Would you stay friends with a thief?

So a good friend of mine works in some shop and doesn't get much money, it's a cheap shop soooo I wanted to buy me a jumpsuit and then she said something like "don't pay at the cash register, give me the money it's better" I knew that she wanted to take the money cause as long as she doesn't type anything on the cash register it won't be registered and she can take the money without anyone noticing, she was alone there anyway. So I actually got no evidence and I didn't buy the jumpsuit but is there another reason why I shouldn't pay at the cash register? When I didn't want to buy it she said stuff like "ohh no you have to! It looked great!" Or "maybe this one? It'd look great!" I told my mom and she said she always knew that there was something suspicious about my friend and that I should avoid her, her mom is "famous" for borrowing money and not giving it back too, what should I do?


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  • Don't loan money or give any money to her. Don't leave her with your purse or anything also I would call her out on it if it was just me and her.

    I wouldn't trust her around any of my stuff I would most likely only hangout with her in public places.

    • You're right, She never gives me the money I loan her back.. it must be around 70$ i gave her, the other time a friend of mine put her purse in her room and her mom stole 10$ ... I am never gonna meet that girl again, disgusting

    • Yeah I hate people like that. I would call her out about and bug the shit out her. Why where is my money or I know you stole that! Bc I'm a troll 😂

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  • Receiving stolen merchandise is just as wrong as stealing it yourself. The law and the courts look at it the same way. I would get away from this person before they get caught and drag you into the middle of their mess

  • Nope I have done that before and will not do it again


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  • No matter how perfect one may seem , every one possess character flaws.
    Some more than others.

    It's sad that your friend is pretty much a splitting image of her Mom.
    I say this in reference to the fact that they seem to not care about other peoples money.
    They seem to want to take, take, take and not give back.
    That's a bad thing!

    You can be friends with this girl if you choose to.
    But do not allow her to influence you into doing those same actions.

    • No I'll never be like her! I didn't buy the jumpsuit on purpose so she won't steal the money

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