What does the definition in Urban Dictionary show for your name?

For my name:

From the very first moment you meet Emily, the way she looks at you will make you feel as if you've been friends with her your whole life. Emily is the only girl of your dreams who will come true. She will show up in your life disguised as the muse Serendipity or, "happy accident" and as convincing as she may be, Emily herself is no accident. At times, she may not always know exactly what she is doing. Nevertheless, Emily's actions will always be intentional and deliberate. It's easy to be fooled. She has the power to tear ANY man apart if she so chooses to but if your love for Emily is true, you will be able to gaze deeply into her endless blue eyes and see underneath her clever camouflage to discover that deep down, Emily is a diamond. Perfect and flawless. Her soul is as free as a new born baby and feels just as soft and cool, but she is no push over. She'll always do as she pleases even though you may not approve. It is wise to never ask Emily "why?". Doing so will make you go insane. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a friend named Emily then you are blessed with infinite inspiration and endless imagination. It is because of Emily that mankind has dared venture into outer space.
Hero: "Emily you have made me so angry that I want to murder innocent happy good looking children!!!"

Emily: "Whoa!! Check it out dude!! Look what I made!"

Hero: "Uh.. OH! WOW! That's awesome, Em!! How did you do that?"

Emily: "I'm not telling!!"

Thanks for this idea


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  • Last three are good ones ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Tom :

    1. the man responsbile for the monstrosity known as "myspace", owner and operator of said site, and consequently the man blamed every time MySpace is down.

    "god damnit! MySpace shit the bed again. fuck you tom!"

    2. The geeky founder of MySpace who ironically has more friends than anyone in the world.

    Tom gives inspiration and hope to all the computer nerds out there.

    3. Has extreme likeness to a Matt. A Sexy Best. 'Toms' Are known to be genius' and to be extremely skilled and gifted in the field of literature. Commonly seen without a shirt due to their exemplary physique. Toms also are known to have great moral values and being very sensitive to a womans needs.

    Girl 1: *Cries*
    Girl 2: What's wrong?
    Girl 1: My boyfriend just broke up with me
    Girl 2: I can't believe it. He just seemed so... so...
    Girl 1: So Tom? Yeah, I know.

    4. a beautiful man with an extraordinarily big penis and heroic testicles.
    makes every girl moist when he walks in the room

    Girl 1: "ooh! I've just had a strange sensation in between my legs"
    Girl 2: "me too"
    Guy 1: "dammit! tom's just walked in the room. i wish i was him"

    5. The best boyfriend a girl can ask for. Will do anything for you and will love you with all his heart. Any girl who dates him will be the happiest girl on the planet.
    Advised for:

    Tom is the most a-m-a-z-i-n-g boy ever. you should be sure to get a date with him


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  • I like the fourth result. xD
    Though usually referred to merely as the moon, Luna is Earth's only natural satellite. For the purposes of referring to Luna indirectly, it is proper to use feminine pronouns, such as "she" and "her."

    Due to the orbital characteristics of the Earth-Luna system, only one face of Luna is visible at any given time from Earth. This is because Luna's orbital period and rotational period are the same, and her orbit is retrograde to her rotation. Due to this inconvenient orbit, it was not until 1959, with the Soviets' launch of Luna 3, that humans even had photographs of the far side of Luna. Since then, her entire surface has been mapped.

    As seen from Earth, Luna appears to undergo a series of phases over a period of approximately a month. These phases are not, as is often thought, the result of Earth casting any shadow on Luna. Luna's phases are the result of the angle between Sol (the sun), Luna, and Earth. Because Luna orbits Earth, this angle constantly changes, and consequently, so does our viewpoint of Luna. At any given time, only one side of Luna is ever in any light, cast from Sol. The other side of her is in darkness. (This is not strictly true, since Earth does in fact reflect some of Sol's light onto Luna's dark side.) As our viewpoint of Luna changes, so does our ability to see this lighted side of her. The result is shrinking and growing crescents of light across her face over the course of a month while she moves around Earth.

