Why Are Women So Obsessed With Dogs Now?

It seems like women always follow each other XD. For example:

-1 girl in high school got a belly ring; a majority of girls in my high school got one
-1 girl started wearing UGGS; a majority of girls started wearing UGGS
-1 girl gets pregnant in her late teens-early 20s; a majority of girls do the same thing
-1 girl on Tinder said she was a Sapiosexual; a majority of girls now say they are Sapiosexuals on Tinder

Lately... on Tinder, snapchat, social media sites and women I know in real life seem to be getting dogs now. Like, they are obsessed with dogs! I recently uploaded a dog to my Tinder profile (with me in it) and I got more than 300 matches in the past week! But... a lot of women have told me they like me only because I have a dog in my picture -_-

Also... again... on snap chat, women I know in real life keep talking about dogs and have even gotten dogs in past month.

This one cute girl I know from school (I'm in college)... she recently got a dog and in her snapchat, she was sharing an ice cream with her dog -_- -_- they were both licking the ice cream together. Really?


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  • Lol :D

    I don't know man. Some are like that.

  • I've always been a dog lover. I like animals in general, but in my family growing up, we've always had dogs. They are great companions.

    Some people might see pics of others and want one more than they thought. Others just love animals.


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