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“Your life isn’t a film, don’t end it”

Hey guys. I just wanted to tell anyone here who is considering committing suicide or is just going through a tough time. I know the feeling. It feels like the world isn’t going to end and there is no way out. But trust me, there is and it’s not through taking your own life. I have found therapy very helpful. With some people, it may take time to find the right therapist. You may think it won’t get better but trust me, it will. If you give life time, it will eventually show you the light to the end of the tunnel. If you end it, you will never see that light and miss out on great opportunities in life.

Had I decided to listen to those thoughts I would have never ridden my first rollercoaster, fallen in love, travel to Africa, or meet my nephew. You just don’t know what life has in store.

National suicide prevention lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (You can also chat with them online)

“Your life isn’t a film, don’t end it”
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  • I used to be depressed as well, you see no reason to live, so you might aswell end it, as it omly brings struggles anyway.

    I want to reassure to ANYONE who feels this way, when your depression passes, and it will, you will appericiate life more than anything else. I used to want to die. Now I want to live forever.

    Just hang on, you know deeply inside you want to. It's worth it, never forget that.

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  • There is one thing I read somewhere that is so true and so powerful : "It's not your life that you want to end, it's what you are living through right now."

    I used to think there was no hope, that death was the only solution, but therapy helped me get so much better and it was probably the best decisions I have ever made.

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    • Jammers14

      Amazing quote.
      It’s a keeper, thank you ☺️

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  • Anonymous

    Many people will relate to feeling suicidal. My heart goes out to anyone who is suicidal. I especially like the parts where you said "With some people, it may take time to find the right therapist" and "You may think it won’t get better but trust me, it will. If you give life time" Those are the truest words I've ever heard.❤

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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the MHO and thanks for sharing this post 🌹

    • No problem!

  • Anonymous

    thank you for sharing this. As someone who has been down this road, I was lucky to have a close family person pull me out of it.

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    • JackieMoon

      You're highly welcome... so you was having this kind of moment yourself?

    • JackieMoon

      [Correct Comment] so you was having this kind of moment yourself?

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  • CryBabyCryBaby

    There's truly nothing for me to live for.
    My life isn't worth anything.
    I'm just taking up space and upsetting people. Hotlines or therapy will not work for me. I'm too weak and sensetive for this world. No one cares if you're in pain or suffering. Some people will even make jokes about it. Even if you try to call out to someone it's just ignored. So I truly know it wouldn't matter if I ended my life. It's a joke.

  • MyLastRemnant

    I just wanna die to see what happens 😂. You wouldn't fear death if you didn't loved life. Without death life isn't nearly as good. Which life isn't all that great anyway 😂. Yea you can have a family, eat good food, make good money, change the world, etc. But dying is kinda exciting. You dont know what will happen and, why not.

  • Curmudgeon


    "Please Please Live!"

  • FatherJack

    Battling depression ( again ) , the loss of my beloved per ferret , Miss Woolworth to accidental death in July has triggered it again. I love and miss my little woolly weasel so much , she was my fuzzy ray of sunshine. Also , have fought severe stress & PTSD from my British Army service which brought on full psychosis back in 2010 and was sectioned / detained for 3 weeks. Single FT working dad , so do not exactly have a fun life , life is work and more chores. I have to keep going for the sake of my 2 teen kids. My daughter with the late , much missed Wool.

    • You sound very strong. I wish you the best ♥️

  • Evil_Chuck

    It ends either way. If you're watching a movie and it's been boring, ugly, and miserable so far, chances are it's not going to get better right at the very end. You can't really blame people for walking out. Except there's only one way out of real life and that's death. I'm not suicidal but I get why people do it.

  • I reached my lowest last year I was to the point where I stopped caring about certain classes and I could clearly see cuts on my arms that weren't there bc I refuse to show my depression on a physical level. I lied my way through most of it so I just didn't feel or notice until I'd break down about my grades.

  • Holy_Ghost_Fire

    Nice words of encouragement. Our life is a process that shapes us up for the life to come. Our life matters here because how we spend it on earth determines how much we get of it in the afterlife.

  • Dchrls78104

    The only real way to prevent someone's suicide is to get into his mind, understand what is fundamentally wrong with him that's led him down this road, and cure the problem.

  • NicholasHood

    So meaning full and I have been there to and God helps me when I ask him to but I fell so distant from God sometimes

  • MoscowMitch

    "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages."

    William Shakespeare

  • CoffeeWC

    I've been really depressed but I figured on my own that no matter what suicide doesn't make anything better.

  • Bananaman177

    “Your life isn’t a film, don’t end it”

  • If people who have murdered or hurt others don't even feel guilty about doing that, why would you? !

  • Waffles731

    I doubt my life will ever get better.
    I really do think I'd simply be better off dead.
    At least then I'd have peace.
    And that's much more than I have now.

  • Jammers14

    So what do the prevention line talk about?
    How you’re going to eventually die anyway, which be worse (cancer, Alzheimer’s etc)
    If you don’t have money, family, children to take care of you when you’re old that you will be a homeless senior... but it’s ok you’ve lived a long life.
    That you can barely afford to live because the cost of living in your country is ridiculous.
    It’s ok it’s just a mental illness, here, take prescriptions for the rest of your life... the side effects aren’t that bad.
    Or is it just selfish to commit suicide because people around you would rather you live even though you’re miserable.
    What if you have an incurable virus/disease and are confined to a hospital room for the rest of your life?
    I wonder how the suicide prevention line would answer those questions.
    They’d probably say, “stay in the present and don’t think about the future” and then end the convo with “I promise it will get better (in the future?)

