Medias are powerful psychic weapons. Did YOU fall for them?


I start by saying first off: This is my first myTake and I am cutting it short. Still I am experienced with the Internet and with bringing up attention and deliver the right info.

Medias are powerful psychic weapons. Did YOU fall for them?

Some may have discovered it along with me: What we see in our locals news, what we get to hear on the radio, what the media wants to tell us... Not everything they say is either correct or healthy.

It appears, that someone else is judging on what we are allowed to watch and what we are allowed to be told through the news. It's already a habit, that they spread lies and nonsense mostly on TV (but let’s not forget other sources like news and some internet blogs) and people actually believe it 100% without thinking about it. The next thing is they will blindly follow the mass and do whatever the media "commands" them to do.

Medias are powerful psychic weapons. Did YOU fall for them?

Do YOU remember the incident with the bird-flu and swine-flu? Also the trash about the end of the world in 2012 mayan apocalypse. Obviously people made really big deals about these cases. Almost everyone I know was scared and afraid of them. Even these threads were not even more dangerous than ordinary sicknesses, there were some simple things people could do to avoid infections and brainwashing... in their worst fears they wanted to become immune against the epidemy, which didn't turned out as expected. I do not say they were completely harmless but they still left damage and people died for it.

Medias are powerful psychic weapons. Did YOU fall for them?

I have some contacts from various countries and they have verified, that THEIR news differ from how they are spoken then they are in my country-of-residence news, like on the TV aswell on some internet blog news.

I am not going to prone to huge arguments here and talk about politics here but it’s still very close related to politics. From Country 1 we get told, that a country has been invaded by military force from it’s neighboring country and wants to plunder their peaceful inhabitants and resources. From Country 2 we get told, that the inhabitants of it are actually being killed by their own people for disagreeing with their countries policy. From Country 3 we get told, that this one country belonged to it’s neighboring country earlier and the majority of it’s people want to re-unite with them once again. From Country 4 we get told, that “they just started invading and attacking us”.

Now who are we to believe what is the truth and by which side we consider are the really good ones and the really bad ones? We don't, really, if we do not know only better. A great way to discover the truth partially is to talk to the normal and peaceful inhabitants of it's occurence. They usually can tell better stories than the news because they experience the changes whether they are good, neutral or bad. That will provide a clearer clue on the matter, if they are not the one's who are obsessed of their version of news that is! I call these sources the...

Medias are powerful psychic weapons. Did YOU fall for them?

A.K.A. Black Propaganda.

With the default mindset of believing, what we are told in our zone and acting upon it, we simply just create unrest up to a civil war and possible casualties. The biggest step it takes is for someone to speak up through the news-medias and make the story incomplete or mostly edited while appearing convincing and legit. And there it goes, people become hostile towards things the medias set up as the evils, be it anybody, any race, any trend, any origins, just about ANYTHING. In the end these people didn't live their lifes but were following it's rulers blindly, who were in control of their destiny. On the other hand, we get to tell apart the weak minded ones and the one's, who speak for themselves.

I hope I could open some eyes here or make approvals.

Thanks for reading and see you again.

Medias are powerful psychic weapons. Did YOU fall for them?
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  • Yc2K15
    Cool I'm not alone!
    And I couldn't agree more. I think it is the #1 problem because it stems to so many different things. Its a huge fight but thank you for helping ( I can't believe I'm saying this) "raise awareness". On a subject that is more important than most will ever understand.
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    • Unit1

      No problem. I couldn't just not write about it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Well they definitely know how to influence people
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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    People like being zombies. They perfer to be a sheep than to critically think for themselves.

    • Unit1

      No offense pal but this is a little weird coming from a theist. Yes, some can only follow but the leaders are often either alone (me) or they lead those sheep 🐑. Baaah!
      Anyway i remember a quote saying "be yourself. Original is better than a copy" 😀😎

    • No doubt I'm very religious. But far from a idiot like many religious people that don't question their pastor or nothing at all. I follow My Bible and God. Not man.

    • Unit1

      Ah, alright. That's good.

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  • apexalpha
    Agree that`s why I form my own opinions and use critical thinking to evaluate world events and such...
    I see a lot of the younger generation are influenced by the media in a more powerful way
  • VioletCouple
    • Hmm, I feel obliged to elaborate that I meant this sarcastically. Black propaganda is great, if you know what I mean.

    • Unit1

      Come again?

    • Just did.


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