The dark truth about each zodiac sign


Aries: Extreme fear of death

Aries are allways thinking about them/their loved ones passing away;

Taurus: Cocky

Taurus always think they are the hottest ones around town, they firmly believe that their SOs are the lucky ones for having them;

Gemini: Get bored easily

Geminis cut ties with you just because they got bored of you, even if you didn't hurt them in any way;

Cancer: Too many baggages

Cancerians never really care about friendships, for them, they are nothing more than potential partners. They can never forget their first lover, so they live in this endless quest of trying to replace them with someone new, that is simillar to their first love. They are the most likely sign to scream their ex's name while they fuck you;

Leo: Jealous

Leos are jealous of everyone that gets anything that they didn't, no matter what it is: a compliment, 5 bucks, a bubble gum, you name it;

Virgo: Indifferent

Have you ever been complimented by a Virgo? 99% of the time they didn't meant it, they see being polite as a burden, and not as something good. What a waste of time;

Libra: Manipulative

Its really easy to fall for a Libra's word play. So be careful the next time you hate someone that your Libra friend hates, and you dont even realise why;

Scorpio: Biased

Scorpios, ho boy, they are unfair in any stretch of the word: they want to know ALL your secrets, even tho they will allways keep theirs for themselves; they can flirt ( if they are the ones that are doing it, is ok, because they see it as just being friendly ), but if they catch you talking/texting someone, they will demand to know who that person is, where are they from, when did you met, where did you met, what is the relationship between you 2, and many more; Scorpios are the type of '' i wanna marry a virgin girl/guy '' meanwhile they already fucked this world and another; if they get caught cheating ( which is almost impossible because they are really good at hiding it ) they will throw the classic '' you were not giving me enough attention '', then leave the relationship thinking they were on the right, and probably not even counting that as cheating;

Sagittarius: Burglar

This assholes just simply love to snatch shit from you, even if they dont need it, or is something really insignificant. Even if they never did it, they probably thought about it more than once. And then they will feel oddly satisfyied if they get away with it;

Capricorns: Vengeful

Capricorns are already labeled as the coldest zodiac sign, which they dont give a shit, and probably even like it, they are the ones that, if you did them dirty, they will plot a revenge so messed up, that will put your own friends and familly against you. They are kinda sadistic;

Aquarius: Backstabbers

Aquarius will fuck your girlfriend/boyfriend behind your back, and will only stop if they didn't enjoyied the sex;

Piscies: They feed on sadness

Piscies have the ''knight in shining armor'' complex, they are the ones that love to bond with their friends of of their suffering. If you're sad because your dog died, they will tell you that theirs died too, even if they never had a dog, just to get sympathy through pity.

Did you agreed? If you have anything else to had, go for it.

The dark truth about each zodiac sign


The dark truth about each zodiac sign
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  • Ellie-V
    I’m a Capricorn and yes, I truly don’t give a shit 😁 but it ain’t like I’ll ruin the person for no reason. We are deemed as “cold” yet its not hard to hurt our feelings and if pushed too far our emotions can override our logic.
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  • Anonymous
    For one am a hybrid. Loe and cancer. And it describes me perfectly.
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  • Jessicafarber
    People hear "astrology" and confuse it with "astronomy" which is a science. Astrology and zodiac signs and horoscopes etc. Are of course cute and fun and relatively harmless, but if people really believe that stuff is true, it's a bad thing, at least for themselves personally. They might make decisions based upon it.

    How would it work? Electromagnetism? Gravitational force? All the stars are incredibly far away. The nearby planets incl. Jupiter has less influence than the microwave in your kitchen.

    The gravity is so weak that your neighbors house has bigger gravitational force upon you as a star.

    It's bogus. The sun and moon exercise some gravity on us but still very very little.

    Astrology predates biology and science. It was something we used in the dark ages. We used it as a mystical way to make sense of stuff without understanding. No scientist believe in astrology

    Astrologers never succeed in a statistically significant way. They hit home in a random chance fashion. If it was true every person would be similar when born in the same month. This isn't the case. Beyoncé is born September 4. The king of Scotland was also born September 4. A German composer and a Dutch diplomat. A few inventors and writers. And the wrestler Xavier woods

    It's an ancient superstition from the time we thought the earth was flat. We played connect the dots with the stars that's strewn around at random

    Case closed
    • miss virgo
      you're built on multiple signs, this is why they are all different, plus, education given by their respective parent and their personal beliefs

    • I see you think multiple factors override the time of birth to create a personality. At least we agree on something.