    As of April 10, 2004, when this was written, Luna is the only extraterrestrial world visited by humans. Hopefully this will change.
    Whoa! Luna's showing her full face tonight.


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What Guys Said 26

  • So last time someone asked this I wrote the first definition that showed up. But this time I'm going to post the SECOND definition


    a ridiculously huge cock

    Example: he's hung like justin

    I can't tell if they're saying I have a huge dick or I AM a huge dick lmao

  • Adam
    1. The first Man to ever get laid.
    2. a goofy, funny, crazii, outgoing, loving person!
    a guy with this name is amazing. he is adorable and very caring person. he will always be there for you. he might have the nicknamegoober. he can make you laugh no matter what, even if ur having the worst day ever. some people may call him weird or strange, but if he wasn't all of those things then he wouldn't be goober. he is a remarkable person, trustworthy, and an awesome friend.
    3. hot/adorable boy who is great in so many ways

  • Zack
    A guy unlike the rest. He often comes off strong and fearless which sometimes pushes people away but if you really get to know Zack, you will soon learn that he has the softest, most genuine heart you will ever find. Someone you can truly get to know for who he is and who you can consistently confide in. He listens with an open heart and will always give you his honest opinion. He has big dreams and with these dreams comes the determination of a lion, a trait everyone admires. He puts 100% of his heart and soul into everything he does and holds faith close to his heart which provides him strength and guidance. He is very handsome, although he often doesn't take notice of this, nor does it matter to him. He loves to joke around and push your buttons but his heart is always in the right place. He keeps the ones he loves closest to his heart, and never looses sight of what is truly important in life. If you know someone like Zack, don't let them go.
    "Zacks a stud"

    Apparently I am a stud.

  • I've got some pretty good ones: A cool guy with the ladies all over him. Smart, funny, and hot, with a great dick.

    Future ruler/ender of the world, often likes to destroy people by throwing busses full of children at them. Sometimes puppies are in place of children. Does not give a damn about what you think, and will pretty much eat your soul.
    Only reason why i'm still alive is because Josh hasn't found me yet!

    Coolest kid in the world, very popular, girls are all over him usually most of the time, loves pussy

  • Hold on, there's a lot:

    weird, not uncool dude. Into everything, sports academics, etc. Not sure of himself or what he wants to do. Other people have trouble understanding him because he doesn't undertsand himself. He sometimes gets depressed and down on himself if the smallest thing goes wrong. Very pessimistic and cynical, which sometimes almost leads to depression. Isn't a cynic becasue he thinks its cool, is a cynic becuase he thinks it is right.

    Note: Don't fuck with him because if he gets pissed, game over for you.
    Gregory, also known as Greg, but somethimes called by their lastname, is that guy who nobody can ever figure out. He always does extrmely well or fails completely.

    gregory is the type of guy who will give you butterflies when he touches you. he's a sweet, sexy, funny, athletic, smart, lovable man. he makes your heart sore. when your with him he will have your on an all time high. he treats you like a princess. he makes you feel like there's no one else in the world. he give you the best advice when you need it. he always looks on the brightside of things. you could never go wrong with him. he's deffently a keeper.
    girl 1: he's deffently a gregory.
    girl 2: oh wow, i thought he was just doing a booty call.

    The highest level of awesome, just above bacon. Gregory is what bacon wants to be when it grows up.
    Eggs: So bacon you think you're cool huh since you're like the best breakfast food in the world?
    Bacon: Yea, I'm pretty awesome, but I really just want to be like Gregory.

    The name of a male who has defeated modern woman, slayed the beast known as lauren, and freed the slaves

    Gregory one of the most loyal and the most kind people you will ever meet. Its very hard to hate Gregory. They are athletic, smart and can b shy at times. Don't mess around with them because once you do your one shot is over with them. They have good hair for some reason. Gregory's are the best people to date they make your stomach have butterflies when they touch you falling in love with one is like being in a good trans. They are keepers. <3

    Amazing dude named Gregory he's cool and calm he never gives up and is always smiling. He's friends with every one and most people love him, he's a good looking male

    "Cheque" - as in Gregory Peck.

    another example of Rhyming slang being used for 2 different words (this slang is also used for "neck")

    part two in the comments

    • Gregory
      A huge baseball fan who typically looks like some sort of celebrity. Traditionally handsome with great hair thanks to his use of Murray's. He is also well hung and knows how to use it.
      Last night a Gregory picked me up at a baseball game. He totally hit a few dingers that night.

