Does anyone know how to hack an instagram account?

I would like to know how to hack an instagram account. I'm really into hacking but not really for trolling reasons or to mess up with people's lives, but because I just believe it is a really usefull thing to learn. And I don't really know if hacking an instagram account is easy , but I thought it would be among the easiest things to do as a hacker (for those who know how to hack), therefore I would really like it if someone could teach me one or two things about hacking.


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  • I know how to hack a lot of things, but I don't. And I'll never pass on how to do it to anyone. I don't want to be responsible for my knowledge getting into the wrong hands and for some huge hacking scandal.


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  • I do know how to hack stuffs, but so far I've never did it. The only time I've came close was to reformat a phone that was locked (the screen saver) and couldn't remember the password to unlock the phone. That was quite ok tho, not really troublesome.

  • I'd like to know this too because someone has the username I want but hasn't used their account in like three years, it's annoying as hell lol

    • kids these days..

    • I earned this irrelevant comment because I want to change a username? You're 21 and spend your time on GaG, grow up before you make stupid comments.

  • this is the wrong place to ask that kind of questions

  • I'd also love to know too bad no one is willing to part the knowledge would be so happy to hack!!!

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