Has anyone got stuck on mount horu on ori and the blind forest?

I have no idea what to do. I'm stuck in mount horu and there's no way out. I've tried everything but it seems like something is screwed up. I've looked online and some people have said there are issues in that level where you have to start the game over but I hope I'm just missing something.


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  • Watch Cryotic's play through on YouTube, he's played through the whole thing. It may help.

    • I'd hate to watch it and ruin it though lol. I've read a lot of stuff saying that level is glitchy and you have to restart from the beginning since it's impossible to get out

    • Well you don't have to watch everything lol maybe just up until the part you're at and see what he does to get through it. I do similar stuff when I'm stuck in games.

    • pretty sure I experienced the glitch so I'll probably just start it over if I ever feel like it 😒

  • Huh don't get it


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