Cancer...Quite simple take

Recently I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

unfortunately it's agressive as fuck! And I'm opting out of would give me a few months extra tops..and I just don't think I want to be getting more and more attached and missing peeps...ya know?

Anyways, enough about me ^_^

This take is to beg you, check yourselves!

fellas...get a grab while you're tickling the ferret the shower? Have a squeeze and make sure ya ok.

if you're even a little suspicious, go to the doctor!

It's funny, how much your world can change in a split second...but by being aware, you can save yourself!

now do me 1 little thing..check..soon as possible.

You owe it to yourself :3

Cancer...quite simple take.

Sorry for the poor wording by the way, still in a little shock I guess ^_^

just trying to get a message across

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