them so much... I have had pet dogs , and also handled Military Working Dogs ( Base Security / Attack ) , loved my furry oppo Rocky , a big Rottweiler & was upset when I got posted to another unit.
  • EmperorOfRussia
    I think this kind of discussion is sterile and I can't decide. My wife has a dog and a cat, I love them too, it's weird to "hierarchicise" our little friends, which one is better than the other... All I know is that their company makes our lives a bit better.
  • i1T2daty
    All might be true but the real wisdom of both dogs and cats is that they have no idea what you meant by considering either species being cooler than another. They're happy being either dogs/cats whatever case may be. A dog would instinctively chase a cat but could never think it was more or less "cool". Of course when the best way to get to their peers is to smell their butts, your are pretty cool to not give a shit what anyone else thinks.
  • MrOracle
    My brother's cat plays Fetch with Gatorade bottle caps or hair rubber bands, can shake hands, roll over, or freeze in place. Different breeds of cat are very different in this regard, but some breeds are very dog-like about being trained.
  • MackToday
    Dogs have little impulse control jumping, barking going crazy. No thanks.

    I don't care if my pet does tricks

    Cat's can also protect your home, if it needs protecting from dangerous disease carrying rodents. Dogs are all but useless for that.
    1. Dogs bother you when you have your own thing to do. A cat will not infringe on your space when not wanted.

    2. Dogs learn tricks but cats are too smart for that. Just like me they won't satisfy someone else's narcissistic tendencies.

    3. Dogs can deter dangers but rarely attack the attacker. Cats fight for their family and will not stop till that threat is gone. https://www.youtube.com/embed/EEa6jZv-Khc
  • Koalamate
    Working dogs sheep dogs are a must have if your a farmer.

    Teaches kids to walk the dog nomatter how tired they may be the dog isn't and still needs walking.

    Dogs understand your emotions cats dgaf.
  • msss98
    Ur wrong cats rule plus u can pick them up and cuddle them
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    All absolutely true. However, they shouldn't lessen our love for our very comforting domestic felines.
  • Well, I can debate on all of three of these reasons. I have 4 cats and they’re very energetic too. Some dogs can learn tricks but one of our cats knows how to play fetch. When someone comes downstairs to check on me, my cat growls and hisses at them. It’s like he doesn’t want anyone messing with me.

    i have a phobia of dogs and I can’t live safely in the house I’m living in with him.
  • Sensmind
    I agree with you especially the first one - I think dogs are a more proactive pet which is important for those who have a pet as company
  • cats can learn tricks just like dogs. i'm not bullshitting you. look it up on youtube and google. dogs can't even shit or piss on their own except if you let them soil all of your backjard :P don't get me wrong, i love both but cats are better :P
  • 420cat
    I also love all animals but I do prefer cat's but what you just said is true. I anxiously awaiting for part 2.
  • sheildagent
    I read this with my cats beside me 😂
    But cats can learn tricks and how to protect you if they're trained. But yeah, I agree you do have some pretty accurate points.
  • Smegskull
    1. But I like to sit in and relax after a hard day at work. If I wanted all that energy hopping around my house I'd have kids.
    2. Cats can learn tricks just as well as dogs... A dog just wants to more because it feels a need to impress you, a cat has self respect so won't learn tricks if there is nothing in it for them.
    3. Depends on the dog and the cat... I'd rather fight a Jack Russell than a Serval.
  • ContinouslyConfused
    Cats are more independent, nothing wrong with that. It just means when they do love you they really do mean it. I'll always love cats way more
  • Liam_Hayden
    I have dogs, but I do not discount the felines:https://www.youtube.com/embed/E1k4wNXfDB8
  • Tia_Maria
    I agree. I've had cats and dogs, but dogs are much better pets than cats. A cat is just a pet , but a dog becomes a member of the family.
  • NorthwestRider
    I treat both my dogs and cats as my kids. I love each equally
  • sagevalentineee
    I think depends on what you want from your pets.

    For my granny, she just needs a little friend to accompany her and be low maintenance, aka a cat is perfect, it can also survive for a week alone if necessary, so my granny is able to travel without having to pay for shelter etc to take care of dog.

    On the other hand, I personally prefer my dog over a cat. My dog is so lively, so happy, so fun and full of joy. She isn't a fussy eater like a cat so I usually just give her a bit of what I eat. I can take her out with me in ways you can't with a cat, and she's overall a lovely creature.
  • msc545
    You apparently have never spent time with a Bengal cat - possibly the most active animal on the planet. Remember: "Dogs have masters - cats have staff".
  • AurophilusDrake
    In Sweden we gotta leave the dog at a daycare while we go to work. A cat can be left at home though... convenient
  • codycccccccccc
    Cats hunt rodents on farms keeping are food supplies safe and in check
  • EnglundUberAlles
    No arguments here. Cats do keep the mice at bay though.
  • OfDeath
    Dogs can also be dangerous to your children or yourself though. Pitbulls etc for example.
    Very few people have been mauled to death by house cats.
    CATS dont tell the cops where you hide your drugs...
    cats win.
  • pleasestopthis
    Cats are independent creatures and affectionate in their own way, and for me, that's priceless.
  • Biancatsumi1991
    The smell of the poop is not as disgusting as cats poop.
  • ChefPapiChulo
    dogs aren’t better than cats or the other way around. I will say I personally dislike cat owners. They’re weird af.
  • mikesafa
    they will never scratch you. they will protect you with thier life and no matter what they love you
  • Asianguy123
    Living with cat for 8 months I agree with you. Cat only demand food and that’s about it. Dog responds more to people and show their emotions
  • DiegoO
    Cats run rats, only a cat sound and presence can swipe out a rat nest. The rats get stressed out and die because of stress. If you get sick or die your cat will most-likely survive outside if is not an indoor cat. You also find time for yourself with a cat, there is no need to pass a bunch of time with them.

    I also had a dog as pet, when I was a kid. What can say, if we go by human definition of a "best pet", the dogs have the medal, not so when it comes to the wild. In nature, for a cat, been independent is crucial for survival.
  • Plitty-Tank
    Totally agree, madam CapricornHoney! I like both cats and dogs and like dogs a little better.

    Cats are lazier than dogs usually.
  • Shiney19
    Cats are Cunning, lazy and freak..🤷

    Dogs are Adorable.. they are loyal and trustworthy 👍
  • miram
    I used to love cats more than dogs but not anymore, i have discovered that im allergic to cats 🙁
  • Dargil
    Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.
  • MementoMori_
    Dogs are better than people... hands down.
  • Jjpayne
    Fair enough... Good points
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    That was good, Now do one on cats :)
  • es20490446e
    My cats know karate.
  • Nahid1707
    Nice girlsaskguys take
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake