Who is hottest Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, or Catwoman? Who is the better villian? Which actress do you think played a DC lady Villian best?

I love Harley Quinn. My favorite actress as a DC lady Villian is Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.
Who is hottest Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy,  or Catwoman? Who is the better villian? Which actress do you think played a DC lady Villian best?


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  • Oh yeah nobody can beat Michelle's role as Catwoman. The hottest would have to be Poison Ivy though. She just oozes sexy. It's part of her character, though I guess you could say the same for Catwoman it's just Poison Ivy is very seductive to me and get even make you seductive to her through some kind of flower. She has done it on occasions. I think she's the best villain too. Catwoman's kind of a anti-hero and Harley Quinn has her anti-hero moments as well. Poison Ivy has always been a villain except for her kind of sort of lesbian like relationship with Harley Quinn.

    • Yeah, I loved Michelle as Catwoman. Meow! I don't know, I just never really cared for Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn is the crazy as Hell but awesome at the same time. Lol I would choose Catwoman over Poison any day.
      I love that you explained your answer on such detail. Thanks! 😆

    • I think to really like Poison Ivy you have to get into all the shows and games. She's badass in those. If you just go by one animated series or something then she falls into the background. Though she'll never have as important of a role as Catwoman or Harley. The irony is that Harley Quinn used to be a psychologist right? lol. Catwoman will always kind of be a hero to me though. I can't see her as a villain.

      You know who's really my favorite Batman female villain though? Talia Al Ghoul. Not the movie one though. I hated that one. The one in Arkham City is good and the animated stuff. Also the comics.

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  • Harley for sure. Poison Ivy and Catwoman's characters just feel too mixed between being villains and being in love with Batman all the time. Harley is in love with a psycho and she's just as crazy. Sometimes even a little more crazy than the joker...
    She puts Poison Ivy and Catwoman to shame.

    • Oh, and as far as who is hotter, I'd also say Harley, certainly. Better actress portraying the character, we haven't really had anyone play Harley Quinn, to my knowledge, other than Arleen Sorkin in the animated show.

    • Yeah, I prefer Harley Quinn myself. Crazy and true to her villian nature. I thought, I was the only person that thought Catwoman and Poison Ivy were to hung up on Batman, to get the job done. Great post, Thanks! 😄

    • Agreed. :)
      Right? Whenever I watch them, I'm all "Do you like him or not?" Lol
      You're welcome! :)

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