How should I surprise my friend with concert tickets?

I just got tickets for my best friend and I to attend The Weeknd concert ( she loves him lol) as a birthday gift. Even though the concert isn't until the middle of November and her birthday is in late October. So does anyone have any creative ideas on how to go about surprising her? I don't wanna be lame and just hand them to her, ya know?


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  • put them under her pillow!


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  • Strip down 'til you're butt naked and put on a pair of roller skates. Break into her house at night, creep into her bedroom and carefully climb into bed next to her without waking her up. Then rip up the tickets, wake her up and tell her you have no idea what's going on.


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  • oooo awesome! :) he's pretty great.

    hmm. i have an idea. agree to meet up for lunch somewhere, but u have to get there first. slip the tickets in her menu.
    then when it's time to order, she'll be pretty blown away =]

    • Yeah my friend has gotten me to listen to him a lot more! 😁

      That's actually not a bad idea, except she doesn't have a car. Should I do it the day of the concert or some day before that?

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    • ill make u tell me. i got my ways mayne.

      ok now that is just mean lol!

    • Haha good luck with that! But you can still try lol

      Lol no it's not

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