    • Well, thankfully they are trained to support people so more than likely they won’t say things like suicide is selfish and that kind of stuff.

  • There is always a way out. I just don't wanna deal with mine anymore.

    • Have you tried talking to someone? Sometimes talking really helps

    • I used to but nowadays not anymore. They all tell me the same shit.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help? I know I’m a stranger online but I still care

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  • Vallius86

    If you already feel like you got nothing to lose anyway then go help somebody in need in a big way. After that see how you feel.

  • missyme3

    U are awsome! Keep it up u sad at least 100 lifes with just this one video...

  • RegularTK421

    I believe in God and honestly have never really been suicidal. I think people who are very stressed, lonely, have no purpose, or are miserable tend to have suicidal thoughts or lasting depression. I know not everyone is going to believe in a higher power/God/or force that gave us life and guides the universe, but for me it is a source of strength. I try to keep a focused and calm mind, and try to avoid poor choices that lead to poverty or misery. I really believe that the life you live is mostly in your hands.

  • jirwin7979

    i feel that way off and on due to being so unwanted in life

    • Same here

    • But, I think it’s just the depression getting to us. It’s basically a disease. It eats away at you from the inside mentally and you feel like there’s no hope

    • jirwin7979

      yea i agree and i hate feeling down

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  • Rheinstahl

    Very good points, thanks for sharing.

  • NickiB

    Beautiful. Great mytake.

  • justawhiteman

    Substancial post thank you for sharing!

  • JackieMoon

    What a powerful message there

  • SummerOwO

    Life isn’t a film but it is a game

    • You have to play it well and not give up

    • SummerOwO

      You don’t have to do anything. If you don’t want to play anymore you can always stop

    • But if you stop, you loose the game (sorry for the late reply)

  • NatashaJ

    Don't we all die anyway?

    • I suggest you watch “13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself” by Wretched. It’s on YouTube (unfortunately I can’t link it because of my XPER level which is very annoying). It’s a pretty good video that goes in depth on why suicide is a bad idea

    • Actually Anna Akana video on suicide is better. It’s called “please don’t kill yourself/// Anna Akana”

    • NatashaJ

      im just saying we all die regardless

  • Games_

    Like the young rapper logic said

  • Rangers

    Sometimes there isn't a way out

    • I’ve been there before. In fact, I’m actually currently in a situation that I don’t think will ever stop (it’s a long story). If you’re suicidal, have you tried talking to a therapist?

    • Rangers

      Yes, they're useless and bled me dry

    • Well I’m really sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help? I know I’m a stranger but I care

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  • iiiuntilidie


    • Is everything alright (I can’t tell if you’re asking for help or not)?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you it was very kind of you to share this.

  • Anonymous

    In all my life I received only pain from people. Child abuse by parents , guys and girls laughing about my virginity at even 23 years of age , people only want me when they need something , I have a career yes. I helped many people , yes. I do even now. But I am tired with only responsibilities in my life. Never been anyone’s first choice , having no one around when you need someone. I really am tired , may be some resting will help. I think about ending sometimes , I don’t do it for my study and love of my subject. But I don’t no how long I can keep that up

    • A lot of what you said, I can relate to. Though I’ve never been laughed at for being a virgin or have been abused by my parents, I still feel ashamed that I am a 20 year old virgin (I’ve been raped before but I don’t count that) and have been the victim of abuse. All I want is a woman (saving myself for a woman) to show me some love and affection in a romantic way. If you ever need someone to vent to, feel free to message me anytime. I promise I won’t judge or anything ❤️

  • Anonymous

    No worries I'm too afraid of what comes after to take my own life

  • Anonymous

    It never gets better it either stays the same or gets worse trust me on that it never gets better never will

    • Unfortunately I’ve been there. Suffered from depression since I was maybe around 11. Suicidal thoughts started at 13. I’ve been through a lot if trauma in my life (most recent one was almost a year ago and the anniversary is coming up next month). However, had I decided to listen to those thoughts and not reach out, I would have never given life the chance to show its beauty.

      For some people, it may take years for it to get better but eventually it does. You just sometimes gotta give it time. I’ve got your back on this man. Have you tried talking to someone? Sometimes talking to people, even online, really helps

  • Anonymous

    I think most people who contemplate suicide are weak minded idiots

    especially once you are older
    better off dying in a fight
    I don't like the idea or suicide anymore

    dying in a fight is better

  • Anonymous

    Suicide is first world problems unless your abused or terribly poor it's never a answer your just entitled and lazy and haven't pushed your self hard enough

  • Anonymous

    I'm a lazy useless shit. I don't want to give to society the little energy I got left. I've been here for more than a decade to listen your first world bs.

    • There have been times where I would feel as if I’m a useless shit. Like I just make things worse for my family. I understand the pain.

      I would like to share with you a quote I read:

      “Sometimes all is needed is understanding, no judgments and someone to just listen.” — Sharni B.

      Have you tried talking to someone about your feelings?

    • Anonymous

      Your self-perception has little do do with actual, objectively measurable inadequacy.

      Go ahead show some understanding when you're in an actual position of power, like becoming hiring staff in some HHRR department, see how willing you are to be understanding when forced to discriminate the best from the useless. Nobody wants to take charge of the weak who can't help themselves because they're a burden.

      I think I might have come across such an original idea in all those years, don't you think?

    • I’m sure most of us have heard of an idea like that (pardon my poor social skills, I’m autistic). I’m really sorry you’re feeling this way. Is there anything I can do to help?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a certain line to be crossed that makes suicide acceptable?