Would you date a thief?


Would you date a thief?
Now let's pretend this guy is your boyfriend. ( I don't know the guy in the picture I'm just using this picture for my question same for the girl)

Your mom makes brownies one day and he steals them all. After eating 7 brownies he starts laughing, he laughs so hard he vomits.
He stole 150 dollars from his best friend then gave it back a month later and pretended he found the money under the bed.
as a kid he ran around the store laughing while opening up candies and eating them.

He stole a 200 dollar camera from his aunt and gave it back six weeks later, then he giggles and says. I'll never steal from my family or friends.
his parents put him therapy, he takes medicine, now he just steals candy every few months. And has less crazy outbursts. Let's say the girl is just like him, guys would you date her?

Would you date a thief?

Yes I'd date him/ her
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Would you date a thief?
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