    • im a complex individual, sweetheart

  • Hangry22

    Wrong about CANCERS.
    Scorpios too maybe🤔
    I agree with all the terms given but not some of the descriptions
    You're probably gonna delete this. Oh well🤷‍♀️
    • Your link is bullshit, most scorpios are not that secretive, a lot of the credit scorpios receive when it comes to privacy is stolen from capricorns, the thing is that we let it slide cause we dont give a fuck, most capricorns dont even like zodiacs, the most depressive/dark people are capricorns, but if you ask google, theyll tell you that are scorpios, while 1 in every 5 porn actresses are scorpios, scorpios are the 5th most expected to cheat and never be caught, because they are good liars, this is why they always lie their way into the most loyal signs, meanwhile everyone that interacts with one on a personal level, suffers.

    • Hangry22

      How is my link BS when you posted a link from the same website?
      I wasn't talking about Scorpio. The 2nd most loyal sign is Cancer and you made them seem like unfaithful creatures

      And you're talking like a Scorpio stole your gf🙄

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  • Bratsondanielle
    The truth about astrology in general: it's bogus. It doesn't work. There is nothing about your time of birth that determines who you are or what will happen. It's 2021 guys. Let's put it to rest.
    • are you virgo, sagittarius or aries? i can be wrong, ofc

    • I have no idea, and you can be wrong yea , but you picked three answers, and how many... whatever thingies are there? 10? So that's a 33.3333% chance you are right.

      Here's your sign for tomorrow: it will be pleasant but maybe with a nasty twist. You will talk to someone.

      Peace out

    • sagittarius quite probably, u think u make clever jokes, but in reality u just say everything that comes in ur head, not clever, neither funny

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  • Aniya06
    So you think that zodiac signs actually contribute to the type of person someone is?
    • kinda, but not fully.

    • Aniya06

      Hmmmm okay well I don't really think that my personality has little to nothing to do with my astrological sign.

    • Aniya06

      Oh geezz why did I word it like that

      What I meant was my sign has nothing to do with my personality ( I'm a Scorpio )
      I'm not really the jealous type
      I'm not really revengeful ( unless you did something serious )
      I'm not manipulative ( Like at all )

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  • Elsa143
    Lol this proves that I'm definitely Leo and Aries dominant. I have Leo placements in the 1st house of Aries.

    I got Gemini sun but I won't cut off the ties if the person boring but is genuine or loyal.
    For Cancer mercury but it was 0% accurate. I hate my ex crushes because they were fake and are a trash for me now.

    But for Leo and Aries you nailed it 100%.
    No wonder I'm competitive.
    That 5 bucks, bubble gum thing OMG so accurate. 😂😂😂
  • DizzyDesii
    Taurus/Leo/Capricorns/Pisces are true based on the ones i know. I answered this on another post “Im an Aquasces lol Aquarius-Pisces cusp. Im a good balance of both pros but dont have many of the cons that come with both. As an Aquarius... Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sag are supposed to be my main types As a Pisces.. Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, and Taurus are supposed to be my type. Based off experience, Lol i get along great with Sags but they turn out to be jealous af and one of us always friendzones the other. The Aries are the quiet type that turnout to be mean af. The Geminis and Scorpios are too cocky. The Libras are too hoeish. The Cancers seem closeted. The Capricorns are players. The Taurus are major heartbreakers. Lol yea thats my experience”
    • ''Capricorns are players''
      Hahahahag we are not, at least most of us dont, first time I've heard that one xD

    • DizzyDesii

      Well the ones i knew were players and played too much. Very childish

  • Alyssa11
    A scorpio... personally attacked lol.
    We hate vulnerability, that is all.
    • pfff, nah u dont

    • Alyssa11

      Didn't realise you knew my sign better than I did.

