How long would it take to skateboard 3 miles?

I am out on my board all the time, but I've never calculated the time for any distance. Someone asked me to estimate how long it would take to cover 3 miles. I said that it depends greatly on their ability, speed, and skateboard setup; their response was an "average pace." Would that be about 10 minutes each mile?



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  • That's like 4/5 miles per hour so around 30 minutes


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  • Didn't you study math in elementary school?
    10 minutes per mile X 3 miles is 30 minutes. Did you really need to write this?

    • Or if you look at it another way you can probably move at 6/mi per hour. So again, 30 min.

    • You are misunderstanding. I was only making a guess that they could accomplish one mile in 10 minutes (therefore: 30 minutes in total). Because of that, I asked if 10 minutes is a realistic "average pace," as I have never noted the time it takes me to cover that distance.

    • So your real question should be how fast can a skateboard go. Once you figure that out, you'll know how long it takes to go 3 miles. I assumed a person can walk at around 3 mi/hr so a skateboard should easily do double that or 6 mi/HR. At that rate it would take 30 minutes to go 3 mi. Simple.