Okay this is the last time I'll ask this BUT - Why are the curly ends of a handlebar mustache so off-putting (mainly to women and employers)?

Because I just don't get it... is it becuase it's tacky? Out of place? Unconventional? Weird looking? Stupid?

Why would my facial hair magically look better without it? Is it viewed like a rat tail on a guys head that some people grow out (which I personally find disgusting)?

**I'm in the process of growing out that little area between the chin of the beard & the stache so I have more options when if I trim it down but I just don't understand the dislike...**
Okay this is the last time I'll ask this BUT - Why are the curly ends of a handlebar mustache so off-putting (mainly to women and employers)?

Because I was pretty hyped about being able to grow one when I did about a year ago but after my asshole friend berated me about it in a public place saying I look like pedophile, and everyone on here saying to trim it down and get rid of the curls... I'm starting to feel weird about having it.

  • All the reasons you posted and more is why I don't like it & why you should cut it off...
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  • I don't know, I think it's cool looking personally
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  • You want to keep it but you're not going to succeed in convincing people to like it... It's one of those things where you're going to have to choose if it's worth it for yourself only because most people aren't going to like it no matter how well you style/groom it.
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  • Fuck that man! Don't change who you are for other people... If they don't like it, it's there problem. Continue being you & doing what makes you - you, because if you don't where will the changes end, will you change everything about youself to make other people happy? It's not worth it, fuck'em.
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  • Facial hair overall is a sign of unprofessionalism. Employers want clean shaven. Women like to "look" at facial hair but when it come to kissing it's gross or irritating to them. It's like a museum you get to enjoy looking but no touching.

    • The last girl I was with didn't have a problem with touching/kissing it... but then again she didn't have problem with seeing multiple people at once and pretending/lying she wasn't.

    • Same here bro^^^ effin slűts

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  • I just think it looks stupid, no offense.

    • It's weird seeing all this dislike for it online (well just this site) but only coming across positive comments (besides my friend who is an asshole) from random strangers in real life on my day to day travels.

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    • What would you think of the 3 guy's beards in the 1st 3 pics if they had cut the curls or just let it fall downwards?

      ... would it be a drastic improvement on there facial hair?

    • I think the first guy is extremely attractive but that doesn't stop the mustache from looking ridiculous. They would all look better without it.

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