      Cockney rhyming slang: Gregory Peck - neck. (Becoming out dated now though.)
      Get that down yer Gregory

      An amazing person who can beat all odds, meaning the game will be over if you do even one small trick to, finds people very amusing who show off better and a great problem solver for other people.
      The man named Gregory would of been a real big winner.

  • Alejandro:

    noun - (Spanish variant of Alexander)

    1. One who can hardly contain his awesomeness as it spills out of him everywhere he goes.

    2. Extreme genius.

    3. Male having an abnormally large member.

    4. The most common name given to katanas, uzis, bomberplanes, warships, jetfighters, nuclear warheads, hedgetrimmers, and bear traps.

    What can I say... I didn't know people used that name to name their katanas xD

  • Well that's a bit of me..

    The epitome of manliness. You don't touch this studmuffin unless you've got boobs and a vagina. So strong he could break any bone in your body by sneezing. He's a guy you just don't mess with.
    Holy shit, don't mess with that guy over there, the one with 8 girls around him, he's a Nikhil.

    a totally hot awesome super sex god. often loved by men just as much as women love him, but he's not a fag. looks good in spandex too. part of the pillarz
    woah, that hot indian guy, he's such a Nikhil

    word for male cougar

    dude that's so desperate that he tries to bang girls younger than him
    "look at that senior dude with all the freshman chics. He wants on them"
    "yeah man, he's such a nikhil!"

  • "anyone who is nice and deserves a cake."
    "aw, i love ____, except for when it's raining."

    I love the rain so.. who cares what other people think. ^.~

  • Lol, this sounds like me for sure.

    When used in the context of an Australian Male, the Term/Name "Lee" denotes awesomeness, In 1842 a great man predicted that all males named "Lee" in the year 1987 shall become 'King of the World' upon their 20th birthday.

    Because this great philosophiser was shot in the back while dancing to the 1842 one hit wonder "Hamertime" (a song about communist oppression) the truth was never released to the public.
    Angie: "OMG its Lee, he's so shiney"
    Scott: "Yup, can't fight that. He is awesome"
    Ben: "Yeah, i wish i was Lee"
    Sam: "Lee's so hot right now!"
    Lee: "Guys! Keep is down, Im busy having sex with supermodels!"

  • Mark

    the most sexy, erotic, flirtatious, hot stuff, bootylicious 4 letter word you'll ever see. If you spell it backwards, you get kram which according to urban dictionary means smoking weed/ganja/herb; how cool is that! I know you're impressed. If you take the mark out of supermarket, all you're left with is superet and that's pretty stupid cause why would you go out to the superet, it makes no sense. Mark means warlike, especially in bed if ya know what i mean. Its definitely the coolest word/name ever cause if you spell it frontwards and backwards, its different!!!
    On your Mark, Get Set, Go!

  • Someone who is un usually well hung. People with the name James are generally known for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to them.

    I prefer number 3 though:
    In early European lore the demigod James was said to possess unrivaled charm and seductive prowess in addition to having genitalia of supernatural size. Throughout medieval times and up until the late Renaissance, Pagan and Christian farmers routinely prayed to James as a god of fertility, believing that his massive penis would inspire them to spectacular heights of fertility. Today, the term James still carries with it subtexts of truly gigantic genitals which is perhaps why James is the name most frequently given to male newborns in the United States.
    Currently the word James can be used to mean an enormous penis and anyone with that name can be assumed to possess a heavy and girthy penis.

  • I f**in died reading mine, not one positive thing, haha. Although I have two names, other one was only positive. But the bad one claimed I eat cum for a living, lolz.

  • All that crap aside, all I know is that Emily is a really great name for a girl. It's a very pretty name.

