Guy wearing a flower crown?

I'm a 17 year old guy living in the SF Area (perfect place for this question right?). I love the 60s hippie style, music, and just state of mind. I can't say I'm a hippie, I mean, I have the same views, but I don't think I enforce them enough for me to call myself that, but you get the point, I like that shit.

I have past shoulder length wavyish churlish brown long hair, perfect for this, and I've always wanted to get a cheap flower crown ( not to wear everywhere), just like hikes with acoustics, smoke seshs, stuff like that, you know, chill times, but never really got one because... maybe I thought it was too much? I just wanted to know some other people's views on it, if you like or is like it etc.

I appreciate it a lot, I hope everyone the best! Thanks!


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  • Sure, why not? Just be prepared for the people who will laugh at you cause I think flower crown on guys hilarious.

    • Agreed hahaha, hopefully I'll be with people I'm okay with being laughed at by! Thanks for your input!

    • No problem.

What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not judgmental and would prolly be friends with you but where I live you'd be beat up in the hallways in school and made fun of A LOT. Its completely different in the city that where I live (I have almish for neighbors). My guess would be you'd be fine in SF but I could be wrong.

    • Damn that doesn't sound like a very chill neighborhood , but at least you're a bit more open minded. I don't really have much experience with "unfriendly" neighborhoods, but hopefully I don't find out mine is one if them haha. Cheers!

    • Just be yourself who gives a fuck what other people think of you anyway. My neighborhood is nice just don't be black gay or look gay blast rap music work hunt and you'll be accepted XD but good luck dude

    • Haha thanks a lot man. I'll never wear that shit at school for one thing. As much as I'd like to be the "who gives a fuck what people think" guy, there are some people I don't want to be judged by. Thanks again! Cheers!

  • i would only wear that on midsummer in sweden man.

    • Haha I guess I can agree for the summer thing, but I'm not from Sweden so I wouldn't get that second part