Anyone have a good Greece Joke?

If you have any greek jokes or cartoons post them here. Does anyone have a greek joke?

Anyone have a good Greece Joke????


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  • A Greek and an Italian are arguing the virtues of their respective cultures in antiquity.

    The Greek says, "Us Greeks had great armies and built a great empire that expanded throughout the Mediterranean and Asia Minor."

    The Italian says, "And the Romans had greater armies and a much bigger empire, encompassing most of Europe and parts of Asia and Africa."

    The Greek says, "But the Greeks made great advances in art and philosophy!"

    The Italian says, "Yes, and the Romans made even greater advances in architecture and science!"

    The Greek is getting frustrated now, and blurts out, "Well, we discovered the pleasures of love and sex!"

    The Italian responds, not missing a beat, "Yeah, but we introduced the concept to women."


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