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The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

Well, what can I say? It was pretty real, to the point I even thought during my dream, to tell my mother to bring a priest and cast away evil spirits from my home, if in case that was just a dream, and not reality. For example I saw a woman smiling at me, when I was standing behind my glass door at home, she waved to me and she entered by...walking through the door! Once she did, she just stopped smiling and started to ask me where a certain item is. I told her I have no idea and she should leave me. She just said, You lie! Keep searching! Fed up with her, I told her: You know what? I stole it! Satisfied now? ( Of course I didn't)...her response was: OK, but since you don't cooperate, you'll see soon, what will happen to your house. And just after a few minutes, my house wasn't safe anymore. Ugly bad spirits would come and go freely. Creepy looking monsters, which had their heart hanging from their chests, they could turn their head 180 degrees, etc. But the bizarre thing here is, that I didn't wake up in the middle of the dream. Did I enjoy how creepy it was? Well who knows!


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

That one was one of the most dangerous dreams for sure. There was an actual physical fight between Pokémon trainers. We had a meeting at a junkyard for this. A cop also arrived I n order to handle things, who was also a reporter, and as a result, he was broadcasting the fight, meanwhile. We were about 20 people in this fight. Anyway, when I saw this on TV, I was like...Oh no! My mom would kill me if she is going to see it! And guess what? After a little while I had a call from her, telling me to come to her place to show me a video. One of the trainers was a terrorist from India. She saw me a video where he dropped thirteen bombs on an airport building in the UK. But what I find strange is, if there was a cop there, how did he didn't arrest him??


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

Let's see...most notable scene was when I went to some kind of amusement park, and I went to some kind of fortune teller who was...only a 6 year old boy! But very smart since he attempted to steal me. But you might find funny what exactly he attempted to steal from me. My...socks! During our fortune teller session, he told me to throw my socks on the ceiling. Weird I know. Anyway, I have seen other weird things in that amusement park too. Like for example in the park's store, I saw some gypsies buying tons of soda cans, but they were throwing them into the cart, in a not so gentle way. I asked another guy why they buy so many, and he told me that they resell them. But if they treat the cans that way, I doubt anyone would buy them. Nice comment I made, huh?

And perhaps my favorite scene here, was seeing myself falling from the amusement park's roof, and landing on the playground. I fell accidentally, but the feeling of free falling, is massive. I assure you.


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

This time I dreamed that I woke up in my mother's bedroom instead under the sounds of Honeymoon Suite's The Big Prize album. I was kinda sick, and she told me that she chose this album because she knew I like it. By the time of the dream she was 61 and I was 31. Maybe a future scene that will occur? Hope not, because I don't like being sick.

I woke up after the dream was over feeling a little bit dizzy, and it shook me up a little bit. You know I thought it was real. Anyway, I slept again and this time I dreamed that I was living in a house where the door was being unlocked by itself, even if you locked it tightly. This building was surrounded by other smaller cottage-like houses, and I was shouting at my neighboors to lock the doors so an outsider won't rob me. An old man commented, Hope they'll rob you so you could understand what being poor means. Gosh...


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

I was in the car with my parents (my dad was driving) and we were listening to music (of my choice, ha!) and I was playing Pokémon GO meanwhile. Not anything else I remember.


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

The only thing I remember is...that I woke up, in a pretty awkward position. (Lying on the bed almost horizontally instead of vertically) Nothing else.


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

It must have been three different dreams...first one was about a documentary about Michael Bolton's career, since they were talking about, why his first two albums (under the name Michael Bolton) were a commercial failure.

Second one, was about myself being part of a series, and two co-actresses of mine were commenting, Why do you shave anyway? Being clean shaven doesn't make you better looking. Well personally, I have to disagree on this.

And the third was, me entering into some creepy butchery. It didn't have common meat like chicken or pork, but stuff like mule's or monkey's meat. For example, I wanted some chicken, and the owner told me, If you wanted chicken, then you wouldn't be here. Few minutes have passed, till I decide what to buy, and then I told him, I want a big balloon of sausage. Didn't know what I meant with this...


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

I cannot recall how many times I went up and down each floor, from a building which belonged to some huge company. I was working there, but actually it was pretty fun. We were all young there and our managers were pretty cool people too.

And now the second dream...I was trying to play a VHS tape I used to have. But surprisingly the movie changed by itself. Actually it was English tutorial for kids, not a movie exactly, but more like a book in a tape version. It was showing images from the book, and the instructor was actually reading the book.


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

Again, it was a "high-school" dream (my favorite ones actually). There was a clown that has been invited for a certain event, particularly called Winter. I came into the room he was in, and he asked me if I would like to try free falling when I was naked. Then I had to rush back to the same room, in order to get back my clothes. I accepted but it was very funny, how other students were trying to dodge me, when I was running as fast as a bullet!


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

Ah, here we had two different cases. From the first, I remember only the fact that I was at the post office, then a clerk told to one woman who was a client, to pretend that she passed out, as she did. Most of the people there rushed to her, but I didn't because I knew it was fake. The second one was a nurse and we were randomly climbing down a stairway together. At one point, we bumped into each other purely by accident. She said sorry, and she thought I was a...girl! I was like...Huh, but how? Then she told me, that if I was in an island with girls only, then I would blend with them easily. I laughed with this and started walking and talking together. Then at one point, she threw away her nurse uniform (on the street!) and we started making out. Well, we didn't take it to the next level, because I woke up.


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

The only thing I remember is, that I was walking under sunlight...guess I miss it so much!


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

I was in my old friend's mom car and she was the driver. She was driving us through the town, but I don't remember much, what we were talking about.

In my second dream, I only remember I was entering into a bus and nothing else.


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

I remember being in school, and the book we were using for the history class was pretty revealing. There was a fight that it should be recalled as soon as possible, because it included details that they should never be known. Despite being considered a serious book, it was featuring cartoon-like drawings that would fit more into a book for first graders. Like for example anthropomorphic Eagles or Wolves in soldier uniforms.

Also, in the same dream, I was dreaming once again riding a bus.


The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)

I don't remember the exact sequence, but those two scenes. One scene was when I walked through the park with various stray dogs around. All were calm apart from one. I managed to tame it, by throwing some...leaves from a bush! Didn't know that dogs were into leaves, but hey it worked!

And the second one was, when I was on my home's balcony, and my mom was there, sleeping (On a balcony? Huh, anyway, as I have said, in dreams everything happens). I was trying to do the housework, but I messed things up. So when my mom woke up (from the noise), the first thing she said was: Please, tell me that I am dreaming...

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The Book Of Dreams Vol. 2 (Part I)
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    what is this like your personal dream blog?

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      Yeah you could say that. Although I'm interested in making it into a book by the end of the year,

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