  • Probably the best looking person ever. He is smart and daring. He also gets all of the ladies. Gabriel was the first billionnaire president of the world. He also spells shit however he wants so don't correct him. He is tight with chuck norris, and he's gods other son. In essence he is t3h hax0rs.
    Damn dude, you're such a Gabriel for hooking up with Jessica Alba

    Thanks you're quite a Gabriel yourself!
    by Gaberiel September 10, 2008

  • Jarred
    - an amaaaazering guy!
    - very cute; very sexy; very adoreable; very nice booty;)
    - always fun to be with, talk to; is very funny
    - is great for holding hands; giving hugs; giving kisses and

    making you happy/ happy happy. (best boyfriend everr)
    - alwayssssssss thee best!
    - lovee of my life :)<3
    Me: dont you wish you had a Jarred? I know you do, but only i can. haa :)

  • Adrian:

    A hot ass guy that is strong and smart. Trys everything to keep a relationship from failing and is good when it comes to listening and talking (not to girls). Also know best for his abilities and experience in bed. A great friend and the best boyfriend to be with. On the other hand not the best person to mess with because he can fight. Adrian for some reason cannot hold a grudge for little things, but can and will not let it go if it horible. Even if he says he got over it (he really didn't). Another thing is once he likes someone he won't move on til he gets that person or he finally accepts that he is never going to get her. BUT just give him a chance... he may just be the best thing thats ever happen to you.

    lol I feel like this description is very similar to the description of me, however I'm not that strong and I guess I'm just average looking.

  • I have 2: one clean one note so much; clean one:


    The best boyfriend a girl can ask for. Will do anything for you and will love you with all his heart. Any girl who dates him will be the happiest girl on the planet.

    That blonde hair, green eyed kid over there is such a Thomas, Olivia is so lucky to have him.

  • Someone who is too cool for words. Wesley's are very influential and make friends easy. Many people misunderstand them but they are really on a higher lever of thinking. Wesley's are not ignorant and see the world how it is not how they wanna see it.
    Person 1: Man, wesley is so cool, man i don't even know man.
    Person 2: That's not just any wesley that's Wesley FUCKING Cool
    Person 3: Woah man, Woah.

  • Shaun
    An amazing person someone you'll never forget. Someone strong and wise. He might not always be serious or very nice but he will always trying to be doing the right things. Very strong and intelligent. Is there when you need him. A jerk at times but he will always make up for it. And a very good looking person as well.

    Amazingly accurate.

  • 1. Lithuanian for "ubermensch"
    2. Lithuanian word describing anyone who can build a skyscraper with a bundle of twigs and a leaf
    Person 1: Did you know donatas' tears can cure cancer?
    Person 2: Yeah, too bad he doesn't cry.

    Well that is... rather interesting...

  • tim
    vb. to sex someone up
    n. man with a massive schlong

  • For me: 1) A man's man. Extremely Awesome.
    Wow, that guy just ate 58 buffallo wings. What a Joseph!
    ( one of the only clean ones. All the others have something to do with huge...

    I will leave the link: www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Joseph

    Originating from the movie "Fight Club", Tyler is used to describe one who is extremely sexy and bad ass.
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god, look at him he's such a TYLER.
    by jcizzleypie June 19, 2007

  • Nice try GAG, you're still not getting my name :P

  • The hottest sexiest thing alive. I wanna lick his face off.
    I wish my boyfriend was a Joey.
    I know don't we all?

  • my names not in the urban dictionary lol. not even my English name plus chinese last name


What Girls Said 22

  • Alyssa

    the kind of girl who still manages to find a way to smile; the one that you'll see walking down the hallway, having her head up high, trying just one last time; the kind of girl that will get back up, each andeverytime she falls... the kind of girl who NEVER gives up.

    Alyssa will never lose hope...

