Hannah's Songs of February '15

It's a little late for February and I do apologise, but hopefully the music will make up for it! Enjoy.


Hozier - Take Me To Church

I heard this song a while before it hit off in the UK and I wasn't immediately interested but now it's certainly grown on me.


Tough Love - So Freakin' Tight


Banks - Drowning (Love Thy Brother Remix)

I found this song last year I believe and my iPod played it again not long ago and I've fallen back in love with it.


Marlon Roudette - When The Beat Drops Out

Similar to Hozier, when I first heard this, it didn't grab my attention but now you could catch me driving around listening to this song. It also has a summer tune vibe!


Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You

I never thought a Miley Cyrus song would get on one of my playlists but this one was done before she went a bit crazy and I think it's a beautiful love song.


San Holo - We Rise

This song will probably appeal to the minority but I had to put it in because it's a new song that I keep listening to!


Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Another beautiful song I found a while back but I've recently been attracted to some of Lana's songs so this song has been listened to a few more times.

Hannah's Songs of  February  '15

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  • I like your taste in music, especially your taste in EDM.
    I've heard Hozier's song and it's really popular, but I don't get why so many people like it, I don't know what's special that gets people's attention.

    by the way, I like Lana's song, but I prefer Cedric Gervais remix.


    • I'm glad you like my taste, many people don't. :( I often wonder if I should post some songs because I feel people will absolutely hate it but these takes are called "Hannah's songs", haha! I didn't really understand the hype about their song either but it's grown on me, probably because it's been played so much.
      Awesome remix, thanks for sharing! Keep a look out for March's songs, I think you'll really like them.

    • I saw one of your previous "Hannah's songs" I don't remember what month but I also like the music you had. I'll follow you then to know when you post the next Take.
      Oh and Thanks for posting, I really needed some new EDM songs.

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  • I've only ever heard three of them... I'll give the rest a try. Thanks :)

  • Why did you have to put Miley cyrus on your take it ruined it for me


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