7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era


No Cell Phones
Real Struggles Of A Bygone Era

In the time before tablets and people giving their kids small personal phones with email and text options, This plain, clunky bastard was it.

Imagine the struggle of having one single house phone and having to remember phone numbers :(

And if you were a kid and actually did need to call someone, You better make it quick. Because if you were on that line more than a few minutes you would inevitably hear an adult screaming for you to "Get off the godd*mn phone!"

No Coddling Of Any Kind
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

Back in the day, there were no anti-bullying campaigns or any other kind. So you either got good with these.....

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era
Or you got your ass handed to you by anyone who felt like it, And for any reason they deemed necessary.

And there was no use crying about it because nobody really cared. Matter of fact, Some parents wouls kick their kid's asses again just for losing, or they would make them go back and fight again until they won.

That's why I never understood the 'terror' of these cyber bullies. The only way one of them could make a kid from my generation cry is from laughter. And after they got done laughing at these wimps, They would find out where they lived and go show them how a real bully made someone cry.

One good thing, though Is you never seen crap like this

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

Having to handwrite your book reports and essays
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

There were no other options, Except possibly using a typewriter.

And after you got done writing one of these 10,000+ word bastards you almost get a failing grade because the damn teacher can't read your handwriting.

Simple But Insanely Difficult Video Games
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

There were two difficulty settings back then, Impossible to beat and give up, Already.

And save features were a luxury not many games bothered having. It was not uncommon for kids to throw their systems against the wall on stomp the hell out of them in a psychotic display of utter frustration.

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

Having to 'blow' your video games before they would play.

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

And you have to find the right angle so you could see your Gameboy enough to play it....

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era
And you had to hope you never forgot to save a game before the batteries run out.
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

Dial-up and Windows 95 were your only options

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era
This could take forever, Depending on your location. And it was heart-wrenching to get all the way to the end and get a connection fail :(

I remember when it took like 2-3 day to download an 11-second porn clip, And you had yo be that sucker on a loop to do any good.

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era
And, You have a hard time complaining about windows XP and anything after if you were unlucky enough to have ever used Windows 95
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

Having a cassette tape get 'eaten'
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

Then having to untangle that mess and keep it straight while you rolled it back up with a pencil.

Going to rent a new movie and find all the copies already rented out.
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

VCR tapes could get 'ate' too. And it was a pain in the ass if you ever had to take one apart and put it back together.

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era
Not to mention having to adjust the tracking till you could see the damn thing then rewinding it when done.
7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era

Some of these are still applicable in the poorer parts of the world. So the more things change, The more they stay the same.



7 Very Real - And Now Comical - Struggles Of A Bygone Era
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  • jacquesvol
    Been there, knew all that and
    -8mm film camera and its projector
    -6x6cm and 6x9 cm photo cameras, manual film advance with a rotating button. (to be loaded and unloaded in the shadow!)
    -throw away magnesium flash bulbs
    -Nearly only B/W photography, color was way too expensive and I could develop the film myself in a darkroom)
    -diapositives and their projector
    -45rpm and 33 rpm disks (even 78 rpm disks)
    -Phones with a rotating dial disk
    -Punched cards and batch processing
    -Micro computers with 64kbRAM and DOS 1.0 in the BIOS
    -no internet
    -80286 computers without HD but two floppy drives, one with the OS and Word, one to save on
    - 2Mb floppy disks (big 5 inch or 2.5 inch)
    -monochrome 15" CRT monitors
    DOS 6.1 with Norton Commander shell
    Windows 3.1
    Windows NT4 (an excellent one, that!)
    -Windows 95 SE
    -making wet photocopies (they had to dry, yes...)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Haha. So, that's what the 90s were for you?
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    • Late 80s-90s

    • Anonymous

      I like to think of that as the "Babysitter's Club" era. The Babysitter's Club series, by Ann M. Martin, was created during the late 1980s and early 1990s, a time period when people didn't use the computer as much. I was born in late 1990, but I lived in a developing country in the early 1990s. Only in the mid-to-late 1990s I became familiar with the American lifestyle. Americans really do have a palate for meaty and sweet things. The wealth of sweet things probably contributes to the American obesity epidemic. It's a paradox of being a wealthy nation and a sick nation.

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    i loved win95 and dial-up !
    i miss blowing
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  • btbc92
    I rather go back to the 90's/00's than deal with the poor quality of the technology you have today. Yes it was a struggle and much more simple, but it was worth it. Smartphones acting more like dumb phones. Everything is so digital, it goes out the moment you can no longer get a signal. Or it's permanently screwed up to the point you have to buy a new one. Repairs are even higher! I miss doing hand written work. Less typos unless you just can't spell! It teaches you to use your brain! To think! Not have a computer think for you. To tell you the truth, I never liked DVDs when they came out. At first I was amazed by them, but the more I used them, the more they got starched beyond repair, I grew to hate them. But with companies no longer manufacturing VHS anymore, it defeats the purpose. And the flip phones was also my favorite! They need to bring them back into style instead of just having them for older people, or the less fortunate. Just tweak it up more and upgrade the features and you have a better phone.
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    • There is actually a guy converting new movies to VCR format, He made one for The Force awakens with box art and everything.

    • btbc92

      @Asker That is very cool! Where did you hear about this?

    • Say it randomly while searching for pics of VHS tapes.

