Not asking if you believe, but does anybody else notice Illuminati symbols, references, conspiracies, or anything satanic? Spoilers inside?

Weather you believe in it or not, does anybody else notice illuminati symbols, references, themes, conspiracies, or anything satanic in tv shows, music videos, songs, books, etc.

***I’m NOT asking if you believe in any of this!***

I’ve noticed many but here’s a few:

Not asking if you believe, but does anybody else notice Illuminati symbols, references, conspiracies, or anything satanic? Spoilers inside?

In the anime Black Butler a young boy makes a deal to sell his soul to a demon in exchange for help in avenging his parents' deaths. The contract is a upside down pentagram (occult symbol?) seal over his eye..

I don’t think many people heard Jay-Z say this in his hit song Empire State of Mind:
Mommy took a bus trip, now she got her bust out

Everybody ride her, just like a bus route
Hail Mary to the city, you're a virgin

And Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church end

Dissing Christianity?
^ that plus all the illuminati conspiracy around him..

InFamous 2
Dope game but I noticed the Agenda 21 theme at the end

Agenda 21 = Supposed plot by the elite to commit genocide on 90% of the global population

At the end of the game you decide whether or not to save humanity (the 90%) or betray the majority and save a few (10%)

In the pic Em covers one eye with his hand while with fingers point out representing horns…(illuminati symbols?)

In the Fairy Tail, ^ an evil goatlike character (baphomet? <-satanic figure ) talks about killing 90% of the population (again agenda 21?)

And in the anime FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the inhuman war mongering king has an ouroboros (serpent) tattoo with a upsidedown pentagram (occult symbol?) right on his eye..

Anyone else notice this stuff?


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  • That is very strange but I do not pay attention enough to notice them.

    • You might notice a few now that it's been brought to your attention

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  • I have always wondered what people think would happen if you listened to illuminati music... You lose control or something? Go to hell? 😳 All people say is that it's evil and you shouldn't listen/watch it cause illuminati. 😂 Just what on earth? 😅 Someone please explain to me I'm so confused.

    • I listen to some "Illuminati music" sometimes just cause the songs are dope but I'm aware of most of the subliminal messages. I guess they don't want you being swayed or "corrupted" by the music cause your subconscious might be in danger or something. Those people might just be really religious, so anything they see as evil is avoided

  • I always watch illuminati videos, it's very interesting to me I think a lot of stuff is over the top but a lot of the stuff is real. I definitely believe the government has a hidden agenda, and the music industry as well. I believe a lot of these artist are puppets to the industry in which they talk about in their music. There has been way to many celebrities who have actually given hints, people are Just dumb and don't want to believe anything.

    • I bealive in all that too but a good number of people reject it cause the truth is terrifying

  • Yes I do..

    • Freaky right? :/

    • Yes for sure.. I used to be "obsessed" with looking up stuff like this.

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  • Hmm, I agree, there is a lot of symbolism used in media, whether it be visual or aural. The last pic however doesn't have a pentagram, it's a Star of David... which throws a bit of controversy on the producers/writer's stance on Israel:

    • Oh wow i didn't notice that but lmao he did take a shot at Israel!!
      War mongering leader? Had to be an Israeli leader.
      O. o Wait a minute... in the show he's uses a false flag event to start a war of extermination against the indigenous people living within their nation who look and dress like Arabs!!
      King = Israel
      Indigenous people = Palestinians
      Mind blown...

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    • This really blew my mind! I'm still tripping about it cause it looks more and more like the Israel/Palestine conflict as I rewatch it, I see more connections..

    • Don't you love it when you see something that seems so obvious and yet hidden in plain sight

  • Lmao dude I always notice that stuff too.

  • those symbols were used because they were associated with evil not the illuminati

  • Abrahamic religions are false and copied. Christianity and Islam only spread because of military might, coercion and political propaganda.

    • Okay... I don't know about false but I kinda agree with how they spread

    • The jews copied from the egyptians, the christians copied the jews and other surrounding religions... islam copied the christians, jews and surrounding beliefs

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