What is the coolest snake in the world?

1. Reticulated Python
Longest snake in the world: Can grow to be 22.8 feet long.
Found in Southeast Asia. Powerful enough to kill a human, But reported attacks are very rare.

What is the coolest snake in the world?

2. Green Anaconda
Heaviest snake in the world, Can weigh up to 150 pounds.
Also one of the longest snakes in the world.

3. Black Mamba
Fasted land snake in the world, Can reach up to 12 mph.
Very deadly venom. Gets its name from black lining in its mouth, not it's scale color.

4. Inland Taipan
Most venomous snake in the world.
Can inject 110 mg of the deadliest venom in a single bite.

5. The Dubois’ seasnake
Most venomous seasnake, One of the 3 deadliest snakes in the world

6. The Cobra
There are over 20 species of cobra
Has the coolest defensive posture of all snakes.

Bonus: The Trouser Snake - Strikes hard, fast and leaves em' begging for more!

  • Reticulated Python
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  • Green Anaconda
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  • Black Mamba
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  • Inland Taipan
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  • The Dubois’ seasnake
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  • The Cobra
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  • Another Kind
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  • Inland Taipan and The Dubois’ Seasnake are among the most venomous snakes in the world, that's definitely cool, but I also like Anaconda, especially because of the movie ;)


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  • I've always loved reticulated pythons.

    Also, the blue Malayan coral snake. I read in a book that it was called the hundred paces snake, cause after being bitten, that's how far you can walk before dying. But can't find that nickname on Google for it.

  • Snakes are impressive! The Green anaconda is so big
    and the first phyton. Last year in Australia some farmer found a HUGE snake but like really HUGE! It was worldwide news. Maybe you saw it, I don't know the race..

  • I think the anaconda looks cool

    • Yeah, apparently there all kind of different breeds out there of every snake.