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  • DandelionGirl
    I dont know, I kind of enjoyed all of that. Even though I struggled with ALL of these, Id rather live in that time now still. I mean its nice not to complain about batteries, or your DVDs getting eaten but I hate this era!
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  • SirenDep
    The 90s and 00s weren't that long ago! I 've experienced all those. My phone was older than that, the middle revolved. I was being bullied and bullying and teachers didn't care. I fought like a boy and in the end I realised that the best approach is to do whatever is best for you and not care about what people say about you or stoop to their level.
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  • QuestionMan
    Remember this bad boy?
    I used to use one
    It's called a rotary phone.
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    • Yeah, Push button phones really were a blessing!

    • Ikr made dialing so much faster.

    • ejx629

      **Sigh** I'm old enough to know how to dial one...

  • BaileyisDarcy
    Hand written essays are still a thing... What do you do instead? Write it on a computer? You'll get taken own for cheating, because a teacher can't control what's on the computer.

    Hand written essays are the only way I've been allowed to do it and 10,000 words really isn't that much in the grand scope of things.
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  • HandsomeRaj
    Windows 95? ha ha I was working with an American major bank and our mails were DOS based, to enter windows we had to type 'WIN' - Windows 95 came much later :D

    Rest fits the bill lol
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    • Damn, That is some old school internet!

    • Thank you for liking my opinion buddy <3 :)

      ha ha old school? Computers came in (leave alone internet) when I was in my 8th or 9th grade and they were HUGE with those magnetic tapes etc lol, my generation has seen some change there lol

    • You're welcome!

  • mermaidrocketship
    Haha. I know it wasn't that long ago, but remember "call waiting" and not being able to use the internet and phone at the same time?
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    • Yeah, Yor phone made one hellacious racket when using dial up !

  • FatherJack
    My original house phone had a dial , later had the push button version. Who remembers taping music from the radio & saving onto the old cassettes. Same with video , Betamax didn't last long !!
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    • I remember having a Betamax when I was really young and the video store had like 10 movies for it, And everything I wanted was on VHS.

  • RedVulcan
    VHS tapes getting eaten though. That only happened once and it was the most scary thing ever. Also lol at the Confederate Flag article, I also don't really see the bullying aspect of cyber bullying.
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    • Yeah, VCRs were a real pain from time to time.

    • "I also don't really see the bullying aspect of cyber bullying."
      For some reason I found that a particularly funny way of putting it. Agreed.

  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    VHS and cassette tapes were a piece of cake to put back together again. The real bitch was trying to put an 8 track tape back together!

    I actually miss Winbloze 95!

    I actually had one of those clunky old bastards on my night table and was probably the only girl in school with her own phone number so I never heard "get of the god**mn phone".
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  • Milomir
    I can relate to all of these. Loved watching rented movies on vhs in groups of 10-15

    You can say whatever you want but i kind of miss those times
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  • YourFutureEx
    Fortunately or unfortunately, I faced those problems.
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  • Zorax
    The Nostalgia indeed, good old times, great Take :D
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  • Luminifera
    ... is this a joke? I'm 21 and I've lived through all of those things. It really wasn't that big of a deal (except for the bullying part, which really sucked, cause i'm super scrawny).
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  • TesticleMonster
    LOL the windows 95 thing. i still remember using AOL mail and all the insane amount of popups that could destroy your computer. best case scenario you have to restart, and worst case scenario the entire thing starts smoking and you have to buy a new computer. viruses could literally do that back in the day.

    speaking of which i still remember the first video i ever saw on the internet (this was before youtube, it was either quicktime or real player) a short film about a guy who gets his clothes stolen during a pool party at this bully's house, and years later the bully has inherited the house from his parents and the kid whose clothes he stole is running around and he's now this weird feral dude who haunts the house where he was stripped naked. i really wish i could find it, i have no idea what it was called.
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  • springocelot
    Ah, the days when I used to remember 50 phone numbers
    I miss those days
    ... and postcards, hardly anyone sends them anymore
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  • BarbieDollT
    Smh, I remember all of this. Blowing the games before playing them, vhs rentals📼, cassette tapes. Dude I'm getting old, lol.
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  • ejx629
    Ahh... the good old days.
    Never could beat Battletoads on my NES.
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  • SnowHearth
    And kids these days cry about not being able to do anything, they don't know what it meant to live in the 90's (and before).
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  • Josht13
    I guess we can all be glad to not have to deal with this shit anymore.
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  • Emmdk
    The education system that im in demands the students to hand write everything :D
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  • John_Doesnt
    It sounds like you just wanted to rant about people being coddled or having it "too easy".
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Lol I remember all of these.
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    • Yeah, But they keep getting further away :/

    • Yeah, that is true. But as time progresses there will be more memories to be fond of.

  • Phoenix98
    I remember those days... I want to go back.

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  • TakeMaker
    Tracking... aaaarrrg!
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  • lazermazer
    Feels right in the soul 😕
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  • helloitsmethere
    My baby pictures were stored on floppy disks.
    • Floppy disks are a pain to deal with.

    • Yep, even though I was born in the year 2000, I used them until I was seven and they were annoying af. I should have recovered them before we threw out the old processor :(

    • Used to have computer games on floppy disks.

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  • Anonymous
    Some of us go back much further. Pong, anyone?
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    • If you ever played pong it's hard to forget it lol