Why do women love dogs so much?

I mean, I know everyone is different. I love animals too. I have a beautiful little cat. However with women it just seems a bit weird. For example I can't tell you how many times I've been on Tinder and a girl's profile "said I probably swiped right because of your, dog not you." I rarely ever get replies on dating sites and every time I ask for advice on getting more replies on dating sites people always say "you need to take a picture with a dog" like seriously is the basis of going on a date with a guy solely dependent on whether or not he has dogs in his pics? That is a very dumb and superficial thing to judge a guy on. It's things like this that are the reason why most relationships simply don't work out. The standards that women have inevitably lead to their disappointment.


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  • I tend to like animals in general more than people. I've had some bad experiences. As a single and childless woman I can say that my dogs mean the world to me. I'm a huge baby when they're sick ( one of my dogs has cancer ). I'm just very emotional about them.

    With that said... I don't see my love for did as being any kind of a deal breaker. By that I mean I wouldn't not date someone who isn't a fan of dogs as long as they b understand how important mine are to me. I would never judge anyone because of something like that. Now... if they have a history of animal abuse or something crazy like that... totally different story.

    • Fair and respectable. I can agree to that. I got a cat and I feel like she loves me more than any human did but at the end of the day, being an animal lover should not be any ultimatum.

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  • Liking dogs shows you have compassion which is a very attractive trait for most women. And dogs are the greatest creatures on this earth so a combination of both is bound to attract women. I know I'd never ever date a guy who doesn't like dogs, it's the number one deal breaker for me.

    • You don't need to have a dog in your photo to be a compassionate person. This may sound biased but I'm probably one of the most compassionate people I know and I've never had a dog. Not to mention I've known plenty of assholes who have dogs

    • I didn't say having dogs, I said liking them.

    • I get that. But having dogs in your photo definitely gives you brownie points. An a rationally large amount. As I said above in the original question there are some girls who will literally say "I probably swiped right because of your dog, not you."

  • Lol I said hi to a guy one time because of his dog, he didn't respond, maybe I shouldn't have asked about the dog first and what his name was. I didn't really remember what the guy looked like really but the dog was cute.
    Never really hear of this being a common thing though, but if it is then people need to be careful because some will use that to get attention.

  • I am, admittedly, a nutcase when it comes to animals. Dogs especially. I just think they are the purest form of creation. So kind and loving.

    However, I would not date a guy for his dog. Heck my SO has never had a pet. I think all that tinder shit is for novelty, or to look/seem quirky.

    • I'm sure the quirkiness is partially true. However there are very many women who are actually serious about it. They will publicly state in person that they care more about animals than humans. And it kind of sucks to know that you as a person comes second to the dog in the picture next to you. Just in general I feel like men are just so unwanted and have two jump to the moon and back just to get any form of attention. Even as much attention as a freaking dog lol

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    • Sounds easy on paper but there are too many lol. Not even just in regards either. Just too many who require superficial/nonsubstancial criteria before you're even on their radar

    • Not just in regards to dogs*

  • I don't. Cat's are queen. They are like me. They don't care about people, they just want attention. Lol. :D

    • I agree personality-wise I'm more similar to a cat. I do like all animals though.

  • "That is a very dumb and superficial thing to judge a guy on"

    It's online dating, what the hell did you expect?


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