My uncle makes me uncomfortable?

I don't know why but he just does.

He keeps telling me that I've gotten very skinny and very pretty. Every time he sees me he says something like I've gotten really nice looking. He keeps saying other stuff too. He says I look just like my grandma and my aunts. He keeps saying stuff like that everyday!

He also told me he thinks I look like some celeberity. WTF!!! And he stares at me all the time.


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  • When I was working with 240 pound wolves who could kill me before I knew what was happening, I learned to trust my instincts.

    YOUR instincts, as a woman, are razor sharp, and they ARE alerting you to something.

    IF you confront him, in a serious, in your face sort of way, he will back down and be ashamed.

    He is probably entertaining something in his heart and soul, even if in passing, that is not appropriate.

    And you know it.

    Never stop listening to your instincts- even with strangers. Especially with people you may potentially love.

    As dousing as those feelings are, they are never wrong. That guy who only likes you for your body, but man is he HOT, well guess what... he does only like your body. He couldn't care less about your heart.

    So stay in tune with your gut instincts.

    And don't be alone with this guy.

    • He's also married and has three kids. Yeah, I'm never alone with him

    • "You are making me uncomfortable right now. Stop it." Do not mess around. Be strong. Be firm. If there is any weakness, any less disgust in your voice, he will sense it.

      He will back off.

    • Okay... I'll try to say that... Or something similar.

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  • It doesn't sound creepy. I have family member who do worse things. Just tell him how you feel.

    • I don't want to talk to him though. If your family members do worse things then maybe you need to be careful.

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    • No I am not

    • I understand being uncomfortable. I've been uncomfortable around my family members and they did the same as you. But I never over react. I'd hate to see how you'd act if you were in my position. Just calm down. You probably don't like going around him , I understand that as well.

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  • Considering that you are the one who asks this question and considering that you always imagine things and finally considering that you are always overthinking into things in your questions, I would assume that your uncle's Intention is not creepy.

    • You don't know my life! And Since when do I imagine things?

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    • Are you stupid? Telling people they imagine things is rude. I don't imagine things at all to be honest. And you did it again, you said "there's no hope there." Hope for what? Hope for me? I know that's exactly what you're implying. I'm
      Not stupid okay.

      I'm not telling you where you're getting I'm just telling you that if you keep this up not many people will like you. Don't ever talk to me again. Fxck off.

    • Just be a man and understand the situation already. I've already seen you mouth off on one of my posts, so I can't take what you are saying seriously. @YazanAA
      She's 15 and she has the right to feel threatened and protect herself. Even if you feel like she is making stuff up in all her other posts you have to take it with a grain of salt. Most rapes and sexual misconduct happen from close members who know the child. Forrest for the tree's dude.

  • just relax, tell your parents and let them sort it out. This is the reason we have parents... for support.. they will know what to do and talk to your uncle and let him know it is not ok. then you can feel safe.

  • dont let him do something bad to you...


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  • Ugh I hate it when old guys say stuff like that. Doesn't matter if they're family or not. It just bugs me...

  • O. O Always carry some pepper spray. NEVER be alone with him. That is beyond creepy

  • That's really creepy and you should tell a family member you trust about this. He needs to stop.