Superstitions? What does this mean in your culture?

So my picture fell and the frame cracked and the glass cracked.
In my culture, it means that I will have bad luck.

What is your cultures superstitions of this omen?

Please don't post if you are going to be a fuck wit and condescending. This is a fun question ONLY. Not taking anything serious. K thanks bye.

Otherwise, I will report your ass.


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  • Mmmh... I don't think that one would mean anything in my culture. We consider broken glass (such as from a broken window) to give you good luck. Except when you break a mirror (especially if you just saw yourself in that mirror before you broke it), that would be bad luck for 7 years.
    There's many more of these things but I don't know them all because I am absolutely not superstitious myself. Some I can think of right now:
    - If you see a horse shoe lying on the street, you're gonna have good luck that day
    - If you see leave of clover with 4 corners it also means you're gonna have good luck
    - If a chimney sweeper crosses your way, it gives you a particularly big amount of good luck
    - If a black cat crosses your way, you're gonna have a lot of bad luck
    - Salt is supposed to prevent bad luck from happening. If you give salt to friend as gift, especially if he/she is just moving into a new home, it makes them never suffer any hunger and it keeps bad spirits out of the new home.
    - Knocking on wood also prevents bad luck from happening. For example if you say "Tomorrow my grandma will die" and you knock on a wooden surface at the same time, it will prevent your statement from becoming true.
    - Pointing with you finger at someone supposedly makes them die an early death

  • That would be bad luck here in Ireland too I think. A shattered picture frame would never be good luck.

    We have a few other superstitions. I don't know if this is true in other countries but here, pregnant women aren't allowed to go to funerals. My Mam also hates it if we put shoes on the table. Not for hygiene reasons (which is why I don't do it) but because it's bad luck.

  • Haha in my culture it means... a hole in my budget 8)
    The previous owner of that photo frame was Louis XIV :o

  • My family is Eastern European (Romanian) apparently if you drop things, whatever they may be, on accident, that is bad luck leaving you and good luck will follow


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  • bad luck for 7 years.