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Scorpio Star Sign: Is It At All Like Me?

So, I don't really believe in astrology or anything because I don't think it's reasonable to predict someone's personality based on when they are born. But I have looked at it just for fun like I don't remember how but I and my little brother got on to the conversation of star signs so we googled ours.

I'm a Scorpio.

Scorpio Star Sign: Is It At All Like Me?

And turns out I am a little like my star sign. According to the website:
I am:
Resourceful - Which I guess is true because I always make the best out of what I have.
Brave - Now I don't really know about that one but I have been described in that way on a number of occasions.
Passionate - I'd say I can be pretty passionate about certain things, and people have told me that too.
Stubborn - Yes. This is true, at times I can be stubborn but at times I can be obedient. Just depends on the situation I guess.
A true friend - That's true. I got your back if you need me ;P
Distrusting - I kinda disagree with this one. In some instances, yeah, but some have said I'm too trusting for my own good.
Jealous - Again, not really. I have been envious at times, but never jealous- jealous is when you hate someone because you want what they have and I've never hated anyone for a reason that petty. Life's too short to hate on anyone.
Secretive - This one is true. I'm lowkey about a lot of things. Sometimes I feel like I live a double life, okay, maybe that's a little dramatic lol, but I do like to keep certain thoughts really private.
Violent - I don't think I'm that violent, maybe when I'm ranting verbally, but that's about it.

According to that website I like:
Truth - Yeah, I like the truth. I mean- who doesn't?
Being right - I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this one. And I'd hate that because I like the truth. Honestly, I rubbed it in my brother's face when I predicted a plot twist in Spider-Man Far From Home, about how I was right. ;P
Long-time friends - Yeah, I love longtime friends. Because they're more like family then but you can talk to longtime friends about things, which you can't exactly talk about with your family because it would be awkward. My best friend is basically like the sister I never had. :)
Teasing - Yeah I love teasing! It's so fun, I always loved teasing my friends at school, getting teased was a different story, it's funny but I can also get triggered, like when my friends teased me about when THAT happened to Spider-Man in Infinity War and one time one of my friend's who saw Endgame was subtly teasing me about Endgame, without revealing spoilers but I ended up spoiling it for about half of the people on my table... It was an accident but oh well, everyone's seen it now.
A grand passion - This is one of my favourites, because what is life if you don't strongly care about anything?

And according to that website I dislike:
Dishonesty - Yes I dislike this with a passion. Who doesn't?
Revealing secrets - I hate this with a passion too. Because you can't just do that to someone who's put their trust in you, unless, the secret is life-threatening or puts them in danger, but if you're doing it just to get back at someone or gossip that isn't cool. I keep every secret, even if I stop being friends with people.
Passive people - This is completely false. Because that's just who someone might be, and you can't dislike someone for who they are. I can be quite passive myself sometimes. I don't dislike passive people, it's a stupid reason to dislike someone because they're passive.

It also says Scorpios are:
Assertive - It really depends who I'm with. With my friends sure, I'm confident, but put me in a room full of strangers and you won't even know I'm there.
Determined - True, when I want to do something I will do it and I usually work around whatever obstacles are thrown my way.
Emotional - Once again that's true. I suck at hiding emotions you could read me like a book.
Leaders - Well, I don't know about that one I'm more of an on-the-sidelines kinda person but one of the meanings of my real name (no, my parents didn't call me SpiderManFan2002) is 'leader'.
Suspicious - Depends on who and what but yeah I can be.

And apparently Scorpios will:
Research something until they find the truth - Who doesn't love a bit of research? And for the truth? Of course, I love that stuff, call me Spider freaking Noir.
Keep a secret no matter what - I will keep a secret as long as it doesn't isn't going to put anyone in danger.

And it says Scorpios can look older than they are. I get assumed that I'm younger than I am all the time, but sometimes people have assumed I'm about 20, so I don't really know but I do think I do look younger than 16.

That was a little about my star sign. As I said I don't seriously believe in it or anything, it's just a bit of harmless fun for me- and hey I got to tease my brother about his, he's an Aries and according to his star sign, he likes physical challenges and individual sports. Okay then. xD

This was a nice change from the usual kind of thing I write though, so I hope you enjoyed this and if you didn't then at least you didn't waste any money on it. ;)

I'd like to hear about your star sign, are you anything like yours and what star sign are you?

Thank you for reading :)

Scorpio Star Sign: Is It At All Like Me?
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  • Seket

    I watched an analysis about fortune telling and other psychic-related stuffs, and I think you are right to not believe astrology immediately. It's not a fraud, but astrology is often just a suggestion, a bait to make your brain thinks you are the same with the one the fortune teller is telling you.

    I view astrology as an entertainment and to motivate myself to do my best when I'm feeling down. Besides, it's rare to see any fortune tellers saying bad things unless they want to trick you into buying something suspicious.

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    • I've always done it as a bit of fun, as I said, I don't seriously believe it.

      What I hate are those fortune-tellers who aren't mystic or anything like they say they can just paint a pretty good picture, and make vulnerable people believe them and rip off those people. It's awful.

    • Seket

      Indeed, many so-called mystics are like that when it comes to the business, but real mystics will never ask for money in return for using their powers because they are doing it for fun.

  • -Asca-

    I'm an aries.

