My 3 Terrifying Near-Death Experiences

My first near death experience, the way my dad tells it, happened when I was five years old.

He, my brother, and myself were on our way to the store, when BOOM! this lady in a small white car in her own world not thinking about the red light in front of her violently T-boned our car spinning it around into the intersection, slamming the door in completely on the side where my brother was sitting. We weren't wearing seat belts and there were no air bags as they weren't required by law back then. My dad completely freaked out, as he recalls, because it's one thing when it's just you as the adult, but it's another when its your only children and they're injured and crying and scared. I remember so much of my childhood, but I have no memory of this day whatsoever. It's a complete blank in my memory banks. I feel like it must have been so horrific to my childhood mind, that my brain just completely repressed it.

Two decades later on a very grey day outside, I got a report on my walkie talkie that a storm was coming in. This was always of concern because the outdoor facilities had water features that people frequently kind of played around in that also had a lot of metal components, so it was our duty to get people out if thunder and lighting were spotted. Most people came in without much coaxing, but this one lady and her children continued to play outside. I was so frustrated with her because under no circumstances was anyone ever at any time allowed to get hurt in anyway under my watch if it could be prevented, and this was something that could be prevented, therefore, I could be liable for not getting this lady out of there, and more importantly, her children which were doing what children do, which is to play as long as Mom says its okay.

The storm started to pick up with more flashes of lightning getting closer and closer, and I knew it was about to get really intense like previous storms in the past, so I got my staff member, a big muscly guy, to come with me. He and I approached the woman and her kids and we literally begged her to come inside with us. We tried to be polite at first, but she just wouldn't move, and then finally I said, we were going to have to call security to come get her if she didn't relent because we reserved the right to..blah, blah, blah, legal stuff. Finally she did start moving towards the door at such an annoying snails pace.

The lady entered into the back doors, followed by her two kids, and myself and my staff member were to follow. Just as my staff member popped open the door, the entire sky lit up all around us. It went from night time darkness, to bright piercing light in a completely blinding force combined with the crackling sound of the lightning and boom of thunder. If you ever want to experience a moment of fight or flight, that was it. Pure adrenaline and the shock of not being able to see and the sound pushed both of us through the door. We literally threw ourselves in involuntarily and fell to the ground in a heap. To this day, I still get pissed off at the thought that both of us could have died or been seriously injured because of this one stupid woman who refused to let us protect her and her kids.

My last experience happened a few years after the car accident. My brother's team was having a celebratory pool party with all of the families of the team members invited. There were way too many of us in the pool for sure, but everyone was having a good time splashing about. I was in the shallow end just bobbing up and down. The party was really devoid of any other girls my age, so I was just entertaining myself. Bob, bob, bob, bob. I went up and down across the shallow end. I made one more bob above the water surface closing my eyes as I dunked my head down expecting my feet to touch the pool floor but I didn't bob back up. I went straight down. I'd lost track of where I was with all the other kids in the pool, and had managed to get to the deep end and now I was dipping down.

I panicked and started thrashing and waving my hands violently trying to figure out simultaneously what was happening and reacting to having nothing suddenly beneath me. Unfortunately, everyone was splashing about and kicking around and no one was paying attention (not even the life guards), so I'd sunk down and there was this moment as my oxygen was running out, that everything just got really silent for a second, like I was the only one in the pool, but after it, I just kicked out my feet in a last ditch effort and kept kicking and kicking.

When I did pop up to the surface, I was gasping for air, and I quickly broke out in tears. I felt like I could have died and no one saw me. I dog paddled over to the side of the pool and then got to the metal stairs, but I had no energy to lift myself up so I just hovered holding on to the stairs. When I did eventually get out, I just sat by the pool with my blanket over my shoulders in a daze or in shock until the party was over. I don't know why, but I never told anybody about the experience until years later.

How many more lives do you have left? Any near death experiences that have happened to you? I've seen a lot over the years as you do on the news or on video or TV shows, but I think one of the most incredible ones I've seen as of late, was this one. A few feet this way or that, and that's it.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Riding a motorcycle, it becomes routine to have retards try to kill you.
    Worst one was in my car though. Driving through the mountains, narrow 2 lane highway. Genious in a logging truck decides he's going to

    • Dammit hit submit too early

      Decides he's going to pull out and pass another logging truck. I've trucks behind me (cant stop), no shoulder and nowhere to go. Guy he's passing locks up the brakes to let him in, still makes it with about 10 feet to spare.

What Girls Said 2

  • Two for me. First was when I was a baby, and I was out at a BBQ with my family. I started to get fussy my mom took me out to the car. Some idiot left out fencing material and my mom tripped over it. She dropped me on my head and landed on top of me. I was unconscious and was taken to the ER. My dad was almost arrested because he was going 70 mph in a 25 mph zone. Still here and now I've got a nasty scar.

    My second was when I was driving to my history and was almost hit head on by a large SUV. It was so fast. One second, I'm thinking they're just another idiotic driver, the next they're in my lane, and then they were gone. I was surprisingly calm. I just stared at the car and like I was in a daze I just said, "I'm gonna die, I'm so glad I told my parents I loved them before I left the house." But then it was as though my body knew what to do, without thinking about it, I pulled my car over and let the car pass. I missed the car by inches. I snapped out of my daze and was horrified at what happened and how it could've been worse. Once I calmed down, I finished driving to history class.

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