    • you guys act secretive and dont let anyone in your life, when ure constantly talking about stuff like what you did with ur exes, most shit thats said about scorpios is taken from caps but ok

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  • DanaeAdam5
    The aries one is true, my biggest fear is how I would continue living if someone that I love passed away.
    • most of this ones are true, but most people dont want to admit it, therefore ''The dark truth'', but i actually expected aries would agree with the most, u guys are an open book, straightforward af

  • Hotscorpio3
    I'm a Scorpio and you are completely wrong, maybe that's the reading off the one the you dealt with but its fucked up to lump everyone in the sign the same.
    • then enlight me with ur ''truth'' mr private

  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Ahh, I really enjoyed reading that. However, I will not apologize for simply expediting the inevitable.
  • winterfox10
    Eh... I'm an Aquarius and I'd like to think I'm better than that. There was this weird situation that came up with a former friend's girlfriend, we didn't have sex or anything, but there were some conversations where the girlfriend was being a bit too familiar with me. I will swear on a stack of bibles that I was made understand that he knew and was cool with everything that was going on. Our friendship was pretty crappy before that situation anyhow, but that situation ended things.
  • Twalli
    Keep us Geminis entertained and we won't leave. Pretty easy to do.
    • You guys are psychopaths, but u can also be pretty chill to talk to

    • Twalli

      We're awesome if you know what mode we're in.

    • bad cop mode or good cop mode?

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  • zollo
    Virgo here, Doesn't match me at all! XD I don't lie when giving complements, I don't see the point in that. A complement isn't like an opinion, nobody asks for a complement. (generally speaking) Unless I'm in a weird position where I feel pressured to lie to someone I'll either pipe up and give them a deserving complement or say nothing if something complementary doesn't pops out. Complementing for brownie points will get you no where, it just makes you seem like a different person then who you really are.
  • jgokgotit
    I'm a Gemini and I do not feel that description is true. I'm super loyal and stick around until the other person leaves. I get bored easily in general, but not in relationships.
  • ThePinkKnight37
    You seem like an angry person, focusing on the negative instead of the positive which there is more of in each sign.
    • is called ''the DARK truth''

    • Not really. it seems to be brain washing to me. You read something you believe it. You have a50/50 chance of being right or wrong. Plus why fill your head with some Prediction. Live in reality. If I believe everything about My sign I have read I would have gone nuts by now. Each one of the signs could be moved around and no one would notice and they would just adopt a new belief that really is not theirs.

  • Lunatic1
    This is not a guarantee. I am a Taurus, and I'm not that way.
  • ThirdEclipse
    I don't know about other Virgos, but I for one, don't give out compliments that often.
    When I do, I honestly mean it.
    I know it's a little out of character, but I do show sympathy for others.
    I don't mind being there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on or just talk about anything.

    I've been told that my issue is that I don't talk to anyone about my problems.
    I just shove them deep inside and try to forget about them.

    The reason I do so is because I don't want to burden others with my problems.
    That's not their responsibility.
  • Synikal
    Umm I'm a Cancer. As for my first love I don't care for. As for friends, I grew up moving everywhere. I stayed in touch with those who mattered. Maybe this applies to other Cancers?
  • TeeBar
    Astrology has been and still is the milieu of frauds, cranks, and delusional people.
    The idea that stars a billion miles away can influence the fortunes and behaviour of individuals is laughable in the extreme. The only "Dark Truth" that exists about the signs of the Zodiac is that there is nothing that exists. As usual, this topic tends to affect impressionable young girls who are insecure about life and its direction so they grasp at straws, hoping to acquire something of substance that will provide the stability they crave. I have never found a male who has the slightest interest in this loony world: it is designed for and targeted at females.
    • so, mr atheist, how was the universe created?

  • zagor
    Sorry but the doctor at your birth exerts a stronger gravitational influence on you than the constellations.
  • Pete671
    Libra here and I agree, but for your dark side look up your Black Moon Lilith sign, mine is Scorpio, the darkest apparently,
  • ItsTheNephilim
    Yeah; ok.
  • OceanMelon
    Oh, is that Soul?
  • Kumy_Nylons
    I have to agree with the ♈ one
  • Nina12346
    Leo squad where y'all at?