Guys, do you like it when girls rub your buzzcut?

My boyfriend has a buzzcut and it's really short and soft. I am always rubbing it and feeling his buzzcut. When I go up on his shoulders I rub his buzzcut. He has never told me if he likes it when I do it or not. He has a number 1 buzz cut which is 1/8 of an inch. He plays football and baseball, and does wrestling in the winter so he needs a short haircut and I just love his buzz cut! Do guys like it when girls rub their buzz cuts? Is it a turn on?

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  • Yes, it's a turn on


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  • I don't know what a buzz cut is to be honest.

  • Not really. I've usually got a #1 cut too, it feels kind weird when someone rubs it. Playing with my beard is another story though...

  • i get a buzz cut form time to time and yeah im fine with it

  • I don't have a buzzcut... but wasn't supposed to be stingy?

    I assume it feels like being unshaved for one day... dat's why I shave daily as well... it stings when I touch ma face...

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