    So much positivity, yay ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

  • Maria

    Maria is one of the most caring people you will ever come across. She is extremely beautiful and is very easy to fall in love with. Her face is carved by angels, words can't begin to describe how perfect she is. She denies that she is anything of the sort however. Marias are usually talented and can bring joy and happiness to everyone. They are very witty and known for doing their best to put others before themselves. Men easily fall in love with Maria, and it takes an extremely long time for them to fall out of love when it comes to her.

    Her eyes are like stars, once you look into them, you can't draw away from them. Her smile makes you melt, and her personality is by far one of the best. It's almost impossible to hate her. Her heart is pure and she'll never hurt you.

    Girl#1: I wish I was like Maria, she is the best!
    Girl#2: Everyone wishes they were her

    I like this definition lol

  • Lauren a girl that everyone wants to be. Usually looks good in just about everything but she doesn't think so. Can act very mature but not afraid to dance in the street. A Lauren can be the life of the party but will still get along great with the parents. A beautiful girl who has many friends. Has very deep thoughts about life and not afraid to share them with you. Her beauty will astound you and her smile is captivating. The girl you will never forget"Dude, who is that?" "Its Lauren" "Man, she is amazing"by Holly28 August 13, 2008

    • 10 WORDS RELATED TO LAURENbeautiful amazing sexy slut awesome whore love hot bitch girl

  • "Mikayla
    Mikayla is a strong, intelligent, beautiful girl. She has had a rough life, & often puts herself down. She has made many mistakes in her life & might not have the highest self esteem. But she is beautiful, even though she might not know it yet. One day she will learn to realize the beauty that's inside her & will be an amazing woman. She's curvy & can be reserved at times, but definitely has a fun, spontaneous side. She is a loyal friend & lover. She's a loving, kind, & caring person. She is loved by many. Taking her for granted would be a big mistake, She's a keeper."

    Awww... :')

  • Astrid
    A curvy slim petite girl who is extremely HOT. Might look mean from first glance. But has the most adorable personality when you have encounter her. Has the greatest smile. She is into long-term relationships and she's loveable and passionate. The true meaning of wifey material. She is the most trustworthy friend you can ever have and she is also very intelligent in all that involves the arts such as music, drawing, design, dancing, and writing. Teachers love her and students hate her. She is beauty and brains. Overall, a really really great person. Regarded by most as best thing thats ever happened to them. Oh yea the only downfall is that she's usually pretty much taken when you meet her. So if you have an Astrid you better never let her go !!!

    Guy: Jesus, she was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Girl: Oh yea, she was an Astrid.

    This was the first one that came up. They all mention petite, but I'm not that petite..

  • Haha ur welcome xD

    My name is Isela

    Completely gorgeous, loved by every one, lights up the room with her smile
    Attracted to white pricks, she is sexy in every way,
    A fallen angle with broken wings, she's meant to fly.
    She's very care giving but dangerous! She enjoys sex but won't
    Gove it up that easy. Isela meaning rare beauty and island
    Everybody wants an isela.

    Man1:"I wish I had an isela"
    Man2:"I had an isela she was good"

    Girl1"she's gorgeous!"
    " duh she's an isela"

  • The full version of my name is Fionnuala

    Fionnuala, pronounced (Fin-no-lรฃ), is a gaelic name which has the meaning 'white shoulder'.
    'Fionn' meaning 'white' or 'fair'.
    If you have no clue on how to pronounce this name, you will most likey get it wrong. It can be a very beautiful name if the combination of letters are understood.

    In Ireland Penelope can be used to translate the Gaelic name 'Fionnghuala' (Fionnuala)

    An irish legend โ€œThe children of Lirโ€ also includes a young girl named Fionnuala. Their statue can be found in Dublin, Ireland.

    But I go by Nuala

    Most gorgeous lady ever, everything about Nuala is pretty and gorgeous, sweetest, cutest, a person who you will never forget , strong minded, lovely, eyes to die for and unlimited amount of beauty... she will always have my heart


  • Lynne:

    Goddess of attractiveness and super intelligence. Talks too much and loves the color pink. Has super cute feet, and extremely paint able nails. Most lovable type of girl in the whole world.

