Can I give my hamster soy milk?

Can I give my hamster soy milk?My hamster has a broken foot I don't know how he broke his foot I usually take very good care of him I love him but one day I look in his cage to see him limping I panicked I took him out of the cage and saw his foot was limp I put him back and decided to google it cause I had no idea if I myself could treat this at home. Turns out you can treat it at home you just have to feed him lots of fruits and veggies and make sure he gets lots of nutrients. It also said you sould take him out of anywhere where he can climb. I ran out and I got a plastic bin put lots of bedding in the bottom so he could make a bed. And I also put his water container in there along with his bowl with some kale and spinach in it too. Then I took him out of his cage and put him in the bin. It also said online to think about giving him milk instead of water cause milk has calcium in it and it will help his bones... I'm vegan the only kind of milk I have in my house is soy or almond (mostly soy though) so I need to know if he can drink soy milk. Please help I want my hamster to get better as soon as possible. I love him and I hate seeing him limping it pains me.


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  • I don't think there's much you can do to accelerate the healing process because it will take as long as it takes, just make sure he's not deficient in anything in his diet and make sure he can't climb on anything and hurt his foot again. It might be a bit boring for him if there's nothing to climb on and just a flat surface but it's for his own good, as long as there's lots of bedding so he can nest up. You have a heart of gold.

    • Yes I put lots of bedding in the bin he is staying in for now I provide him with a little bit of kale and a little piece of spinach everyday so he should be fine with eating healthy and I make sure his water container is always full, so I will just need to wait it out in the healing process okay I can do that :) I try to keep my little brother from taking him out of the bin cause I'm scared he will hurt him further, awe thank you so much this helps a lot :)

    • You're doing all the right things. No worries, keep being awesome!

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  • Yes you can, but I don't know why you're making a big deal... it's just a rat.

    • Okay see this is where I have a problem with people, for your information he is NOT a rat he is a hamster! I'm making a big deal because he is my first pet I have ever gotten that I have got to take care of myself and I have gotten very attached to him so he is not just a hamster he's like a cat or dog would be to you I love him I don't care if he's a hamster, he's apart of my family