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Can we please stop hating on optimists?

By Optimist I mean someone who is happy, enjoying life, smiling, being cheerful, positive, or really just anyone that goes by being an optimist.

Look, you should defiantly not hate a pessimist either. But..the next person that I hear/see rolling their eyes at me, laughing at me, saying "You wouldn't understand"to me needs to shut up.

Firstly, Optimists aren't people that are constantly happy, and never feel pain, most optimists are people that have gone through tragedy, pain, maybe their pet died last week, maybe they have severe anxiety or depression yet are still optimistic because they have hope or that's how they cope. Either way they are still people. They aren't fake go lucky people that experience no trauma or sadness and got off lucky, many are people that could have more problems or less problems than you.

Yes, cheerful people can come off as annoying, impolite, and childish but it doesn't mean they don't have thoughts, feelings and other emotions. They just want to be happy, so why must we shun them down, we look at them and think "Wow they are so happy and cheerful its so annoying" But don't you ever think "..Its a really cool skill to have" but instead most think, "Nah I'd rather be edgy and emotional" Keep in mind I don't have people that see negative and only negative...for I guess some people have really bad issues, that they can't see hope, or maybe they just are naturally pessimistic, but for gods sakes, just because you are upset doesn't mean you should laugh and tell happy people that "You don't understand" or "You're too idiotic" anything like that.

If you are wondering why I'm talking about this topic its because I have noticed mainly with teenagers that many of them get highly annoyed by someone who sees the good in the world and wants to stay happy, I've seen many who call people that smile annoying, people that are nice "Too nice".

It's quite annoying because these teenagers don't seem to understand that the people they are insulting could actually snap because of you.

Why do you want to promote negativity..why do you want to romanticize depression and anxiety and make it seem like a bad thing, why do you want to joke about killing yourself and anyone who doesn't say that automatically is a annoying popular kid or too innocent?

And who is to say that an optimist can't say jokes of that.

Why hate on the people that actually have hope in the world, why shit on people who are happy, why assume that they don't understand your pain? You do know humour is a coping mechanism?

Can we please stop hating on optimists?

Clingy - Dealt with past trauma of being lonely, excluded or other.

Stupid - Probably notices all their mistakes but is too stressed with other things or something else.

Annoying - Either thought they were too shy, are low key really mad at the world, have a wild imagination, or something else.

Too nice - Someone who may of thought themselves as too rude and wanted to prove they weren't, someone who wants to impress others, could have anxiety or depression or anything else.

Would you rather live in a world where everyone assumes the worst constantly?

"I have hope because somebody has too."

Can we please stop hating on optimists?
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  • hafinjun

    gawd, danger will Robinson, cheerfully person 3oclock., lol, no seriously I totally agree with you. I was like that for awhile, serious, depressed , mad at the world, it's an easy trap to fall into as misery loves company and you can always find fellow unhappy types. its self feeding too, when you start to fall it's easy to talk yourself into continuing unhappiness , its much more difficult to justify a happy existence when you don't participate in your life. it took ( and continues to take ) a lot of effort not to go back to the safety and comfort of the darkness)

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  • SirRexington

    Its pessimistic people who need to stop being hated on. I don't know many people who get shit for being optimistic. Most of the time it's realistic and pessimistic people who receive backlash, even though they have their own valid experiences and therefore valid way of looking at things. From their experience, the world is a dreadful place and we are forced to chug along. Some people, like myself, consider themselves realists. But that realism is the realization that life is often very pessimistic, though bouts of optimism do come along and should be embraced.

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    • Anonymous

      Well its really everyone that gets hurt and I've heared people hating on pessimists and optimists.. but I' focused on optimists because usually the ones insulting optimists think that the optimistic people are stupid, innocent and don't know whats going on.. when in reality optimists could have gone through a life of trauma and should be allowed to smile. As for pessimists, the people that always think the worst, most people at my school think like that... but I have seen people getting mad at someone for being too negative which is also not okay but.. life is always about moving forwards...

      I know many people that smile and are really loud and optimistic and hopeful.. but sometimes I see them alone, crying, given up... and why have they given up because someone told them to stop smiling which is just as bad as a pessimist who was told to cheer up

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  • CocoBat

    No we can't, optimism is only good when the situation is actually good, what you want me to get beaten half to death and be like "hey at least I didn't die!"?

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    • Whitiez


    • CocoBat


    • Whitiez

      It means I agree..

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  • Love optimists but I know people hate them. Once heard a girl saying "Why is she always smiling?"

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    • Anonymous

      I wonder what they would say if the girl found out the other girls true backstory and past and discover that that girl is only smiling because she has barely little sanity left and needs to keep reminding her self that she can move on and she can do this. Or maybe she's just cheerful which is fine as well

    • Thanks for the MHO 🙂

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  • talloak

    I never realized that hopeful and cheerful people were ridiculed. I do know highly negative, cynical people who attack anyone who is not equally cynical (“you seriously have to criticize Mother Teresa as a phony?”). But who takes those types very seriously? I hope that the situation improves as your peers get older and hopefully less immature.

  • MajesticTwelve

    I don't hate optimists. In fact I admire them.
    But when optimism tries to ignore reality, I don't care for it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes most optimists don't ignore reality but come off as they do.
      They actually are very aware of logic and reality but are sick of trauma and sadness and pretend that everything will be okay.

  • clampfan101

    Indeed. Nice Take.
    Super cute pic, by the way. lol

  • MadnessInside

    I'm currently a pessimist but id rather be an optimist. I do live in a world where I assume the worst constantly but it does help with my line of work so I guess that's a plus. But I would love no to.

    • Anonymous

      tips are to just wing everything, and if it goes wrong, dont blame yourself, stuff it, you deserve to be happy and enjoy life

    • My mind, the way I think. Life is cruel and I'm life's thing to twist and play with

    • Anonymous

      Meh, life is 50/50 to me, anything is good. or bad, its all just time marching on and until we all die a tragic death.. but for now, its better to just be happy and not think about the future... because you want to make life worth whiile

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  • adolescentswede

    Seeking understanding is not hating.
    Any enviroment where creativity or sociabillity is valued should encurage optimism

  • Kavya190

    Those are just negative people whom i would just ignore.

  • nerms123

    I like optimists

  • ausernamethatexists

    World cannot see you happy