    "You're such a lynne"

  • I'm not sure mine is true but my friend found it. @mntwins66 can you decide if this is true please, others can to :)

    Mine is: she is a racy girl. Makes jokes most people don't understnde. She is veryyyy pretty and has nice eyes. You will be stunned when you meet Mia. As I say I don't think this describes me.

    • Yea, you do tend to be pretty exciting and lively. I dont know about the jokes people dont understand though. The very pretty and nice eyes are correct observations. And when you first messaged me, I was indeed stunned.

    • @mntwins66 aw love u

  • A girl who's very non-judgemental, loves to have fun and isn't a slut or a whore but still is one sexy bitch. She seems to be mean but really she cares. Her heart is like a locked box full of secrets and is only opened to add more never give them away. She's insecure even though she doesn't realise she's beautiful. She's smart and her smile makes your heart skip a beat. If you date her she'd never cheat you but would break you like a stick if you cheated on her. She is the best bestfriend you could ever wish for and is an amazing person. When you become friends its for life. To her each friend is a precious gem. And when your down she knows how to make you smile.

    -Asiah ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rachel
    A smart, sassy and sexy young woman who knows things from fashion to film to literature, from Manolo Blahniks to Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Nadine
    The most beautiful, amazing and intellectually inclined girl in the world. Brings hope to others that want her, because that's what her name means in French. Is extremely hot, and good at anything she does www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nadine
    doesn't sound like me.

  • Sophie
    a generally smart and beautiful girl.
    wow, Sophie is clever and gorgeous! what a catch.
    "Yea and she's a Sophie, top of her class"
    "Dammmn that girl must be a sophie because she is gorgeous!"

  • Random Chick

    *As defined by Antonio Morales* ran-duhm - chik Abbreviation; RC. Random Chick - a female easily persuaded or easily manipulated or easily influenced or easily convinced, to engage in sexual activity. i. e one night stand. (An RC's name is unimportant and unnecessary.)
    So I was banging this RC (Random Chick) last night right...

  • A person who is very hot and has the greatest personality ever! In hebrew Sara means princess. There for you should treat her as if she was one! Sara is also a very irresistable person.
    "Damn! That Sara chick is so fine! "
    "I wish that Sara chick was single cause then she would be mine!"

  • I am not sure they have anything.

    • Carmen
      Always one of the most beautiful women in the room. Lights up a room with her bright personality and great sense of humor. Generally thought of to men as "untouchable" due to her class, composure, and good looks, but is always down to earth and a great catch. Is generally a classy lady, but is a freak when needed. She is one of the sweetest, sassiest girls you'll ever meet, and is a true delight to know, and even better to love.
      "Man, I love this girl, she's a total Carmen"

      "Man, I'm so jealous, look how that Carmen gets all the attention"

    • I like your name Apple. It's pretty name for sure

    • Haha well my real name!

  • Sheyla
    A beautiful girl who is sweet and kind. A person who is a loving person and cares for everyone. She also has gorgeous eyes and hair. Don't forget a gorgeous face! If a Sheyla is insulted she will defend herself and if one of her friends are insulted she stands up for them also. So basically a girl who is perfect!
    "Omg she's so nice! She must be a Sheyla!"

    Lol its true haha ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • My name is Kassidy
    The best name in the world. It means outgoing, loud and that she will be friends with anyone.

    This is so not true I'm mostly a shy person.

  • Jordan

    "A different word for very large penis"

    Well shit ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • My name is so unique it doesn't appear in the urban dictionary.

  • I'll go with my nickname:


    The name for the most awesome person ever, It is impossible to fit so much awesome into any other person.

    "You think your as awesome as Anna? well you can't be because Anna is so amazingly awesome"

    My actual name is also interesting on there lol!

  • These definitions are priceless!
    "A term often referred to females that are on average, 6 foot 2, 240 pounds and possess facial hair."
    "A Fat White Woman with a manly voice."
    "Obsessively liking other people's social media updates, check-ins etc. without being close friends or romanticallly inclined to each other."
    "desperate or thirsty"
    "A popular myth suggests the name is synonymous with an unattractive and/or unfeminine woman."

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