The Things I'll Never Be


This is a poem I wrote a couple weeks ago and after much consideration, I decided to share it on here. This is a poem about all the things I know I'm not and will never be.

The Things I'll Never Be

I'll never be the gorgeous girl

who's desired by every man

I'll never have a made for T.V. body

or the just from the beach tan

I'll never be the girl who's

bubbly or charismatic

I'll never be the girl who

people find magnetic

I'll never be the girl who's

athletic in any kind of way

I'll never be the girl who's

energetic every single day

I'll never be the girl who's

defined as outgoing

I'll never be the girl who

thinks she's the all knowing

I'll never be the girl who

likes being told what to do

I'll never be the girl who

changes to fit other peoples view

I'll never be the girl who

keeps up with trends

I'll never be the girl who's

rated a perfect ten

I'll never be the girl who

likes to party and drink beer

I'll never be the girl with

the fast track career

I'll never be the girl with

the college degree

I'll never be the girl who

feels care free

I'll never be the girl who

can handle conflict and fighting

I'll never be the girl who

doesn't struggle with her anxiety

I'm the girl who knows

what she'll never be

I'm the girl that should focus on

what I am and hope to achieve

The Things I'll Never Be
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  • giovannimontolivo
    A large number of the things you listed can be accomplished if you try. So are you saying "Im not going to be any of these things because I can't" or are you saying "I am not going to be any of these tings because I do not want to?"
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    • I'm saying I know what my qualities are and what my personality is but also what I know it's not nor will ever be. That's basically it.

    • Oh I see. I meant more like the getting in shape part that u could change

  • steveguitar
    Good job! Though you never know if or when something may turn around. I share many of the same ideas, but if I get a decent job I could turn around a portion of ideas like this. So keep going
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Um ok? Kinda being a debby downer. Jeez everyone on here is so negative.
    Why worry about such things? Even those perfect celebs you see have the most fucked up of issues believe me.
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    • I'm not being a downer, I'm being realistic. I know who I am but I also know who I'll never be and that's what this is about. I do worry a lot but not about anything I wrote here.

  • Rhonda333
    Well, I thought I'd never be a GIRL- but I made it!
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  • BigToeJohn420
    You know some one in here asked the other day why attractive people have low self esteem. I told him because some unattractive people have very positive self esteem.
    You have no pic of yourself.
    I'll bet you got a smoking HO-HA !
    And getting tea banged is one of your favorite things.
    Every woman can be beautiful as long she know her strengths.
    And I don't care who she is but a Confident Woman is a beautiful woman.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    It's good that you will never bee an anti-quantum zealot.
  • Aynsof
    Just be a good person and all those things you will never be is unimportant
    • I am a good person or at least I feel am, unfortunately sometimes I feel like that's not enough.

    • Aynsof

      Not enough for who?
      There is a lot of things throughout society that pushes for you to feel inadequate makes you want
      Because those things drives consumerism
      Make you feel not pretty for example of something common to women because it makes you feel bad and then you are likely to try to compensate by spending money on hairdressers makeup gyms clothes to try and chase some ideal that you can never catch
      And with the prevalence of social media these days it is nkt just done to us but we are doing it to each other
      And ultimately it is mostly just hollow

  • Johnjohnny
    So I guess you're a kinda perfect then: you must be my twin! Those other people are just keeping up apperiences (Some even fackers)!
  • Jjpayne
    This is amazing!!! I love it so much!!! Great job!!!
  • You sound very insecure.
    • I have never nor will I ever deny that I'm not as confident as I'd like to be but I didn't write this out of insecurity. I wrote this knowing what my personality is and what it will never be.

  • Penelope_
    Really nice!
  • bhavy24
    Lovely poem keep it up
  • Good take
  • CT_CD
  • MissChasityL
    “I’ll never be flawless, I will be real.”
  • lavagrrl282
    Wow that is a nice poem. :)
  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    Great poem
  • be you, fuck everyone else
  • Interesting
  • douride2
    I will never be most of those either.
  • AngryNoctis
  • BonnieBunny
    • I'm not sure why people keep saying that. I know it sounds that way but it's me just being realistic. I can't pretend to be something I'm not or I know I'll never be.