10 Things I Was Afraid Of/Made Me Anxious As A Kid, But Not Anymore

Many of us had ridiculous thoughts during our childhood. Some of them make us feel ashamed that we thought that way, back in the day.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Bathtub curtains

I mean I was afraid having the bathtub curtains closed when I was taking a shower. Because I had this thought, that someone would stab me with a knife behind the curtains.

2) Going out alone

The first time I went out on my own it was when I was 11. I know it sounds silly, but I was afraid that I would get lost in the crowd if someone else wasn’t with me.

3) Old pictures (from 20s-50s era)

The style of the people back then (for example, men had thick mustaches, and they were looking really angry or had this cold strict look if they were in a military uniform), made me feel afraid, and I thought they were looking at me.

4) Pictures of naked women

Not exactly afraid. But those pictures made me feel really uncomfortable and I turned all red if I saw such a picture. Unlike now, where I view those pictures as something totally normal. To be honest, I regret that I was such a chicken as a kid, to feel extremely uncomfortable by something like this.

5) Riding a bus/train alone

I thought I would be taken somewhere very far away if someone else wasn’t with me.

6) Someone following us during the nighttime

Obviously, I was out with my mother. Not alone. But still I remember when I was telling her to walk quicker, because I thought that some kind of monster was chasing us, holding a bat.

7) Someone would break into our home

Even if the door was locked, I still thought a burglar would come to our apartment by using a ladder or a helicopter, and get in by using the balcony.

8. Staying alone at home

Even when my mom was out for three minutes in order to throw out the rubbish, I was really anxious for those few minutes when I was alone. I didn’t expect that one day I will be able to stay alone.

9) Terrorists

I thought back then that terrorists go out in the streets holding a gun, shooting anyone they come across. But later I realized that’s untrue. Terrorists have certain targets, and they won’t harm you if you don’t belong to those targets.

10) Theaters

Particularly, before the actors were starting their play. I was kind of afraid by the fact that the stage was dark and nobody was on it. I thought a monster, a ghost or something like that, would pop out from the stage and start chasing us.

PS: No, I didn’t suffer from this syndrome, they label most kids these days (don’t recall how they call it). I was just being kid.


Most Helpful Girl

  • We all had anxieties like these as children. Did you watch a lot of horror movies? Old black and white photos are rather creepy. I can see why those bothered you! I drove my own parents crazy asking for statistics of say, a meteor from space landing on our house, and asking what I ought to do if I'm home alone and someone breaks into the house. I was filled with concern and wanted to make sure I was not going to be harmed due to ignorance.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting Take, when I was a kid, I was usually afraid of some other things (going alone to the attic, or the basement).
    1. I presume you were afraid of the Bathtub curtains because of the movie Psycho... I have seen the movie too, when I was 5 years old, but as a kid - I was always taking a bath instead of showering, so it was no problem for me.
    2. I actually prefered to go out alone, because I knew my friends were waiting for me, we had our "spaceship gang", and I was the captain.
    3. Old pictures are sometimes very creepy, I also never liked them as a kid.
    4. Pictures of naked women usually made me blush, but I wasn't afraid, only uncomfortable.
    5. I was only worried that I could go to the wrong bus/train, and that I would have to explain to the conductor why I have the wrong ticket.
    6. Nighttime was a bit uncomfortable, but still, I was more afraid of the dentist :P
    7. Burglars were never a problem for me, my childhood was during the socialist Yugoslavia, very strict police = Very low criminal rates.
    8. I liked being home alone as a kid, reading books & comics, playing video games, watching movies etc.
    9. Nah, as a kid, I thought terrorists live far away and don't know about our country.
    10. Theaters kinda reminded me of cinema, which I like, but some of the puppets in theaters were kinda creepy.

    • Yes, guess it was Psycho. But still this image haunts me.

      And yeah I forgot about the puppets. I used to find them really scary as a kid, despite the fact they were designed "for kids".

    • Thanks for the MHO

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What Girls Said 3

  • Umm i actually had none of these fears except the going out alone thing as a kid and i still do now lol, i've always been either with family or friends cuz it kinda seems awkward to be alone in public I don't know why i just can't act notmal alone, i always have to embarrass myself xD

  • Cute

  • I shared the same as a kid


What Guys Said 6

  • For the record, any individual who isn't sexually mature (in body or mind) will likely be uncomfortable when seeing naked people. The idea that children should/can see such imagery and that it's "healthy" is just outrageously idiotic.

  • This was very interesting and cute :)

  • Yeah the someone following me at night , being alone in the house and someone breaking in strike a chord

  • I was always scared from the basement. Especially when I walked back with this picture in my mind that ghosts would chase me from the back😂😂

  • Some make sense, others are just plain weird.

  • Am I the only one who punched the shower curtain?