Film Review: Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

A sincere suggestion of me; Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street ^_^

Alert!; it includes some pictures and a video from movie so these may be spoilers and please DON'T read details if you don't want to kill ur mood to watch it :) BUT i really try not to give any spoiler; just saying :)

I have wished to write a nice and different suggestion for your weekend as my second myTake;Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street...

I really wanted to make a little review about this movie; because honestly i want to see more people see and watch it;i think it deserves this attention tho...Our main character is Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter acts near him; i have to tell Helena Bonham Carter is in a very very different role in movie.Other stars are Alan Rickman , Jamie Campbell Bower and Sacha Baron Cohen...

Johnny Depp is again in a very different and strange role which can be acted by only some talented actors :)) To me;this is the second most interesting character he acts besides Edward Scissorhands which is my another favourite movie of him...

Story; our main character the barber Benjamin Barker(Sweeney Todd) had a life with her lovely wife and their child in Victorian London; but somewhat he entered the prison although he wasn't guilty,and the main theme is constructed on this event.We will see what will happen when he goes out...

When Sweeney Todd returns after 15 years,Nellie Lovett welcomes him sincerely in her bakery.She has ''incredible yummy'' pies :P I don't want to give spoilers; so you will understand why i said incredible yummy ironically when you watch movie ^_^ Interestingly; her pies has changed enormously and has become famous throughout the movie.Afterwards;Lovett will be obsessed accomplice of Todd in his revenge path and their crime place will be her bakery.

During the movie;there are lots of songs and musical dialogues,that's why movie is so different and i'm sure noone will be bored while watching it.

You will witness one of the most enjoyable dialouge in the video in which Todd enters the bakery as a first time when he comes from prison and their conversations are composed of enjoyable songs.In my opinion, these musical values make the movie unique and selective.I guarantee musical parts aren't boring and moreover movie flouds so fast...

Here Todd and Mrs. Lovett are in the centre of London and comes across their first enemy,Italian Barber Pirelli.Pirelli sells a magical elixer to costumers for their hair problems but of course he deceives people ;) This and other samples of weird events add a very cool taste to movie :) And last comment of mine for this scene, whenever i see Mrs Lovett like that, i directly remember her performance in the Fight Clup :P She acts amazing!

After a while,Mrs Lovett's pies have become famous all over the London and her secret feelings towards to Tood become visible...This is a very famous picture; i'm sure most of you come across it somewhere :)) It's one of the dreams of Lovett about Todd...

This is another dream of Lovett, interestingly she is in love and she is the most happiest woman when she is near her; but this situation isn't same for Todd unfortunately ....You can understand this easily from his gestures and moods.He only wants one thing,revenge!

Because he isn't interested in anything exept his revenge and his silver razor;he is completely blind for the events which is happening around him.

Here is third floor of the bakery which is his barber shop; he commits crimes here and hide the bodies in cellar...

The movie includes horror,even Lovett's pies are full of blood.But all of these bloody scenes are coming to you with the difference of Tim Burton.Because of this reason, scenes don't make you vomit like some other +18 horror movies.

Johnny Depp acts amazing with his solo performances and his cold moods in the movie.His partner Helena Bonham Carter accompanies him with her changing moods and her sincere feelings;but Todd's anger,griefs and his incredible cold acts play a massive role in the movie.Tim Burton puts the different points together successfully and everything become clear in the end.

I don't think 'everyone' will love the movie; because it's a very different movie in view of it's musical and historical sides, so we can call it partly selective.But i really recommend it to everyone,you can try this different taste in ur free times or in ur weekend.Everyone who is interested in cinema must watch it in one day ^_^ Moreover it has a very nice final;it's so clear and surprising..

And as a last thing, my favourite quote is;

''There's a hole in the world like a great black pit, / And the vermin of the world inhabit it, / And its morals aren't worth what a pig could spit''


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  • This movie was good, but the opera it is based off is better ( based after Rossini's "The Barber of Seville " , it's not as violent).


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  • I don't watch movies but I think I can give it a try. The places look alluring. ^_^ and Johnny Depp is another reason.


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    Thanks for taking the time to write this :)

    • Movie has gained another view becoz of him! hehe i think like you..
      And thank you for ur interest my friend ^_^

  • I thought this movie was brilliant :)


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  • Dis movie was scary

    • Yeah; it has horror features as i mentioned but we can't compare it with the 'pure' horror movies ;) It has some artificial bloody scenes; i guess director wants to give opinion that this isn't So scary :P lol