Photos From Afganistan


Photos From Afganistan


Here are some photos of Afganistan. It was going to be the whole world but I'm lazy and you can't post so many photos. Listen to this gorgeous song by Adele while looking at them:


Every street of Kabul is enthralling to the eye
Through the bazaars, caravans of Egypt pass
One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs
And the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls…
― Saib-e-Tabrizi, 17th century poet

The smaller Bamiyan Buddha before it was destroyed by angry Taliban fucks.

Afghan High School Girls, Kabul, Afghanistan 1967

Blue Mosque


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  • That's really beautiful! Hope that country becomes a developed one and gets rid of all those fucking terrorists...


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  • When I was in the east I went everywhere except Afghanistan because the archaeological sites are very unsafe in there. Taliban destroyed a very great and old Buddhist statue in Afghanistan and they are very sensitive to every piece of history of Pre-Islamic Zoroastrian era in Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan was a part of Khurasan e Bozorg or the great Khorasan and had different names, the eastern part was Kabulestan as it came in the Book of Kings by the great Firdowsi, the home to Rostam (he's like Hercules for Iranians) and its people were a mix of Arya and some eastern Scythians who reside there by the order of Iranians because they attacked Iranian towns, Iranians tamed them simply. The western part Haraat was completely Aryan.

    Many of the Persian scientists and poets in Islamic era came from different parts of Khurasan e Bozorg from Nishapur to Harat cities and northern cities in Samarghand and Bukhara. Because these regions mostly made peace with Muslim conquerors and though there were multiple massacres in the cities they remained safer than the western and southern parts of Iran that cities was simply burned to the ground.

    Also these parts were the core of Islamic empire's 'civilization' and advanced military power. The Turks were servants and slaves of eastern Aryans that people of Khurasaan used as either mercenaries or simple slaves in their military because they were good in fighting. And after the fall of Samanians and beginning of Turkish dynasties in Khurasaan Turks with Persian Equipment and military traditions provided the fiercest soldiers for Caliphate, who fought with Europeans in crusades.

    The region was extremely prosperous on the silk road until the Mongol attack. Mongols destroyed many regions from China to the whole eastern and central Persia in the time of Genghis Khan, and after him more into west. deaths in the time of Genghis himself was estimated near to 40 million. They burned near to all Khurasan's cities to the ground.

    • In the History of Jahangushay-i Juvaini Ata Malik tells how Mongols emptied the cities from people and formed the people into lines and slit their throats before sacking and burning the city to the ground.

      And after Mongols the region’s power was so-so. They never went back to their prosperity and the population and also the greatness of what it was before. Men as the scientists like Kharazmi and very great poets and philosophers like Firdowsi stopped from coming. And there were a lot of Mongols mixing with people that the results are the rather dominant Asians features in many parts of Afghanistan and Turkamanistan (Turkish tribes themselves had Asian features) and Tajikestan and parts of Uzbakistan.

      It was also the end of what is called Islamic Golden era, that was a continuation of pre-Islamic Persian civilization in middle east under a new religion.

      And that was a brief history of Khurasan including Afghanistan.

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    • You sure know things.

    • You are very well versed in their history.
      I have everything to learn.

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  • I wish we got to see these sides of Afghanistan more often.

  • Beautiful place! You even share a Saib-e-Tabriz poem :) Thank you for the Take :) I hope I will visit there one day :)

  • Nice pictures. It's ashame that Taliban wants to remove any trace left of Buddhism that once exited in the country.

    • Look and see.
      These people are so beautiful.
      How could anybody harm them?
      Secular hate and discrimination is gut wrenching.
      Let them come here, to the US, where they will be safe, and loved.

  • Thank you for the sharing.
    We as a people are connected.
    We shall overcome.

  • Mash'Allah beautiful masjid
    Gorgeous little kids