Is a BMW pretentious to you?

How about BMW vs. Audi vs. Mercedese.

Rank in level of pretentiousness.


I like BMW best. Historically Mercedes was the top dog in quality and luxury. BMW was the cheaper, smarter, less pretentious choice. It was classy, smart and powerful. Then Audi came along and tried to be the new BMW and started their smear campaign. BMW is my favorite. Mercedes is awesome but not for me. I admire it but I prefer BMW better. Audi I despise and I hope all the tool-bags go to it and leave BMW. Audi has been trying to be BMW for ages. However a BMW is a BMW.
BMW = Smart, Classy, Sexy, Fun
Audi = Obnoxious wannabe
Mercedes = Old school Old money Rich beautiful looking cars.


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  • According to a survey in Britain, the worst drivers are males who drive BMW's, specifically the colour blue. So on that basis I'd be slightly put off.

    An Audi would impress me far more.
    Mercedes... meh.

    • BMW seems to attract bad drivers. Of course that doesn't make it a bad car.

    • @AngryHorny No but when you see someone driving a BMW I can't help but assume that the person behind the wheel isn't responsible.

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  • The Mercedes is the most pretentious to me, because I test drove a Mercedes SUV and it didn't handle well. I own three BMWs and yeah, they are a bit expensive but once you go German you never go back. The people who buy Porsche and BMW aren't pretentious, they just want a car that handles like a Porsche or a BMW. Once you have something good, it's hard to settle for less.


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  • Let's look at BMW's page

    • I am not sure what you are implying. BMW once was iconic for performance and quality through robust engineering. The pretentiousness is more of stupid mainstream people buying it and BMW marketing that is chasing them. Yes they have some luxury today, however, it is not all luxury. Thankfully, we have Audi to attract all the trendiness... hopefully they keep getting more popular.

  • -BMW


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  • This is what I have seen.

    BMW = nothing but reliability problems including engine failures.
    Audi = is known for gearboxes failing as well as engines failing.
    Mercedes = is one of the worlds most unreliable cars to.

    Here is a study that found German cars to be the world's least reliable. As you can see in the least reliable cars 4 out of the 6 spots are taken up by German bands. German cars may have been reliable 40 years ago but the are the world's worst for reliability now.

    As for which one has the most class I would say this

    Mercedes = More of a luxury car.
    BMW = More of a sporty image than Mercedes.
    Audi = Somewhere between Mercedes and BMW

    • I have owned 2 bmws. First was for 8 years bought brand new. I would say mechanically the car was sound. Nothing broke. However, past the 6th year mark... maintenance costs felt high and in its 8th year the ac stopped working. I can't see how German cars are worse than a lot of American cars and some Asian cars.

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    • 2007. I can definitely attest to it having high maintenance costs. You have to pay top dollar for quality performance. Lately the brand has lost its mind however. Electronic a/c i can see failing... but mechanically BMWs are like the best. Japanese are reliable and durable and maintenance is cheap... but in some cases not as good in performance.

    • I think all brands of cars have made some models that are not so good in performance to be honest.

  • No car brand is more pretentious than the other.
    They all have their own dick drivers and courteous drivers.
    I would happily own a few vehicles from all 3 companies.

  • Jaguar XF S AWD Sedan

  • It screams "I can pay for the ridiculous maintenance bill every day its in the shop"

  • I drive BMW, Mercedes leather smells like dead fish and Audi is try hard. I like German because they used to make the best tanks.

  • None of them is pretentious, least of all the Audi. Given the choice I would probably go with a Mercedes.

    • I find Audi to be most pretentious if any. BMW and MErc are nice but my prefernce is BMW.