Is Leafyishere an actual Sociopath?

Mental health is interesting to me. I was curious about a Youtuber known as Leafyishere and whether he is actually a Sociopath. He doesn't have much compassion for others, and though he apologized after hurting someone's feelings, the apology was monetized (he decided to make money off of it) and didn't seem very sincere. He has an addictive personality, and has confessed to having issues with drugs and gambling in the past. I know Sociopaths like adrenaline. He doesn't seem sincere in his apologies. He often makes people feel like shit in his videos. Just wondering.

It probably helps to actually know leafy, otherwise you won't understand the question entirely.

The other day, he made a video where he said a guy's face was weird and he looked like someone who had just had five strokes. For no reason. He calls what he does "satire."

He made fun of someone with autism. Said he didn't know. Makes an "apology" video- basically endlessly praising his fans. Doesn't actually really apologize to the guy.
I am just curious as to what people think. He doesn't lie, but he has a penchant for manipulation. He's manipulated people several times in the past. He brought up people saying he's "some kind of sociopath" but didn't actually refute it, and calls himself a "toxic" person. He has a huge ego as well. He often talks about Hitler and references terrorists. Not supporting them perse, but talking about them in a very casual way.


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  • I think that's just his humor and people like his content.. well support it. He's making money off of it so it is support his life. I've watched some of his videos and he does seem like he's lacking some passion and sympathy but that just might be him. I saw the apology video and he seemed to be more annoyed with his fans and how they react more than focusing on the apology. I don't think he's a sociopath though.

    • Yeah, I guess. He doesn't seem to have much morals or ethics.

  • I doubt it. He's just a tool who makes fun of people for views. Look up Vegan Gains - his is the face of true sociopathy.

    • Wouldn't a non-sociopath feel guilty if they did what he did though? In other words, how could he do what he does and have any level of morals or ethics?

    • Vegan gains has admitted to being a Sociopath.

    • A lot of people pull off their shitty humor as satire when it really isn't. There are some people who are naturally just very callous. I'm not saying that what he's doing isn't wrong, but it's hard to say whether or not he has morals when he's basically doing what his viewers encourage him to do.

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