How much does it typically cost to turn on Nipsco?

My boyfriend and I signed the lease on an apartment on Saturday. It's our first place so we're unfamiliar with everything. Our $600 dollar rent includes water and garbage. So we're left with putting the ulitlities in our name. How much of a deposit should we expect to pay? I have only $100 to my name after our $1200 dollar deposit until Friday when we both get paid. On our lease it says it must be paid the next business day after signing the lease but I'm so torn. We can't afford to use the last of our little money to turn these things on when we need gas to get to and from work all week. Someone please help. I need to know what to expect before I call nipsco and continue with this process.


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  • If you have decent credit there should be no deposit requirement. The one of you who has better credit should be the account holder.

    I think utilities deposits are usually $50-$200, depending on many factors. If they quote you a deposit you can't pay immediately, they should be willing to work with you. Everyone has got to have utilities. You could explain that you'd have the money for the deposit after a week. You could try explaining in person at their office; that might help. But see if you even need to pay a deposit first.

    Good luck. :)


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