    And I'm basically the opposite of what an aries is supposed to be :(
    I'm passive, laid back, indecisive, sorta scared of people and absolutely don't have the fiery heart aries are said to have.

    by the way my experience with scorpios is they are kinda evil lol. Are you evil?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • _Jay_

    ... wow i love it when people actually believe in that shite. So what tf would i be? Aries?

    Also to everyone who says that theyre real. Well if you're looking for the similarity then you find it. Its like when someone copies a song. omg they have same rhythm and 2 rhymes that match it must be copied.

    It really is kind of stupid. Hope you dont take the star sign attitude on life cuz you'll lose so many cool friends you couldve had.

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  • Very good post! I do believe in Astrology to a point and my star sign is pretty much right on key, along with everyone else who I know after knowing them long enough for them to show their true personality first of all, which I may compare their sign and it's always been accurate when matching..

    I won't judge people's personalities tho according to their sign since it might not be Always completely accurate, do to something, but it can be pretty shockingly most of the time comparing my research before

    I'm not sure if this is true, but I kinda came up with a random conclusion that people's personalities may be different then what their star sign says because they are trying to hide or change themselves/personalities for some reason, or they changed since they were born (since apparently star signs show your personalities at birth). Like for ex. Say you're star sign indicates that you are extroverted, but in childhood you got bullied a lot, so you became antisocial from that fear, or something similar. But that's just my theory tbh.. Astrology isn't science, and most likely cannot even be proven by physical science, as this is spiritual. It might not even be completely accurate, or real. But Tbh, there must be something up since 99% has been shockingly accurate...

    by the way, I guess Scorpio also has some pretty good intuition when making decisions like my sign; Pisces 😉 Gotta love that intuition lol 😆👍

  • Sevenpointfive

    i think they are pretty accurate on the personality. i'm a libra and it's on point. i haven't ever seen the zodiac being wrong when it comes to personality. i've even tried to fit into the other signs and it doesn't work, so there must be something to it.

    • In some instances a Scorpio is wrong for me xD

    • i think i remember you saying you were on the edge of signs. that's probably the case. if i read a cosmo horoscope it would be way off.

    • On edge of signs?

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  • TavionRiley

    I'm a learning astrologist and o will gladly tell you that astrology is not a prediction;it is a signal of vibes, spiritual frequency, and emotions

    • I'm studying it to and love it

    • I love it too

    • I personally do not believe in it, for me it is just a little bit of fun. My dad is a Taurus and he is nothing like what it says about being a Taurus.

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  • Lathraio

    Astrology doesn't work this way. You have all 12 signs in your chart arranged uniquely. The ones that have to do with your personality are your sun sign, moon sign, ascendant (also called your rising sign), as well as your Mars, Venus and Mercury signs. Your ascendant is the one which the world sees, it's the external you, so look at that sign first.

  • Dreamer95

    I'm leo it says that Leo and scorpio are not compatible when it comes to relationships and I've been with a Scorpio man and really We were constantly arguing and having a lot of disagreements so, this is when I started believing in astrological signs and everything they say about my sign is true.. but I feel like sometimes all those things can be applied to everybody from different signs lol

    • _Jay_

      And thats the fucking problem if you believe in the bs you'll find the similarities.

      Really you're just doing bad for yourself and others like that.

    • @Dreamer95 The way I'd see that is just a coincidence, I don't think I'd ever believe in astrology.

      @_Jay_ Please don't be disrespectful to others beliefs, if she chooses to believe in it that is her choice and even if we don't believe in it we should still respect what she believes in.

  • mundane

    It is an outdated way to look at life as people develop skills and knowledge and experience along the way. Stop listening to idiots saying this may happen or that as there are too many possible out comes in life

  • That is because you dont know how to read astrology.
    Star sign=personality traits

    Rising Sign=how you appear to others (social personality, health, and physical appearance).

    Moon sign= your inner self (emotions, fears under your star sign persona)

    • There are multiple planets in your chart

    • The bottom line is, I don't believe in it- you do. Please respect my choice not to believe in it as I respect yours to believe in it. :)

    • Obviously you do if you're asking about it. you might as well delete your whole question then. just idiotic

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  • henju

    You are early November.. before 10th of November or late October? If this is true.. you are already predicted. :P

  • victordave

    I have something to opine... I will reply in a day or two... Be patient...

  • Bluemax

    Did you know that in the movie Moana that constellation you're seeing a highly stylized version of Scorpio?

    In Polynesia, the constellation Scorpio was known as Maui's hook. There are two stars in Scorpio, along with two other stars in the Southern Cross, that the Polynesians used to find celestial south.

    Scorpio contains the star Antares (Greek for "Rival of Mars"), which is its brightest star. Antares is about as substantial as a soap bubble (for comparison, if you had a cup full of Rigel starstuff, Rigel being a star in Orion, it would weigh about as much as a tank). Scorpio also contains the Butterfly Cluster, a group of over 100 hot blue/white stars whose lives are measured in millions of years (for comparison, that's about 1/1000 that of our own sun). If the Butterfly Cluster were closer, it would look like the Pleiades but more spectacular.

  • mgr2013

    Im a Scorpio as well and found that many of the above mentioned traits are pretty spot on with me personally.

  • CoffeeWC

    Im an Aquarius and I can agree on a lot of what it says about me.

  • Nikkiyogi79

    Yep as a fellow Scorpio.

  • Micheal2019
  • jonesjessica812

    Do you like scorpio guys